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°Umm, Just a little heads up. I have very strong opinions written here. I apologize if they offend anyone.

°Name: Choco

Age: Old Enough

°A Little Warning°

Okay, I mostly write about male/male relationships, so if you have anything against that, I suggest you press that beautiful button up there in your browser that says, “back”

And no, just because I like gay men, doesn’t mean I’m not a Christian. I think that most of the people of America (Where I live, sadly) have made being gay seem like a disease. I believe this is wrong. I also believe that love is love no matter who it is. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters.

°°My Favorite Things°° (These are all I could think of at the moment, so yea)

1. Änimals

I absolutely LOVE animals. My favorites are: Cats, Horses and Wolves. (In no particular order) I own four cats, one dog, two rats and a million fish. I love them all so much and I actually prefer animals over most humans. (Don’t take that personally) One of my cats is my child. Lol. His name is Chance and he IS my child. I love him to pieces. :)

2. Änime

I absolutely LOVE anime. I have too many favorites to list them all so yea. Umm.. my current anime loves are Prètear and Full Metal Alchemist. My current fanfiction love is Full Metal Alchemist. Lol

3. Ïnternet

I love the internet and my computer and I don’t think I’d be able to live without them. Lol. I’m going to marry them someday. :)

4. Fämily

I love my family a lot. I love them more than my animals, so yea that’s a lot. I have an older brother who drives me nuts and a mom who also drives me nuts, but I love them anyway. :)

5. Friënds

Seeing as though I’m kind of a social outcast and kind of a recluse, I don’t have many friends. I treasure the ones that I do have very much. They light up my world in a way. If I didn’t have my friends, I don’t think I’d be the person I am today.

6. Rëading

Yes, I’m a bookworm and don’t hesitate to call me one because I’ll nod and say, “Yes, I’m proud.” If I could, I’d make a Bookworm Club. Hehe.

°°Things That I Despise°° (Warning: VERY strong opinions expressed here. Don’t flame me, because I warned you)

1. Wär

I think war can be good sometimes. Sometimes it’s necessary. But most times it is not. I have a very poor view of our government and I think this current “War” we’re in is just silly. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but this is what I believe. I think Bush is an idiot. Period.

2. Cliquës

I think this should speak for itself. But yea. I hate little cliques and labels. They’re wrong and stupid. STEOROTYPES ARE STUPID! I don’t call myself anything. I am what I want to be. I am who I want to be. And I like it that way. So don’t label me. (Unfortunately, being the way I am will just have people label me as a “rebel” or a “non-conformist”. So I guess I’ll never win. Grrr.)

3. Cönförmists

In my opinion, they all have giant trees up their asses and need to die. I am who I am as stated above. Don’t try to make me something I’m not. I am not going to follow somebody like a stupid little drone and jump off a cliff with the rest of those losers. So yea. Conformists must die. Lol

4. Schöol/Mäth

Okay, onto a less sensitive subject. I HATE school and I HATE math. I hate going to school, I hate all the people, I hate the teachers, I hate grades and I hate tests and blah. I hate math because I don’t get it and it frustrates the shit out of me. Lol

5. Möney

It makes monsters of us all. I hate money. I just want to have more than my brother. :)

°°A Little More Useless Information About Me°°

When I get older I want to be a school teacher. (Preschool preferably) I have strange beliefs and I’m kind of paranoid. I still sleep with a nightlight and I believe in aliens. Umm… I believe in having a sense of humor because if you’re like, blah all the time, its no fun. That made so sense. Oh well.

°Silly Habits°

1. I bite my nails. All the time. Not just when I’m nervous. All the time.

2. I eat soup and chili right from the cans. Lol I know, kinda gross. Lol

3. I chew on my hair when I’m bored. I’m actually chewing on it right now.

4. Whenever I water in the backyard, I take my shoes and socks off and go running in the wet grass and mud.

5. I sing in the shower. (Who doesn’t)

6. When it rains, I go out in whatever I’m wearing and dance around like an idiot.

7. When I go outside, I pet all the neighbor’s cats.

8. I hum in public.

9. I meow all the time. Lol

I don’t know why I put so much information about me. I guess I just like people to know I’m human. Its like I’m waving saying, “Look! See! I’m human too!” lol. I dono. Anyway, I’ll put more stuff here as time goes on so yea. :)

Note: If you are having trouble with the terms I use to describe my fanfiction, go here:

It is a list of all the terms I will be using. If I use a term not listed there, PLEASE let me know. :) Thanks

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