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Hello everyone (o_o) !

You can call me Kasumi or Umi or Umi-chan; whatever you like. I'm just a simple person who one day played with the alphabet, formed words that bunched together into paragraphs; paragraphs that produced a story...

Now, is that believable? Well, that's almost how I realized that I wanted to write stories.

I had millions of unsuccessful attempts to make one until one day, an angel visited me and told me, "Hail Kasumi full of grace. The Lord of Stories is with You..."

Hey, that didn't happen! What really happened one day was...

I was with my best friend and we went to the library. There, I noticed that we were the only students present. I scanned the title of the books until I came across a book with the title...

Kasumi: Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho?

Okay, now I'm just kidding (-_-)! Here's what really happened...

I was staring at the blank, calm and blue morning sky when an idea made its way into my mind. That seed of idea grew into a story, which I entitled "I'm Always Here for You".

That's when I started to make a story. But before that, I had always made essays and poems in which I got good grades from. I love writing so much (0_0)!


Now, this is my profile (_)...

Real Name: Claudine (now I realized there's nothing bad with telling your name, right?)
Gender: Female! ((-_-))
Age: 15 (my birthday: June 8, 1992)
Country: Philippines
Nationality: Filipino

Favorite Color: Pink, Lavender and Peach

Favorite Number: Nine, Nueve, and 9
Favorite Anime: Fushigi Yuugi
Favorite Character: Hotohori-sama! (he's sooooooooo...handsome! (@_@ ))
Least Liked Character: Tamahome... he he! (he's sort of a playboy or something )

Other Favorite Anime: Naruto, His and Her Circumstances, Saiyuki Reloaded, Fruits Basket, Yakitate Japan, D. N. Angel, Cheeky Angel, Chrono Crusade, Harukanaru Toki no Naka de (its plot is somehow like Fushigi's), Ray, Boys Be..., Prince of Tennis and Kaleido Star


My Stories:

I'm Always Here for You

My First fic. Thanks to everyone who supported this story! I'm trying to concentrate on this one. I'll finish this first before I continue doing my other stories.

The Secret of the Destiny

Paused. I'll resume doing this when I've finished I'm Always Here For You. I'm sorry, my dear readers but you know what, it's hard to concentrate on two stories at the same time.


I don't own Fushigi Yuugi or any other anime series...wahhh...


Anyway, for those who had the nerve to read my stories without reviewing...HOW DARE YOU! After enjoying yourself by reading my stories YOU WILL NOT REVIEW! YOU HAVE NO HEARTS AND SOULS!...sob,sob,sob...

So, do you think I can be a good drama actress? Well, maybe I'll just be a writer, rather than an actress. Hehehe (!)!




If ever you'll get a chance to know me, you'll realize I'm a quiet person... but most of the time a chatterbox!

Now, that's a bit of info... and here's a clue to my identity:


By the way, if you wish to email me, here's my email address: curiosity_897@yahoo.com or you can try this one: p.i.n.k.m.y.s.t.r.e.z.z@bluebottle.com You can also add me in your YM. My Yahoo ID is: curiosity_897

That's all!


Paalam people!
(Goodbye people!)

Please don't think I'm mad (as in angry not insane!)...


Oh my.. I haven't updated for..what, a year? gomen, minna-san! I just don't have the time and inspiration yet.. e-mail me if you need to tell me anything..

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