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Author has written 16 stories for Destiny, Zootopia, Titanfall, Samurai Jack, and Mass Effect.

I'm just realizing that apparently this is a common thing for other people to look at my profile, so I suppose I should spruce it up a bit more.

I'm a film-maker under the same name of "Matteoarts", and I run a YouTube channel called, "Starfall Studios". I'm just a normal guy who's lived all over the place, and seen all kinds of strange things.

I love to write and create stories, whether literary or visual, for others to enjoy.

I'm well known on Creepypasta as 'The Doctor', having written the stories "Silence in the Rain", and "The Cube", both of which have amassed a massive number of followers after some other YouTubers decided to make narrative dubs of them.

I guess I'm best known on here for my "Guardians Never Die" Destiny series, which consists of several books so far.

I look forward to breaking all of my followers' hearts with the end plot of GND. Seriously, you don't even KNOW how sad it's gonna be.


Do you accept OC's in your stories?

Generally, no. If you give something to me that I actually think is worth writing in, then I might change up the idea a bit. So far, I've had several people ask me this, yet have not received any actual requests.

Do you know that you're supposed to write this way? And also, don't do this? And-

I have improved greatly as a writer since I first started out. You'll notice the differences between the first chapters of GND and CH8 to the end, when I rewrote those bits. I cringe enough already from looking back on my fallacies. Believe me, if you see something wrong in the writing/grammar, chances are that I already know about it. Not gonna go back and rewrite every single chapter, just moving forward.

What other stories do you write?

I've had this one from a few different fandoms. Even had a Zootopian writer ask if I wanted to play Destiny (AngloFalcon, I'm looking at you.) Truth is, I write for whatever stories interest me. I've got Destiny, Zootopia, and Titanfall so far. Might pick up Spider-Man. I dunno.

Do you only write fanfiction?

No. I actually used to exclusively write creepy stories, until I decided to put myself out there and try a bit of this and that. Now, I'm working on publishing an original book of mine under the title, "Skies of Eden", and I write much more action/fantasy stuff than I ever used to before.

Pertaining to GND; your name is Matteoarts, and one of the Guardians' name is Matt. Did you-

Nope. Matt is not named after me; in fact, he was originally going to be 'Lucas', until I realized that I have nearly 3 different 'Lucas's' in my films and stories. Needless to say, I could not think of another name, and just decided to use my own. But he's not me; his name is a result of writer's block. Sue me.

Why does it take so long to update your stories?

GND Tough Love Inferno YouTube Channel College Job Regular Life Grinding for another goddamn 385 item in Destiny = Very limited time, and a sad Matt. Seriously, I wish I could update for you guys more often. It's just the way it is.

Do you write smut/lewd scenes/da sexy times?

Blegh. I'll leave that to more... open minded, writers. But I'll pass on that one, thanks. I prefer my writing to be a bit more tasteful. Romance, though? Hell yeah. I'm a total sucker for romance stories; I just gotta make sure that I write them well (which is why I went and rewrote the godawful development of Matt's and Ash's relationship in GND, but we don't need to focus on that again...).

My feels have been hurt! Why do you write such sad scenes sometimes?


Oh, honey.

You haven't seen anything yet.

Seriously though, just wait until we get to the Balance in the GND series, and Scorch's destiny. The entire plotline has already been thought out, and it's much more than any of you could possibly think; I'm gonna love breaking each and every one of your hearts.

Maybe it's not just Scorch, hmm?


These are the questions and answers from the recent Q 'n A that I did.

Q1. Saber The F4U Corsair: So if The Last Hunter is Matt... what happened to the rest of the Guardians? Like Zavala, Cayde, and Ikora? it's like every single Guardian wiped out except for Matt? This is very confusing.

A1. The Last Hunter's identity will be revealed very soon; either in the next chapter or the one after that. And what happened to the Guardians will also be revealed alongside that, probably not in the manner you expect. I'd expect it to be confusing; I've tried to be very cryptic throughout the story so far. But there will be answers soon, I promise.

Q2. darkelixer: what is your favorite gun and titan to use? Also fantastic work on the story.

A2. My favorite gun is probably the Flatline, though I'm also a huge fan of the L-Star. Sometimes the Double Take/Wingman combo if I'm feeling bold. My favorite Titan in general is probably the Vanguard class (though obviously I'm a bit biased).

Thanks for the compliment!

Q3. natcraw: What will come first, the Taken King story or the Iron banner?

