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Fanfiction made and manufactured personally for you from the Great Kingdom of Britannia.

L-Syllabub calling. (And apart from the I shall remain nameless and a shadowy figure of mystery, intrigue and so on and so forth.) Numerous times have I tried to give up this twisted habit of writing fanfiction but alas, the pills aren't working mate. So...which dearly held series are we going to defile today?

My Favourites...

Good Omens - My first love, and I can safely pronounce I have read (or at least skimmed) every single story posted there. Now that ladies and gentlemen is true fanaticism. Ant and Zira are, of course, the original match made in Paradise.

Left Behind -I think this series is great for probably all the wrong reasons. A whole host of books written for Christians by Christians. Bring on the slash eh? It's such a tiny little fandom at the moment...hopes are this will change.

Hellblazer/Constantine – Balthazar. Please forget Angela and the rest. Cos Balthy rocks and you know it.

All of these.Really, you've got to love stories where you've got the ability to go through a whole range of things. You've got to have the complex emotional highs, lows, huge themes etc. Or...y'know just fluff if that's what you're in the mood for.

Left Behind is relatively obscure but the other stuff I wish I could read out there is even more so. Just to prove this point:

We need...

Lucifer - Mike Carey's graphic novel series. It's so perfect for fanfiction, there are so many characters, worlds, possibilities. (I'm not talking prerequisite slash here people, it lends itself to all genres really.)Personally I want to see more stories focusing on the bit players. Remiel and Duma are two of my favourites. But I would pay someone good money to write 'The continuing adventures of Zonaquel and Uriel'. - Yes I know it's obscure with a capital O. I bet even someone who reads this series would shake their heads and go 'Zonaquel, who's he?' (Using all these names would have bugged me a while back but you’ve just got to remember it’s FICTIONAL and so bears no resemblance to reality at all. As evidenced by the fact that Michael is not a complete prat 100 of the time, totally fantasy then.)

Preacher - I am Cassidy's No.1 fan here. And I would definitely write something myself if I could just do that damn accent! Herr Starr as well, coolness or what. (Though BTW Jesse/Cassidy is probably more blasphemous then anything else on earth. And I'm including Biblical fanfiction here.)

American Gothic – That series owned with a capital P. There are only 10 fics and none of them address the vital issue of Crower/Buck or Buck/Healy. (("I don't know how this town is goin' to function without you. To tell you the truth... I don't know how I am either.")) Fair play to everyone who wrote but I’m not such a big fan of random female OCs or bloody Gail. This is going to end being something I have to write myself I just know it.

Hmm. I wonder what all these different series might have in common? I’m a little theology scholar me. I’m not going to go into all the types of fics that annoy the hell out of me. Because everyone has a right to like what they like. I guess.


If you want to get in touch (and that’d be great), please do if you share the same opinions with me about anything or even if you don’t. If you want to talk about the price of lemons these days, the weather, your dog/cat/owner. Propose marriage, invite me to your villa in the south of France, or gain the secret of immortality. You can reach me at: L_Syllabub@hotmail.co.uk. That’s co.uk not .com you yanks.

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