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DEC 13.

For anyone reading, I've just read the first DNAngel. I've already read 2-9, and a friend finally lent me the first one. I liked it, but what really interested me was the bonus story. Hoping to god she doesn't elaborate on it, I've decided to continue with her plot. The first chapter will almost be exactly like hers, but with different characters, names, and animals. Wording is changed, but for the first part, the plots pretty much played out. Here's a sample.

Based upon N is for Nishiki

R is For - By AA


My name is Akane Tendou. I’m from a family who have summoned shikigami for generations. I live with my two older sisters; my parent’s whereabouts are unknown to anyone. It is my duty as a Tendou to summon my own shikigami, and my elder sisters, particularly Nabiki, are determined to have me do it right.

“ARGH!” I yell, seeing a blobby mess that was supposed to be my shikigami.

“You just have to keep trying…” Kasumi’s nicer than Nabiki about it, but I can tell she’s getting frustrated with me too. Nabiki sighs and gets rid of the lump of goo and stares at me.

“You’ve got to try harder! You aren’t concentrating enough!”

“I know!” I wail, sitting down. Kasumi’s shikigami comes in, and I listen to him make breakfast for us. Mousse is nice, but really a bit loud…and he has pretty bad sight, too. Nabiki’s shikigami, Shampoo, is reading at the table, snickering behind her book. She finds it funny when I fail. I find it funny when she speaks, so we’re on pretty good terms.

I sit down with a sigh and tie my laces on my white shoes. Picking up my bag, I quickly grab some toast as it pops up and run out the door. Less time having Nabiki stare at me is good.

I slow down some ways from my house, and see Ryouga standing on a sidewalk. He’s been my friend for a long time now, and his smile tips a little as he sees me.

“How did the shikigami stuff go?” he asks as we begin walking.

“Don’t wanna talk about it,” I sigh, tilting my head back. We reach the school yard and a girl immediately starts yelling and accusing me of something. Ugh…Kodachi.

“How dare you spend so much time around Ryouga-sama! No one else gets a turn and you hog him to yourself!”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t hog him, and as far as I can see, you’re the only girl who wants a turn.”

She huffed a little and to class we went. I shot Ryouga a look that said perfectly : “Not liking how my day’s going.”

I sighed with relief as the bell rang to leave.

“Ah-ah, class, I need to give a quick announcement.” Our teacher began passing around papers. “Tomorrow is Parent’s Day. You can all bring your parents to school, and they can watch you work!” Several groans went up, and she waved us goodbye.

I stayed behind, packing more slowly and staring at the sheet of paper. Parents day…did I even have parents?

Oh well…

I walked out of class, almost missing the girl standing in the hall.

“Akane! Why can’t you just give up on him and leave him alone?” It was Kodachi. “I mean, I know you’ve got no parents, but that’s no reason to-AH!”

I shoved her as hard as I could, tears forming and seething with rage.

“How dare you? How dare you say that! You know nothing, and if you don’t have the nerve to ask Ryouga yourself then maybe you don’t deserve him!” My fists shook and the air around me shimmered.

“I wish you’d disappear.” She whispered it, and I realized the air was glowing around her…her aura was shining and I grew afraid for the first time around Kodachi.

“I wish you’d disappear!” she screamed, and I shrieked as tendrils of power wrapped around me. It stung painfully where it choked me around my neck, and I could see her grinning off to the side. Kodachi, a demon? How could this-

The Tendou’s are more susceptible to demon attacks…that it why we must summon shikigami. To protect us. Nabiki’s words floated in my mind…something she’d told me at the very beginning of my training. That is why it is so important you learn to summon a shikigami. You must learn this!

Nabiki’s words floated in my mind…something she’d told me at the very beginning of my training.

A voice was in my head, not Nabiki’s…it was more…masculine, though not very deep. It sounded like a boy, of my age. Who’s calling me?

And from the corner of my eye, I saw a boy falling though the air, to land on the ground next to me. ‘What! What’s going on!’ I thought frantically.

“What took you so long to summon me?” the boy asked me, grinning. In that moment I noticed how handsome he was, but I threw the thought from my mind and instead struggled through my bonds to ask, “What…who’re you-”

“I’ll tell you in a minute.” He faced the glowing Kodachi. “I’ve got to take care of her first.” He held both hands out and drew a line of power from one hand with his other. A satisfied smirk filled his face as he blasted the power at Kodachi, and she yelled in a demon language as a strange shape was expelled from her. I felt the power disappear from the air and around me, and watched as Kodachi collapsed.

