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Now I do know XD, anyway Hiyas to all I am RamenStyle and yes it's because I like the food ramen soo much that I have made a style of fighting around it

Here a little about myself:

Gender: Male
Favorite Color: Silver/White
Video game motto: Oh, no oh ho you cannot run
Everyday Motto: Bite death!
Favorite Greeting: What's shaking bacon? (: classic XD :)
Likes: Playing Video games, Watching anime, Reading, And writing, and hanging out with friends but who doesn't like that XD!!
Dislikes:Kikyo (From Inuyasha), Nightmare (From soul calibur 5 his combos are cheap), Back attacks (From FF-IX) that happens like A MILLION TIMES, Buffering during a video stream when it's already loaded the whole clip, The auto-save feature on Dragon's Dogma it seems very useless

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, and Ghost in the shell, Air Master, Fairy Tail, Slayers
Favorite Video Game: Skyrim (Woot!), Mass effect series, The persona series,
Favorite music artist: Utada Hikaru (I pretty much have all her albums!! woot)
My dream: To have a noodle cart that flys through time like the show 'Doctor Who' XD

Now for my Favorite anime/pairings:

Air Master:
Maki/Juelitte (I'll spellcheck later)
Toph/Sokka (I just think that the two would make a awesome pair since they joke around with each other alot)
Bakugan: Chan-lee/Joe, Dan/Runo,Shun/Alice,Mira/Ace,Fabia/Ren
Bleach: Rukia/Renji (One of my favorite XD)
Beyblade: Kai/Maria, Tyson/Hilary, (I don't watch metal fusion to me it's crap)
Code Lyoko: Aelita X Odd, Ulrich X Yumi
Digimon: Tai/Sora, Izzy/Mimi, Ken/Yoei (I forogt how to spell her name the girl in season 2 with hawkmon XD) T.K/Kari, Henry/Rika
Fairy Tail: Natsu/Lucy, Gajeel/Levy
Gintama: Kagura/Sougo
G-Gundam: Domo/Rain
Gundam 00: Allelujah/Soma
Ghost in the shell: Botou/Motoko
Inuyasha: Kagura/Sesshomaru, Inuyasha/Kagome (Or Sesshomaru with any of the main girls, he's O.P that way XD)
Naruto: Naruto/Temari, Tenten/Kankuro (Only after Ninja Shen 'little green leaf' was I truly became a believer XD), Naruto/Sakura (Shippuden ver.) and anything to do with Guren
Pokemon: Ash/Misty (Don't care for any others!)
Soul Eater: Maka/Death the kid, Maka/Soul
Slayers: Zelgadis/Amelia, Lina/Gourry
Yugioh:Seto/Kisara, Yusei/Akiza

Game pairings:

Sonic the hedgehog: Silver/Blaze (woot!)
Tales of Grace: Hubert/Pascal
Phantasy star: Karen/ME XD...-ahem- I mean Karen/Ethan
Persona 3: Main character/Fuuka (forgot his name)
Persona 4: Main character/Chie (forgot his name)
Xenosaga: Chaos/Kos-mos, Momo/Jr.
Blazblue: Ragna/Rachel

Phew that took a while stupid spelling of names. Oh and I'm up for crack pairings of any kind like just give me a story that makes me feel like the BELONG together and you'll make me a believer hands down.

Oh and a fast forward 'my bad' on long updates to my stories, I have some serious business on my plate most of the week (Expect sometimes sundays) so it might be while with updates to my stories, but I'll try to have a chapter for each one before I put it up (It helps me from keeping up where each story is at at different intervals, plus I'm used to doing it like that). Plus I don't say it much at the end of my chapters or such because I'm too lazy to do so but reviewing helps alot (I need to make that a habit) but reviewing and keeps me from forgetting that I have people waiting for the next chapter so do so. I think you can do that if you have time to read this right?

Update: 20151108

Hiyas, if your wondering I'm still here (barely) it's been a lot happening in my life and I'm almost done with schooling so I can really dive into finishing my little stories. Her's X Her's has at least two more chapters in it before it's finished and I do have some other stories in the workings that will GO OUT of my comfort zone so that'll will be fun. So bare with me for the long run and you will be rewarded, Later Dayz XD

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