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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Pen Name: ShiroKuro (means the colors black and white in Japanese, or the two colors twined togather.)

Height: 5'4"

Gender: Female

Hair and Eyes: Brown


What can I say about myself? Hmm...

My favorite manga are Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, X/1999 (or rather anything by CLAMP), Angel Sanctuary (I am highly obsesive about angels. Kinda explains why I like CLAMP so much. They put wings on everyone. :) ) Naruto, Hikaru no Go, and that's about it since I dont own anything else. Well... I do own Princess Ai, but that's too short to do anything for me, Ai looks nice in her GothLoli outfits but it still didn't make me love the manga, the art was gorgeous however. Plus the ending with the necklace killed it for me, exactly how an arrow manages to move from the side of his chest to the center of it is beyond me (It was kinda funny though seeing the artist edge it closer with each panel she showed it in).

Right now I am highly obesesive about the manga Death Note and now more recently Beck Mongolian Chop Squad and Loveless.

Favortie anime's areNaruto, Bleach, Samurai Champloo. Anything really. I'm not picky.

Music for me is Rock of just about any type. My favorite bands are AFI and System of a Down, anything that sounds good and diferent and a bit out of the norm.

My favorite book is the Blue Sword by Robin Mckinley, but that is the only book I like from her. I love just about anything from Anne Rice and I've read all of the Vampire Chronicles. I do like Stephen King but I will not read any of his clearly horror novels, ever, but I do like his Dark Tower stories. He freaks me out. I read all types of books, but prefer fantasy or anything about Vampires, and if I'm desperate enough I'll even read a 'real life' book.

I love stories with anti-heroes in them, be it the main or secondary character. To me that is more interesting, a hero that would act like the rest of us, and not always hold societys morals high. Yet I still like all the naive and bright characters in stories, as long as their not perfect and not the main character. Then again I always like the main character, thought they may not be my favortie. :P

I like to draw in my free time, mostly manga. I am currently working on one with my friend, I really hope I get that done. Plus it takes a lot of time out everything else, including writing.

I rarely review, usualy because I don't know what to say and I try to be helpful to the author and not just say that I like the story, unless I actually do, but I read a lot of stuff, mostly Naruto.

I dont care about pairings one way or another. If its a good story, I will read.


A bit on each of the stories I am curently working on, but a warning to those who read my stories; the manga I'm making takes out way too much time out of things I want to do and drawing the manga takes first priority, always in all things I do not just writing, but I will find the day when I take these up again:

-By the way... that all of the titles start with 'D' is unintentianal. I tried hard for 'Dual Soul' to find another word for 'two' that was apropriate, but couldnt find one...-

Demons Dawn: Compleate. First fic.

Desert Heart: I like this one a lot, then again Gaara is just so cool, insane but cool. I like writing his parts alot, since they apeal to me, this one will also get updated much sooner and I'm working on cleaning it up, mostly spelling. Weird (good weird) how it became Gaara x Sakura, but I think it's working out, since I had no idea what it was going to be in the begining. At first all I had in my head was the prouloge and chapter one.And I'm really happy about it too

Dual Soul: Not sure how this one came about. But I liked the idea of Naruto and the Fourth sharing Naruto's body. Since I only have the prolouge that's about all. Turns out I actually have to reasearch for this one to find out the Yondaimes relationship to everyone so it might take a while. Since I'm done with Demons Dawn I wanted to start another one.

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