The boy shook his hands through the air, and nodded. “Yep, got it all out. Pretty clever, going through a human girl like that. She’ll be okay in a minute -”

I cut in, grabbing his collar and tugging him towards me. “But who in the world are YOU!”

He blinked, a cute blush spreading across his face as I realized how close I had brought us. I slowly let him slide to the floor and stared at the ground.

“Ranma. Just Ranma. I’m your shikigami. I come in three forms-”

I looked up at him. I don’t care about that! I-”

He dipped in a smooth and graceful motion and grabbed my hand. He softly brought his lips and kissed it, and I felt an ‘eep’ wrenched from my mouth. I did what any normal me would do.

I slapped him.

At home, I rushed to my room. I knew, for some reason, that he was following me, and I dove under my covers.

“Argh! I can’t believe this! Why’d I get him! And…he LICKED ME!”

“I had to. Its part of the deal.” He was bending over me, looking between his legs to see my straight in the face. I scrambled across my bed in a dash and covered myself again.

“I needed some of your being to seal our bond. See, here’s the marking that proves it.” He pointed to his cheek, where a small mark that hadn’t been there before was now resting upon his cheek.

I took that moment to look at him, really look. He wasn’t very tall, but not very short. Probably near my age, younger than Mousse or Shampoo. His eyes were the prettiest blue I’d ever seen on a boy, and his hair was black as midnight and pulled back into a pigtail that hug over his shoulder as he looked down at me. He looked pretty strong, but not overly muscular, and I blushed.

“So now we can always be together!” he was saying, beaming at me.

“NO! I don’t even know you! I don’t want to be together with you!” I felt anger, which was easier to deal with than the fluttering in my stomach, bubbling to the surface. “I don’t need you!”

He looked hurt. I felt immediately guilty, and opened my mouth to say something, when he turned way from me. I watched detachedly as his braid swung behind him.

“Alright.” My head raised up, and I stared at his back in disbelief. “I’ll leave you alone, then.” A sparkle of lights appeared in the air, and he left me.

I realized, as I suddenly felt more alone than I ever had, that I had never thanked him for saving me. I felt unwilling tears fill my eyes and suddenly Shampoo was yelling through the door.

“Shampoo know you have shikigami in there!”

Nabiki was there, too, apparently. “Isn’t it time you introduced us?”

I felt a growl rip from my throat and ignored them, flinging things out to keep them away. I felt Nabiki catch my arm and stared at my hand, which was pink where I’d scrubbed it clean.

“What happened-”

I let out a strangled scream and threw the Parent’s Day letter at her, slamming my door and throwing myself on my bed. I cried myself to sleep.

I sat in class the next day, seeing all the children’s parents talking and laughing with each other, watching their kids wave to them. Students were pointing out their parents to others and I slumped in my seat.

‘Why should I care…about if anyone comes…I don’t care…”

The teacher was talking. “Who knows the answer to this?” I ignored her.

‘Why should I care…if no ones coming…if no ones here?’

“Akane. Raise your hand. I’m here. So…just do your best.” It was him. I couldn’t see him, but he was here…here for me. I myself crying, and didn’t try to stop it.

“I...forgot to say yesterday…thank you. And…I’m sorry…for being so mean.”

I wiped my tears and heard a screeching sound. I turned to the door and saw Nabiki standing there, looking out of breath.

“Sorry I’m late!”

She walked in and I heard whispers, but I ignored them all. Nabiki smiled at me and sat down, and I felt myself and my power growing with each second. I was happier than I had been in months, and I felt it mounting higher and higher…

“Who would like to read?”

Hand waved, but I jumped up. “ME!”

“Alright, Akane…”

“Would…would you walk home with me, Ryouga?” It was Kodachi. I’d just told Ryouga about my shikigami and she came up, shy and quiet. I was scared, again, but for a different reason. She was never shy, or quiet.

He looked at me and I blinked. “What, silly, do you need my permission? Go ahead, I’ll be alright.”

He gave a smile and walked off. I felt the smallest twinge of jealousy and sighed.

Kodachi came back a moment, blushing. “I’m…sorry, for the way I acted.” She hesitated, then ran off with Ryouga. I blinked and grinned at her retreating figure.

“Maybe she’s okay…even if she did try to kill me…I guess, being brave isn’t so hard, is it, Ranma?”

No answer.


I rushed into the house again, but this time in a panic. I crashed into Nabiki, desperately trying not to cry again.

“I can’t find him! I turned around and he was gone! I’m afraid he’s mad at me cause I was so mean to him!” I pounded my hands on the table. Dammit!

So now we can always be together!

‘He said that. That we’d always be together…Ranma, where are you?’