A3. As said before, "The Taken War" has been reduced to one chapter, and that chapter will cover the only important aspect of the story I was going to write. The chapter will be written within "The Last Hunter", so they're going to happen kind of simultaneously.

Also something to note, "The Last Hunter" is not an Iron Banner story. More to follow.

Q4. PixelsShattered: First off, have you played both Titanfalls or just the first/second, or neither?

If you played both, then gameplay wise, do you think the removal of the old Rodeo system strays too far away from what it truly is to "Rodeo" a Titan? And if you haven't played both/either, then if you were a Pilot, what kind of Titan would you choose aside from Vanguard? That includes the good ol' Atlas, Stryder, and Ogre, mind you, as well as the six new ones and their Prime counterparts.

A4. I have indeed played (and continue to play) both Titanfalls. I don't hate the battery system, but I do prefer the old rodeo system; it felt much more immersive and empowering than simply preforming a pre-made animation.

I'll answer this one anyway; if I were a Pilot (and I couldn't choose Vanguard), I'd probably settle for something like Tone. I love her aesthetics, as well as her viable kit and lethality. I actually main North Star, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Plus, I love the general shape of the 'Atlas' class of Titans, just not the original; it looked rather like it had been put together from pieces of a junkyard.

I feel like I should also note here; I play on both XB1 and PS4 under the name "Matteoarts", so if any of you want to game sometime then feel free to shoot me a request or something.

Q5. FusRoDerp: What gave you the inspiration for this story? (in reference to GND)

A5. Well, I actually primarily work as a content creator on YouTube under the name Starfall Studios. My primary content is machinima, and (before the game launched)I had an idea to make a Destiny machinima series.

When Destiny actually came out, I found that there was no real way to properly make a Destiny machinima, and I was bummed. I had the (very barebones) story in my mind, and it kind of sat there collecting dust until after the trailer for TTK released. That was when I decided that I'd just write it down as a story instead.

I never expected this kind of following for GND, nor did I expect to still be writing it a year and a half later (two years this July). I'm quite astounded, and thankful, for the attention it has received.

I'll go into this in more detail a few questions down, since I think Amberstar asked the same thing.

Q6. Imoneoldfart: Here is my question, are you going to mulligan it and have some sort of machine that can put KT in a synthetic human FL body so she and Four can be together or are you going to have some weird love triangle between Gates, KT and Four?

A6. As I've said before, I'm not going to directly state the kind of relationship that Tobias and KT have. I've made small hints and teases, but I don't think I'll directly define it at any point. This may change, but I doubt it. That means that the idea of KT being in a human body is a very unlikely possibility.

It all comes down to the reader; if you think Tobias and Gates are a couple, read it that way. If you think Tobias and KT are, do the same. If you think that there's been too much thought on the romantic relationship between a human and a forty-ton robot with feelings, you're probably right.

Q7. Arkraiththeepicbrony: Have you ever watched or heard of rwby?

A7. Yes. I never liked it, though Monty Oum remains one of my favorite animators; may he rest in peace.

Q8. secretbeagle312: hey, just wondering what gave you the inspiration to write this amazing story? (in reference to Tempest)

A8. I played the first Titanfall, and I was disappointed with the lack of a strong single-player campaign (I always prefer story over multiplayer in games). I wanted to expand on the quite lackluster universe, and so I toyed with the idea of making a TF fic.

When I wrote the first chapter, I actually didn't have any real clue what I was doing. I didn't even know that I would call it "Inferno" until I had to come up with a title for it on the site.

The original story idea was quite different; Tobias was going to be a part of the Militia, and friends with KT's pilot. The issue was that he and KT actually disliked each other very much, due to his cynical view of Titans being nothing but machines. When KT's pilot died, they would be forced to link and fight together even though they hated one another; slowly, their bond would strengthen as they looked out for each other, and Tobias' narrow-minded view would change.

Obviously, I threw most of that idea out the window when I finally wrote down the story itself. Now, they share a best-friends bond, and have since practically the inception of their relationship. The only conflict they've entertained with one another is the brief exchange where they each thought about killing the other on Nedar.

Q9. Eliteslayer214: Hey is Matt u because ur name, and do you take other people's and add them to chapters

A9. These are both answered in the FAQ section of my profile page.

No, Matt is not named because of me. He's named because I had writer's block and eventually wrote Matt as a placeholder. Then the name stuck, and I just went with it.

I generally do not accept OC's in stories, though I may if I can edit their idea enough to fit in with one.

Q10. The-pomftato932: Have you found any new VA candidates?

