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Hello everybody!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile. As I publish stories, I'll use this space to put up a bit of info about them, as well as give a few of my personal thoughts regarding the settings I'm writing stories in. I've got a number of ideas floating about, so hopefully I'll be able to produce a bit of stuff that you guys want to read. I do this because it's my way of sharing my enjoyment of a setting or characters with other people.

Firstly, a bit about myself.

I was actually on this site some years ago under a different username. I've decided, for a number of reasons (mostly because what I wrote was of appalling quality), that that part of my life is over. The stories I once had published up here have been nuked, gone forever. I did a number of Star Fox and Swat Kats fanfics back then that shall remain lost.

Swat Kats was a big part of my childhood, it was by far my favourite TV show when I was a kid. It was actually my recent discovery that the Tremblay Brothers are running a kickstarter campaign to bring back the series that inspired me to start writing again. I had an idea floating around for a while, and I figured that now is as good a time as any to turn it into something.

My general approach to writing is to both expand upon a universe and include more mature themes. I feel that that is what a lot of people on this site are looking for. When I say "more mature", I'm not talking about throwing in sex, guns and violence into everything, although those are themes that may or may not be explored in my works. Rather, I want to write stories that stay true to their sources, but with more complex plots and character development. I feel that if you feel the need to include a distinctively adult element, such as sex or violence, then it should be done so sparing. This gives such elements more impact when they come up, and of course you avoid having your story look like it was written by an angsty 12 year old. With that said, I have been told that I tend to crank the violence up a bit too far, or perhaps make it a bit too graphically. Feel free to call me out on this.

As far as my actual style goes, I'm a big fan of the single POV segment. Chapters will be written in several segments; in each segment there will be a single point-of-view character. This will be the only character whose thoughts the reader is aware of. Segments are typically in chronological order, but from time to time part of a later chapter might be occur (timeline wise) earlier than a segment of a previous chapter. If anyone thinks I am being incoherent and crap with this approach, please feel free to call me out on it.

And so, my current works:

Swat Kats - Counterplay
The general idea of this fic is that T-Bone and Razor will find themselves fighting a more deceptive and insidious enemy than they're used to. I'm throwing away the "monster of the week" formula that was present in the TV series and pitching the story more a crime/thriller piece. Of course, there will still be the standard Swat Kats staples of action, explosions and the like.

As far as the universe goes, the world beyond Megakat City is hardly explored at all in the TV series. Is it set on earth? It is set in a contemporary world or is it completely fictional? Obviously these questions are beyond the scope of a kids cartoon, but I hope to explore them in some detail. My own interpretation is that Megakat city is more or less an American setting, mostly inspired by California, but with elements of cities like New York thrown into the mix. One interpretation that I came across some time ago that I think is really cool is that whatever "country" Megakat City is located in is actually a nation of mostly autonomous city-states, similar to ancient Greece, just with far more fighter jets. Whether this world is geographically similar to our own, or completely fictional is really open to interpretation, but I'm going with a geographically similar world. I'm writing on the assumption that other countries, be they actual countries or other collections of city-states, do exist and roughly mirror the real world. There is probably an England and Australia and Russia and China somewhere in the setting, but they might not be the same entities that they are in real life.

On that note, given that I'm writing in an "American" setting, but I'm not an American myself, I'm probably going to get some terminology or slang wrong here or there. If I mess anything up, again, feel free to call me out on it.

Swat Kats Origins
This isn't a single story, but rather a series of shorts that I'll release on a semi-regular basis that explore the history of the Swat Kats universe. I've got my own interpretation, and coming up with an interesting back story for the setting is one of the more fun aspects of writing fanfiction. The focus is either on or around the time period of Mega War Two. Currently, I have three short stories written:

1. Down These Red Skies

2. State of the Union

3. In Canvas Clad

If anyone has an idea for a short set around this time period, let me know! I'd be happy to explore someone else's idea.

Star Fox Alternative
I've had a few ideas about alternative universe Star Fox fics for a while now. The idea is to take Star Fox characters and throw them into a 'movie genre' setting, such as a western, noir detective or Hong Kong action, to name a few. Characters might be altered slightly to fit with the setting, but the idea is to keep their general traits intact. At the moment, I've only published one, using a western setting as a backdrop:

1. The Stranger

Reviews are greatly appreciated, they help me develop as a writer and give me feedback as to whether or not people are actually enjoying what I am writing. They can be positive or negative, I don't mind. If you drop me a review, I'll be sure to check out anything you've written and give you some feedback too.

If you want to drop me a PM for any reason, even if it is just to say "hey, check out my story!" then go ahead, I'll be sure to follow up.



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