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Hey, so I thought I'd strip down my profile and start anew. Much like the Transporter, I will have my memories and pictures, but will never again speak of my military career (err...I meant old profileblush)

Vital Statistics (but are they really vital to know?)

Name: Classified OMEGA-13
Age: 15 and 3/4, meaning I can almost taste my liscence--not that I'll be tasting it...edges away slowly
Sex: Yes please. (Yeah, baby, yeah!)
Location: Coming to a computer terminal near you. Run, It's Godzilla!


Art is either plaguarism or revolution.
-Paul Gauguin

Never interrupt an enemy when he is making a mistake.
-Napoleon Bonaparte

There is no great genius without some touch of madness.

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm
-Sir Winston Churchill

Important and TRUE Notice

Okay, so there will be people angry about my cutting off from my old storyThe Powers, the Witch and the Agent and leaving you all hanging. But, speaking honestly, I'd lost all enthusiasm and excitement for writing that story, which should have been evident from the last couple chapters and their endings. The story had turned into a math assignment of sorts, one I really didn't want to do but felt I was required to continue and finish it. About a month into a terrible writer's block (And I know people will often give this excuse, but it was real,I swear- Even my schoolwork suffered and my English grade was awful), I was absentmindedly listening to music and I put in a cd without even looking at it. It was the Barenaked Ladies album Gordon. Then one of my favorite songs from that album, Brian Wilson, started. The song is about havingwriter's block and that's when it hit me. I didn't want to write anymore. At least, not for a long enough while that my creative happy flow could return and I would be happy about writing again. ButI knew I didn't want to be writing for just the reviewsor the thrill of easily pleasing an audience, which, I feel (and you are happy and welcome to disagree with me about this), was where I had turned PWA. Hence its removal from about June, the creative happyflow returned, but exams, final projects and other commitments meant I wouldn't be writing for awhile. I recently started a story with my friend, co-cospirator and general Cosmic Sock Queen, Spoongirl1. It is in The Fast and The Furious bloodline and we will be publishing on this account soon. Stay tuned for our, as-yet-unnamed fic.

Peace, Truth and the Search for the Perfect Insult,


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