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I'm a Sonic writer. I love Sonic. I've grown up with it, the games, and the Fleetway comics. Now, I like to write fanfiction about Sonic, because I love it, and I have my own ideas about it. I think the Sonic fandom, and even Sonic fanfiction has gone down the toilet. I seek to make a middle ground for people who are not n00bs, yet not idiotic Alliance wannabes. People who write because they love the nature of Sonic. People who feel neutral about n00bs, and people who want to stop this section being ravaged or destroyed again.

I write what I want. Whether it would be romance, adventure, even humour at times, as long as it's in character and not stupid, then I will write it. I write anything, mainly because I am bisexual, and I will write yaoi, slash or homosexual couplings if I like. I must say I have a deep dislike of these fics called random humour and darkfics. I dislike these both, because they're both unoriginal and hypocritical. They also ruin this section.


I'm a British boy. I live in Wales, in the UK. I'm bisexual, thirteen years old and I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks if it's wrong. I have no time for homophobia, right-wing crap, sexism, racism or anti-yaoiyuri. I have no religion, but I believe that if God does exist it is not the God of the Bible, Torah, Qu'ran or anything. I write whatever couplings I want, and ones I identify with. I like anime such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Noir or Excel Saga. I'm a huge fan of the Simpsons too, but my bearing lies with Sonic. I write mainly SegaSonic, however, I try my hand at Fleetway, Archie, SatAM or the OVA. Sonic X disgusts me and I disregard that piece of shit which has nothing to do with Sonic.

I'm good friends with Snow Blade and CrazedManiac02, so you might catch my collab fics at my collab account, Aquatic Rain. I adore
romance fics, and if you consider them OOC you can fuck yourself. Same thing goes for yaoi and yuri, simply because you don't know whether Sonic and co. are gay, bi or lesbian.

I enjoy talking to people online, so IM me at InsaneEkkidnaa or I won't bite.

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