Could you give your VA dreamteam?

What series, besides this one, have you done/ are working on?

What other ppl do you have on your team rn? Like, do you have a team of ppl working together to make shit together? Like, VA's, an editor, an animator ... or do you do all that yourself? (Besides the voice acting, of course)

What are your thoughts on the band "yes"?

(this one can be a private answer if ya want) Does the seed have an appearance?

A10. If you mean for Shift 2, I'm still looking for an actress for Miller.

My VA dream team would consist of Alifluro for a female role, and Austin Rearden for a male role.

Besides "The Architects Series" and "GND", I've worked on the following; Shift, Remnants, Heroes of Reach, Extinction Contingency, Omega Team, Writer's Block, and a few other standalone projects. Most of them were delayed when my hard drive crashed a few years back, and I lost all the scripts to them.

On my YouTube team, it's basically just me and my creative director. He basically comes up with a lot of ideas for lore and otherwise, while I help out with that but do everything else. I direct, edit, animate, write, and even help voice act for all of my own projects.

"Yes" can go fuck themselves.

The Seed does indeed have an appearance.

What, did you think I'd tell you it?

Q11. Arkraiththeepicbrony: What do you do to deal with writers block/ lack of inspiration? What about lack of motivation?

A11. I pace around incessantly until I come up with something.

In all honestly, it's usually easier to write once a chapter has been started. The initial beginning is the hardest part.

Q12. Amberstar of Thunderclan: Oooo, here's one I need an answer to; How do I convince Jayfeatther to STOP DELAYING HER UPDATE!? She scrapped the next chapter of 15 Seconds last monday to write a more sentimental chapter for the Fever anniversary! She's going the path of the one-month-updater again, and I can't stop her! It's just like last year, all over again...

Onto the real question; when and how did you get this crazy idea for GND? Jayfeatther got the idea for Fever while walking backwards on the track during gym class(we were trying to re-define our roles in society), the idea for Rising came to me while I was walking(normally), and How to be a Rogue is the result of an insane plot bunnie mixed with a SUPER random dream I had... during middle of math class(the teacher woke me up with an airhorn; why is my life a living comedy?). Every story has it's sometimes wierd origin story; what's this one's?

A12. Jay, stop delaying your update.

Ah yes, I'll continue from what I was saying earlier.

See, much like "Inferno", "GND" was going to be much different than it is now. It was going to be pretty average in all honesty, and there wasn't any 'Ash/Sara used to be the Warrior' plot. In fact, I didn't even decide that they were going to be the same person (you know what I mean) until about the first book's climax. Then I had an Aha! moment and began to leave hints throughout the series, as well as going back and rewriting the god-awful character/relationship development I had in the original book.

I never imagined that I'd be where I am now with "The Last Hunter" back in 2015. The whole story has been a massive roller coaster ride of ideas and scrapped concepts, but I'm very happy with where it's ended up.

Q13. Chigger Beese: Is KT thicc?

A13. Depends on which chassis she's using.

Q14. Guest: How's life?

A14. You know when someone asks you, "How are you?" and your life is actually complete shit and sometimes you just wish it would end, but you don't want to burden anyone else with your problems, so you just say "I'm fine, thanks." ?

I'm fine, thanks.

Q15. MightBeGone: how many titans does it take to change a light bulb?

A15. Two; a Tone to actually change it, and any other Titan to bitch about how OP she is.

Q16. AQY: What happened to the traveler? How did all guardians fade away? I can't bring myself to think that every Warlock and Titan are gone, mainly cause if my guardian was in this Destiny story, he'd probably be camped out at his hideout on Venus, not a mere myth as every other Warlock would be. Maybe make a chapter to say how guardians died out.

A16. As said before, I'll explain all of this soon.

Q17. Altherot: Hello there, I have few of questions to ask:

1. Once Tempest ends, will you do another sequel to it, or even a new story in your universe?

2. If you find a fanmade char in someone's fan fic to your fan fiction, that you would love somehow, or liked, is there possibility that you would decide to use him in the canon series?

3. Your most favourite titan from TF 2?

Thx for attention

A17. I don't know.

I'd have to REALLY like them.

How about I just make a descending favorites list from all of Titanfall? Here we go;

1. Vanguard

2. Tone

3. North Star

4. Ion

5. Ronin

6. Scorch

7. Atlas

8. Stryder

9. Ogre

10. Dog shit

11. Legion

I don't like Legion.

Q18. An Anonymoose: Is this a stupid question?

A18. Is this a stupid answer?

