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Name: Golden Wind

Nationality: CANADIAN EH!

About me:

I'm a nerdy gal, living in big, beautiful Canada! Aside from my interests in sports, drama, music, teaching, jewelry making and camping, I love writing stories and have tried to continue writting over the years, esecially about the lovable Predators. (yum) Having a place such as is great practise for anyone who wants to improve their writting skills.


Slave of a Hunter-(COMPLETE). This is my first fan fic. It's about an 18 year old girl who is accidently transported to the Yautja world where she must serve as a slave. Luckly she is befriended by a female Yautja slave and both wish to gain their freedom.

Finding the True Gift-(not finished) A male Predator, orphaned when his clan's ship crashed on Earth when he was a baby, is now being raised under human parents. This Predator has come to experiance one of the greatest languages in the However when a hunter finds the young Predator, he doesn't appreciate his wonderful gift. He means to bring him back to his home world to rid him of it and to become what he was born to be...a hunter.

I had this idea in my mind since I began writing my first fan fic. I thought more about how music in a Yautja's life could affect him/her. I have been highly involved with music and arts at my school and it certainly has made a big impact in my life. I hope you enjoy it!

By Believing, One Sees-(COMPLETED) In a hunt, against the deadliest creatures known to the universe, two different species prepare for the fight of their lives. One hunts to serve honour and glory, the other, to serve power and greed. Little do these two know, that their lives were once the same...

After my younger brother had experienced a horrible tragedy with his Laccross teammate in 2005, I decided to dedicate this story to both of them. I had also won second place in a forum writing contest with this story, but I would still like to hear your opinion on it. Thanks a lot!


Two artistst, Silvermoonlight and Saera-Song have drawn amazing illistrations of my main characters Dakota and Za'Becc on . I also asked dahdtoudi to create a portrate of the main charactersof "Slave of a Hunter". Thank-you so much you guys! Please go and view them, they did a beautiful job of capturing the two friends and the gang!

Silvermoonlight- http:///deviation/15832330/

Saera-Song- http:///deviation/16695056/

Dahdtoudi- http:///deviation/30512456/

"Lullaby" by Saera-Song: http:///deviation/18113199/

Sketched by Saera-Song, coloured by Dena80: http:///deviation/19094466/ Thanks so much you two!

Quotes-Well, I thought I should share some awesome quotes I've heard over the years. I may add more as time goes on! Enjoy:

"If you itch for success, keep scratching." -Unkown

"The greatest pleasure in life is to accomplish what others say you cannnot." -Uknown

"If you truly love music, whatever happens between you and music, will happen for the best." -J.S. Bach

"You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think." -Christopher Robin

"Shine like the star that you are." -Mrs. Cheke

"While you practice and play, you also listen. And while you listen you begin to understand. And the more you understand, the more you know. And the more you know, the more you appreciate. And the more you appreciate, the more you love." -J.S. Bach

"Modern scientists today have said, 'We all have a master plan.'" -Denis Tutman

"Volleyball is ninty percent mental, the rest is in your head." -Coach Shawn

"Freedom is the right to be wrong, not the right to do wrong." - J.G. Diefenbaker

"We teachers owe you more than a course, we owe you an education." -Mr. Murza

"What ever is meant to be, will be. Set goals, dreams and aspirations, but please never forget to laugh and take in the little things along the way, because when it comes down to it, these are what truely matters." -Mr. Swales

"Don't think, just do." -Mr. McGettigan

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