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Hey! Hari's profile should be updated later. ANYWAY! My name is Rin! Or at least, my alias is. Lol. I'll think of more to write later.

Name: Rin

Sorry guys! I've been dormant for so long!! I'm working on a new Teen Titans fiction! I hope you all can forgive me_
Name: Hari

Hey! Sorry everyone... I've been so preoccupied with things that I haven't had time to work on my story -.-. I'm working on it! ;

Rin: yeah, you've been gone for a LONG while, Hari-kun... -_-. you better write something (pokes your empty story box)

Hari: ... It's only cause I have school! I mean I gotta study and stuff! And (takes now partically empty story box back) it's not ALL empty anymore! . . And I am writing something! (shows current fic) See!

Rin: blah blah blahh! BUTTHEAD! O well, FYI to all ya'guys, finals are a kill sorry my updating-ness has been dead. (pokes Hari's story) dude, PEOPLE REVIEW THE FRIGGIN' STORY BEFORE I ... o_o;; never mind

Hari: (looks above) ... I'm not a butthead! Doesn't anyone wanna read my story? (keep thinking...) our comments has become some sort of conversation...

Rin: hmm ... yeah, ah well. YEAH! PEOPLE READ THE FIC! COLETTE AND LLOYD ARE SO CUTE! They're so cute! Colette is just plain cute and Lloyd's so dense it's adorable! (thinks) Hari-kun, you're right. This is like a conversation. OH WELL! HELL WITH IT LET US CONTINUE THIS FLURBY RANDOMNESS!

Hari: hahaha... you're right: Lloyd and Colette make a great couple. I definately have to agree with the whole "Lloyd's so dense it's adorable" cause he is. _

Rin: HA! DARN RIGHT! How was dinner? Lol. Really bizarre. I TOTALLY OWNED YOUR BUTT IN TIC-TAC-TOE! HA! Well, we all know Lloyd's dense but that's why we love 'im. Finals are over. I can finally get back to fanfiction!

Hari: How did you "own my butt" in tic tac toe? it was a tie! Hahaha... Lloyd's more dense than InuYasha (which is really sad) but he adds an element of humor to the game. Dinner was really fun.

Rin: uhh ... WHATEVER_;; Lloyd's much more dense than Inuyasha and even denser than Sana. I got sick after dinner. The stupid food was killing my stomach! AND THE MEDICINE WAS NASTY! NASTY NASTY! The medicine itself can give you a ache in the tummy!

Hari: hi!

Rin: Quit complainin' Hari! (hit on the head with a book) They've already told you Colloyd fics don't make much of a big hit! At least you know people are reading so hurry up and update!

Rin: YEAH YEAH YEAH! THREE A's and THREE B's for the final semsester! LET'S DO THE NARUTO THING! BELIEVE IT!

Hari: ok...

Rin: since when do you "always" sit next to "H"?

Hari: I always it next to "H"! ALWAYS ALWAYS! (it's cause he keeps scooting next to me). Does Naruto always say "believe it"? He said it atleast twice in one episode...

Rin: Hence the fact that if you moved, he would've moved next to you anyway. You don't ALWAYS ALWAYS SIT NEXT TO HIM DAMMIT. And I won't even bother to answer the Naruto thing.

Hari: heh... can we change the topic? I don't really want to think about him more than I have to. How's life?

Rin: I'mma be gone from Friday -- Sunday night. Away to Yosemite. Sorry if I'm not able to update. The Harry Potter one is a pain in the behind for me to continue because of my major suckiness of writer's block. Maybe a day or two up at Yosemite will clear my friggin' mind.

Hari: lol. should we delete some of this? ... It's getting kinda long.

Rin: don't delete it

Hari: Fine


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