Q19. KnightsKing: Is the last hunter Matt from the beginning?

A19. I will reveal their identity soon, as stated before.

Q20. DragonFyre77: How many chapters are there left? (in reference to Tempest)

A20. I don't know. Like, I expected the entire last arc to be one chapter, but I had to split it into three. So, I may have to extend the length if it comes to that.

Q21. StrikerEureka5: Oh mer gerd, I need something to read or I'll die

Ok question (idk how many)

1. When will the next chapter come out and how long will it be (5words, 500words etc…)

2. After Tempest is completed, does that mark the end of Four and Kay's adventure?

3. Will there be any Titan fighting


A21. Soon. Just a hunch, but I'm pretty sure it will be more than five words.

Do you guys WANT another book?


Q22. skater551: If you had the choice to, would you make tempest and inferno together the story of Titanfall 3?

A22. No. As you can tell, Tempest has taken a completely different direction than the one that I'm sure Respawn is planning (if TF3 is in the works, hopefully). If I had my way, this is what TF3 would be about …

BT-7274 and Jack Cooper have been reunited. Now aware of the capabilities that the IMC has at its disposal due to the discovery of the Fold Weapon and ancient alien artifacts, Spyglass has returned and wants to unleash havoc. With reinforcements from the IMC backing the Remnant fleet up, they begin an assault of Harmony. The Militia is broken apart and scattered as their headquarters are effectively destroyed.

Unfortunately, it seems that Spyglass has been busy. Instead of truthfully serving the IMC, he betrays them; he's actually been constructing an army of Spectres (and potentially loyal humans) to his cause. He offers freedom from the tyranny of mankind to all mechanized organisms, and Titans (both IMC and Militia alike) may defect from their masters and join Spyglass's cause. BT refuses to leave Jack, and now both the survivors of the last IMC forces and Militia forces must work together to take down this new seemingly unstoppable enemy.

That's just an idea that I was toying around with, but we'll see what actually happens.

Q23. Heroic Vigilant: Hey, I actually grabbed my computer for this, since the mobile app is dumb on how it formats reviews. Anyways, on to a few questions:

1. How was your day? (don't b* me with a "it's fine, thanks", a more acceptable answer is 'ya know, good')

2. Are there any other games/universes that you would like to make stories about?

3. What are you most looking forward to in the world of games/entertainment?

4. What kind of ice cream do you eat when you have anxiety?

*last one*
5. European or African Swallows?

A23. I'm fin- shit. Uh ...

Well, as far as FF is concerned, I've covered Titanfall, Destiny, and Zootopia. Machinima wise is mostly Halo. Not sure how many other games I'd be interested in doing it for.

Definitely the new Spider-Man game by Insomniac, and Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima.

I don't really like ice cream, or sweets in general. If I had to though, probably some French Vanilla or Ube.

Swallows can travel anywhere from 24-40 mph if they're unladen. Don't try to "out-monty-python" me, I will put you in your place.

Q24. PixelsShattered: Aaaaaaahhhhhhh senpai noticed me! It's so great to see authors actually interacting with their fans (as well as using QnA's to stall for time?)

Well if you're accepting two questions from the same person, then I've got more, this time, on Ejection.

The only Titans to have actual hatches on their tops are the Atlas, Ion, Tone, and Vanguard, so how do the others eject without opening their cockpit doors? And do Vangurds even have eject levers or do Militia pilots just refuse to use it even when doomed (as seen on "Trial by Fire" and any time BT is doomed)?

Also, what level/generation are you?

A24. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Stall for time? No waaaaaaaay.

... Just cue the X-files theme for this one.

I've been Max Gen on PS4 since January, and I'm Gen 2.17 on XB1. You can tell which one I play more of.

Q25. ItsCorion: What is your favorite Titan Pilot aesthetic? (Playable, non playable, concept, don't have to limit your choices.)

What is your favorite exotic armor/weapon in Destiny?

What is your playstyle/preferred role on a team? (Sniper, shotgunner, riflemen etc.)

A25. If I could have the armor of the male holo-pilot and Viper's helmet, I'd be set. There's a reason that that's what Tobias wears in Tempest.

If I'm going by looks, Hawkmoon. If I'm going by functionality, probably Graviton Forfeit. Though I must admit, I don't play Destiny much on either XB1 or PS4 anymore.

In Halo, I'm usually a sniper/offense. Same goes for Destiny. In Titanfall, I'm good at any role but I much prefer to be on offense, I love utilizing the movement system ... only to be killed by an A-Wall/Devotion camper.

