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Author has written 5 stories for Fairy Tail, Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ, Expelled from Paradise/楽園追放, and Web Shows.

Status: active (kinda)

Alias: Kaitake

Name: Kait

Age: 16

Gender: female

Occupation: sophomore at high school




-Netflix binge watching

-YouTube binge watching

-Writing (duh)

-Reading for hours on end


-Anything involving art

Lame Introduction:

Hello readers/writers! Are you having a good day? If so, then that's great! If not, then I promise you that things will perk up.

My name is Kaitake, and I have profiles on here as well as FictionPress, Quotev, YouTube and Instagram. I'm a bisexual nerd who is struggling to make it through high school so I can get to college and double major in Literature/Coding. I'm in love with anime, it's gotten me through a lot and has really shaped me into who I am today. I also love YouTube, which is a career I will pursue on the side in the near future.

Writing has always been a way for my to just- even if only briefly- escape reality and rewrite it the way I think it should be written. I think that a lot of people bash fanfic writers for taking characters that aren't their's, but the truth is, all of the stories are ours'. We just take the characters who we feel these strong emotional bonds with, and give them the story we think they deserve.

But, this doesn't mean I only write fanfic. I am a HUGE sci-fi and fantasy guru (I have been since I was young) and I post stories onto my FictionPress. Stories that I hope one day I may even publish.

Whether you have seen my work or came here looking for a beta reader, I almost never fail to disappoint and I never leave something incomplete, except for the pile of rejected fanfics I have sitting in my laptop, that is. I will always be a good beta reader to you, and I will almost always finish a fanfiction at some point. If I don't, then it is for important reasons, so no pestering.

I will mostly write about my favorite YouTubers, books, anime/manga, and maybe even some cartoons somewhere down the line. I hope I don't fail to disappoint, and thank you for visiting my profile!

Current Updates:

At the moment, I would say that the story I am most focused on is my Fairy Tail AU, Beastly. Due to this particular book's incredibly long and in-depth chapters, I probably will be updating at an incredibly slow rate with my other stories until Beastly is finished, unless I get a beta reader.

I will write a lot of oneshots to make up for it, along with a lot of poetry, which is always fun for me.

But I really am in desperate need of a critical beta for Beastly. It isn't something I can trust myself with anymore, and I need that one final piece of judgement before I can publish chapters.

I will also try to frequently post chapters to Uninvited, my secondary story about Dan and Phil. I've been working on chapter one of I Am Real for ages, and I swear, I'm almost done with it. I'm just tidying up the messiness now.

If I haven't updated in a while, please don't PM me or pester me about it. I have a busy schedule, and I'll get around to it eventually.

Most importantly, don't ever ask to finish a story for me. Even if I get tired of a story or don't feel any inspiration for it, I will always finish it. If I haven't updated, it's due to writers block, school, sports, and/or other personal projects. Please stop with the pestering! It's possible to write your own story without continuing mine, it's very uncreative.

Story Ideas:

Steal Your Heart- a Maki x Nico AU. Maki is a poor, homeless teenager who's family disowned her for being bisexual. Nico is a rich, famous "model" whose arrogance and her homosexuality ends up getting her fired and replaced. Since Maki was so desperate for someone to live with and desperate for money, Nico asked her to move in, and help her commit crimes and steal money. But money wasn't the only thing being stolen...

Muted Screams- my first attempt at a horror/tragedy story with Madoka x Homura as the main ship. It would either be a oneshot or a two chapter story with both POVs. It's basically about each of them grieving, but having to hide their grief from the people around them. Nothing special.

Just One More- a Sword Art Online YuukiSuna AU. Yuuki ends up living through some sort of miraculous thing only she and the doctors know, but Asuna isn't allowed to know. Then, it ends up being Asuna who gets sick. This makes Yuuki rethink everything, and makes her wish she had died in that hospital...

A Sidewalk Boy and a Sideways Girl- a Soul Eater SoKa AU, where Soul and Maka met as young kids and became best friends, despite Soul's inability to make friends. But when they get to high school, Soul starts pushing Maka away to become cool, and they don't talk for nearly a year. But when a tragedy brings them together senior year, they start talking again. Soul sees that he really broke Maka, and wants to be the one to fix it.

Keep Breathing- another Fairy Tail AU, where Gajeel is a stuck-up, plundering pirate and Levy is a siren. She lures he and his crew to an island, where their boat crashes. They are greeted by beautiful women, and think they landed in heaven. But something isn't right... why can Gajeel see it, yet no one else can?

Sucked- a Fairy Tail AU in which Levy is secretly a vampire, and seduces Gajeel, tricking him into taking her home. She plans to suck his blood, but can't do it for some reason, and ends up fleeing the scene. Mesmerized by the lady in purple, Gajeel tracks her down, and night after night they end up doing the same one-night stand routine. But with a little luck and self control, could this be something real?

The Finishing Touch- a Sword Art Online LisInon AU/headcanon in which Lis has come to terms with her sexuality and her feelings for a certain blue haired Cait Sith, but that Cait Sith is hopelessly in love with her one rival: Kirito. Lis tries to butter Sinon up with different in-game things and upgrades, but they suddenly go to real life, and it's as if, when Sinon becomes Asada, she doesn't even consider Rika a friend. Will Rika/Lis be able to win her love over in the end?

Run Faster, Darling- an Ouran Highschool Host Club headcanon in which Tatsumi and Haruhi have adventures. VERY UNPLANNED.


Currently Writing, But Haven't Published:

We Are Real- a Dan and Phil fanfiction that I cannot say too much about without giving it away, sorry!

Dirty Business- despite the provocative title, this is a typical business phan AU. but trust me, it's much more intimate than that. Phil is Dan's personal assistant, and it turns out that Dan is not the boy at work he paints himself to be. This story is sort of a statement, and it'll make sense when it's published but for now it's still just progress!

Wander- my Pokemon fanfic where I have created a list of OCs and they all become friends and have adventures. Sort of fluffy and adventurey, but with a lot of feels and characters people may be able to relate to.

PERL- a fanfic about my RWBY OCs, Piper, Estelle, Rowan, and Luna. They are all four very different girls with different stories... or are they? Somehow, every girl did something that affected another girl's past. These girls are more alike, and more connected, than they thought they were. There will be lots of yuri, angst, tragedy, and full blown action in this one. I have high hopes for it.

Nymphana- I know I know, more OCs and I'm not even sorry. Fight me bitches. Basically just a story of a guild that nobody knows about in a country nobody thinks about and yeah. I think it'll be pretty cool.

Books, Tires, and Bitter Rivalry- a sort of cute, comedic AU in which Gajeel and Levy both own businesses across the street from one another, and are constantly trying to sabotage each other even though their businesses are nothing alike whatsoever. However, when things start to get crowded in their little roundabout, things may go from cute and comedic to dark and tragic quicker than you realize.

Lone Wolves- Sword Art Online OC guild. Yes, i just said OCs. Yes, I am writing about another group of OCs. No, I am not at all sorry. Yes, I will be willing to fight you about this.

Currently Writing, Already Published:

Beastly- This is literally the only published fic with any chapters so if you haven't read it (it IS my most popular fic) then bro where the fuck have you been, get on it and go read!

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