“My room!” I ran. Maybe, maybe…I hoped and prayed, and behind me I heard Nabiki.

“If he’s disappeared, you aren’t going to find him.”

“I won’t stop looking for him until he’s back!”

“Just give up, Akane!”

“NO! I do…I do need him! So just lay off , cause-!” I thrust open the door to my room and blinked.

There, sitting on the table in the form of a kitty, was Ranma.

I growled and ran to him. “D’you think that was funny? I was really -”

“Calm down! I just thought…you wouldn’t notice me…and I could watch over you, “ the kitty-Ranma said. “I…I’m sorry. Am I still in the way?”

I stared at him, then smiled softly.

“No…no…” I hugged him. ‘Ranma…stay with me…’

“You’re pretty cute…!” I grinned.

“Urgh…oww!” He changed back and I blushed as I came face-to-chest with him.


“Don’t do that!”

What do you think? Its just an idea, so I wont' be posting it. I'm sorry, also, for not updating TP. I'll get to it soon.

NOV 23.

Day before Thanksgiving, and I've finally convinced myself to put up the first chapter of To Protect, which is already completed and ready to go. I've decided to reimerse myself into the writing world of fanfiction, because just reading is really getting boring. It seems nothing can capture my attention anymore, with the exception of a few stories that I eagerly await the next chapter of. Kismet, by the way, has real potential. I like it already.

animeobsessed, my beautiful beautiful friend, if you're bothering to read this, I feel you're pain! I really, really do! Unless you just haven't updated your profile in a long time, I'm a freshman too (we poor poor freshmen), and so I know how frustrated you are. I hate people who just tell me to update constantly as well, so don't worry...


To Protect: Chapter One Up.

To Protect: Chapter Two Up.

To Protect: Chapter Three Up.



Do you want to know how crappy I feel? I feel so horrible for not finishing any of my promised stories. But I hate Blank now, (I feel like I was just using the creativeness of other authors), I rushed into AG, and I just can't feel any inspiration. I truly am sorry.

I've been under serious stress, going into high school as a freshman this year. I hope to maybe continue some of my stories, maybe, but I won't promise a thing. SO sorry, really!

To redo this and hopefully inspire myself, I shall start with a new couples part.

Inuyasha and Kagome: I cannot help but adore this coupling. I am a hopeless romantic with canon coupling views, and they were made for each other. Get off my back, Ash-chan.

Ranma and Akane: AAAAH! I love this new couple that obviously belongs together, screw other fiancees. Shampoo can go cry the Amazon river, and Kodachi's evil. Ucchan isn't awful, but still...Ranma's not willingly going to marry her.

Kenshin and Kaoru: No questions.

Most other canon couplings are fine with me, such as Sango/Miroku, Rin/Sesshoumaru, Kasumi/Tofu, Ryouga/Ukyo

Couplings I Tolerate But Don't Like

Nabiki and Kuno: Eww...Kuno's just weird, and I can't...blegh.

Shampoo and Mousse: I know this is canon, kinda, but I just can't see Shampoo really deserving Mousse, after all he's done for her and alls she's done to him.

Sesshoumaru/Kagura: Not as good as Rin, but I like her. Better 'n Kago/Sess...

I've realized, I can totally understand Shampoo/Ryouga! And, because of 'Ranma: The Second Time Around', I also see Mousse/Kodachi! WOW!

Totally weird. I swear, that author could make me like Nabiki/Hinako...and I do not like yuri at all...

Since I've already said who I like, I won't go into who I hate. I will say a few things on my reasoning though, for some of the more dubious coupling.

Inuyasha and Kagome: Kikyou is the main factor here, as we all know Kagome loves Inuyasha. While I totally respect the nondead andpurehearted Kikyou, I cannot accept her if she wants to drag Inuyasha to hell with her. If she truly loved him, then she'd let him live in peace. I cannot actually say they loved each other. It was said they learned to trust and care for each other, and I can believe that. But I think they just mistook the first real friendship they'd ever had as love. Kagome and Kikyou are nothing alike, and yet Inuyasha falls in love with Kagome. I can understand Kikyou wanting vengence, but she should just let them be.

Ranma and Akane: The biggest reason most will say they shouldn't be together is one, Ranma's other fiancee's, and their own engagement. With so many people pushing and forcing them into things, its hard for them to realize they actually care about each other. Just think: Your father's are pushing you together, other people (Amazon's, insane Kunos, chefs) pulling you apart. Its just too much for a couple! But when the leading male realizes his feelings, its hard to realize they won't be together.

Once again, I'm sorry. But I shall continue writing, and if it is worthy of you, I will allow it to be posted.
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