Q26. STRIKER ENERGY: I still find it ironic that kt called a tone a b* than got put in a tone anyway what do u think of the live fire and new faction intros plus the ability to use nose arts on prime titans NOW?

A26. ... Psst ...

That's the joke.

I like Live Fire a lot, Trials of Osiris was one of my favorite game modes in Destiny (before it became a total shitshow). The new faction intros seem a little underwhelming to me, but at least I don't have to hear THE 6-4'S A FAMILY AND WE'LL KICK YOUR ASS eighty times a day now.

I like the fact that we can use Nose Arts on Prime Titans, but I much would have preferred Warpaints.

Q27. ItsJustMe244: Ayy I hope I'm not too late to ask a few questions.

1. I really want to write a story and every time I get the outline done I kinda just look at it and I'm like 'fck this' and drop it completely. I haven't updated my story in a few months (lack of readers and, hence, motivation). Maybe some tips to help me get started again?

2. How do you manage your time so that you can update so quickly and consistently?

3. Someone asked you about inspiration, but in relation to GND. How do you get inspiration for anything at all? I'm a very depressed human being.

4. Do you read any good fanfiction (other than your own lol)? If so, list the ones you are willing to share. If not, then, well, okay lol.

5. When do you know when to stop a chapter?

6. Do you ever start writing a chapter before the one before that is finished?

Annnnnd that's about it. sorry for so many questions.

A28. When I first started YouTube, I didn't have any viewers. But I kept at it, not because I was doing it for them, but because I wanted to. I'd say determine what you're writing for; your own enjoyment, or recognition. Either way, the only way forward is to keep writing.

I don't. If I want to write, I'll write. If I'm having a bit of a block (like now) then I don't.

When you learn how to get rid of depression, let me know; I'd love to get in on the secret. As for inspiration, I listen to music a lot of the time. I tend to prefer stuff without words, and I think of scenes that go along with it. Each chapter usually is created with a specific song in mind while reading it.

"A Life Revealed" by PyreFerret is a great Zootopia fic, or what he finished at least. Pretty sure he's dead. As for other categories, not much. I suppose "The Gap" by MightBeGone is my favorite Titanfall one-shot.

I stop a chapter when it needs to be stopped. I dunno, it's a general feeling I get. It's like an episode of a TV show; when its story is done being told, it's time to move onto the next part. Each chapter, in and of itself, is a mini-story.

No, I NEVER start writing a chapter before its previous one is done. I'll write two stories simultaneously, but I never skip chapters.

Q29. StrikerEureka5: Response ( and more questions)

1. -_-
2. Another book, um, HELL YES
3. Good enough for me

4. Do you like pineapples?
5. Do you think that Respawn should add Vanguard to MP [with the XO16 Chaingun (Expedition) or Quad-Rocket ( Brute weapon )]
6. If yes to 5, should they allow for the player to color/name the vanguard (like making the main color yellow with black stripes)
7. If no to 5, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
8. Hi

A29. Another book ... let's finish this current one, and then we'll talk.

I hate pineapples.

Yes, with the chain gun.

Yes, camos would need to be an option.

A lot of things. Would you like a list?


Q30. MaYdAy0539: Sooo, since you mentioned Graviton Forfeit as your favorite exotic armor, I presume that you lean towards Hunters, but I'm going to ask the stupid question anyways: Frabjous Cloaks or Bonds that split quarks?

A30. Out of the six total characters I have, three are Hunters, two are Titans, and one is a Warlock. I hope that answers that.

Q31. Max100: Well it's me (: here for another round of questions,

O where to start

1. You've probably seen thousands of variations of this question but is your titanfall writing going to continue past Tempus ?

2. if respawn saw your work and commented how would you react ?

3. Where did the monsters originate from ?

4. What is your favourite franchises in the category movie or game ?

5. Where do you want to take your film making career in the future ?

This is a good one
6. Which ship do you personally side with TobiasXKT or TobiasXGates ? no judgement on the one you choose

7. How much has the Community influenced The story since its conception ?

8. Will there be a return of characters from Inferno Such as Kuben Blisk or Dimitri ?

9. What are your favourite content creators ?

10. How much do you love the Community ?

11. What are your Favourite games you've played ? Single or Multiplayer

12. Which faction in Titanfall do you side with Militia IMC ?

13. What's your score on the Myers Briggs test

A31. I said questions, not an essay. Jesus. But to answer all these ...

Again, I ask; do you guys really WANT me to? I didn't think there'd be more demand.

If Respawn saw my work, I'd hope that they'd be happy with what I've created. I don't expect them to use it, but it'd be awesome to receive acknowledgement.

The Amalgamates all originate from the Seed, which in turn has been stated to originate from outside of our reality.

My favorite game franchise is Halo, my favorite movie franchise is harder to nail down. Maybe Star Wars? Aliens? The MCU? There's a lot of good choices.

I would hope to be a screenwriter. I can direct and edit, do VFX and all that, but the writing is the most fun.

I'm not going to say, because I think that people would take my own view as canon. But I will promise you that it's one of those two.

Honestly? I wouldn't say that you guys influenced Inferno much, EXCEPT for the ending. See, I was actually planning to kill off either Tobias or KT and have the story end on a bittersweet note, but you guys wanted a sequel pretty badly. So here we are at Tempest, which wouldn't even be around if you guys hadn't asked for it.

Dimitri's head exploded, I'm not sure how he can come back from that one. As for Blisk, it's more than likely that he'll make a return.

My favorite content creators are probably Markiplier and Theodd1sout.

My favorite single player I've played is tied between Halo 3 and Undertale. My favorite multiplayer is probably Star Wars: Battlefront II (the PS2 and original Xbox version, not this current DICE monstrosity).

I would side with the Militia usually, but in terms of Factions I usually run;

1. The 6-4


3. Vinson Dynamics

4. Apex Predators

5. Marauder CORPS

6. Ares Division

I have taken the test several times, and it's always either Mediator (INFP -A/-T) or Protagonist (ENFJ -A/-T). I don't know how accurate the test itself is, but it is what it is.

Q32. Guest: Matt, Will you luv me?

A32. If this is Courtney, you're a dork.

If this ISN'T Courtney, then I'm afraid I'm unavailable.

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Six reviews
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Tempest reviews
Typhon is destroyed, Harmony has been saved. But Tobias' work isn't finished yet. Visions from the Inferno in his mind tell him that there's a greater threat, something worse than anything either the Militia or IMC have seen before. Lead to a planet covered in storms, he and KT must find the source and end it ... before it ends them. (SEQUEL TO INFERNO)
Titanfall - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 27 - Words: 76,105 - Reviews: 406 - Favs: 174 - Follows: 159 - Updated: 4/21/2017 - Published: 12/21/2016 - Complete
Inferno reviews
He had no hope of rescue until he came across a lone Titan, her pilot killed in action. She had no hope of survival until he happened upon her. They met as foes, but fate made them friends. Now, they've uncovered something that could destroy everything that the frontier has worked to build. They must face the inferno of war together if they are to survive.
Titanfall - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 21 - Words: 57,316 - Reviews: 238 - Favs: 254 - Follows: 222 - Updated: 1/23/2017 - Published: 8/23/2016 - OC - Complete
The Taken War
A great shadow descends upon the Last City as Oryx comes to extinguish the light of the Guardians who killed his son. Much time has passed since the Legends last came together, but now the Taken King will force their hand. They must reunite if they are to have any chance of defeating him and protecting humanity from his wrath.
Destiny - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,156 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 12/29/2016 - Published: 12/18/2016
Tooth and Claw
Aria has been called back to the Reef to repay a debt to the Queen. The House of Wolves, a vicious faction of the Fallen under the Queen's command, has rebelled and killed many in their path. Now the Queen wants revenge, and she wants Aria to be the sword she carries it out with.
Destiny - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,460 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 12/28/2016 - Published: 9/29/2016 - Complete
The Dark Before Dawn reviews
A mysterious Guardian has arrived, claiming to be the sole survivor of a fireteam that ventured further into the moon than any dared before. With her help, the Heroes and Seekers learn of an ancient evil that now stirs in its depths; Crota. All six must band together to prevent his soul from ever escaping into our world again, or all will be lost.
Destiny - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 11 - Words: 35,313 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 24 - Updated: 6/10/2016 - Published: 12/7/2015 - OC
Hunters of Light reviews
Five years after the disappearance of three legendary Guardians, a mystery transmission sparks a chain of events that nobody expects. With the abrupt discovery of a child of light, people whose souls are created by the Traveler itself, it is her mission to track down the source of the message, and unveil the answers to bring balance to the light and the dark.
Destiny - Rated: T - English - Sci-Fi/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 43,199 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 36 - Updated: 6/10/2016 - Published: 9/21/2015 - Awoken, Exo, Human, OC - Complete
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