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Author has written 5 stories for Harry Potter.

05/01/2011: I am so sorry I am not posting any more chapters of "A Gift of the Future", I know it's been too long and no one should wait that much for a simple translation. So, if you know of anyone willing to translate a few chapters of that story for me, I will be eager to post them once checked. If not, then I am afraid you will have to wait until I feel like translating the story myself again.

14/04/2012: Si, aún estoy viva. En algún momento espero volver a escribir "Máscaras de Supervivencia", como también espero aprobar mis parciales. Para insistir pueden mandarme un mensaje privado y ahí les explicaré que efectivamente no estoy enferma ni muerta ni en coma ni perdí las manos ni acabé en un manicomio ni ninguna otra ocurrencia. Les recomiendo lean "los juegos del hambre", "graceling", "la materia oscura", "cazadores de sombras", "el trono usurpado", "vampire academy" mientras esperan.

Siempre que actualizo una de mis historias noto que crece la cantidad de gente que se fija en mi perfil, y viendo que son bastantes me parece justo escribir algo aquí después de un año de tenerlo en blanco.

¿Qué busca alguien a quien se le da por mirar el perfil de otro usuario? Yo lo hago cuando quiero saber qué historias escritas tiene un autor, y cuales son sus preferidas dentro de los géneros que a mi me gustan si me gusta mucho. Así que supongo que eso es lo que vienen todos a buscar aquí.

Mis historias son dos: Entre Maldiciones y Malfoys (Blood Curses and Malfoys) y Un Regalo del Futuro. Siendo la primera una traducción de su versión original que es en Inglés, y la segunda mi historia relativamente original que avanza más rápido que ninguna otra y todavía no tiene traducción.

Desgraciadamente no tengo ningun fanfic en Español entre mis favoritos, así que los únicos que puedo recomendar están en Inglés (al menos en lo concerniente a Harry Potter y Twilight/Crépusculo; creo que hay alguno de Evangelion en español por ahí, pero dificilmente a alguno de mis lectores les interese). Así que los interesados en conocer mi top5 de fics tendrán que remitirse a mi presentación en Inglés. Espero consideren que al menos tienen la ventaja de que estoy escribiendo "Un Regalo del Futuro" exclusivamente en Español, dándoles una clara ventaja respecto de la mayoría de mis lectores. ;)

Sobre mis actualizaciones: (01/05/11)

-Entre Maldiciones y Malfoys: Terminada.

-Un Regalo del futuro: Terminada.

-Máscaras de Supervivencia: En progreso; actualmente suspendida hasta que me lleguen ánimos e inspiración para continuar escribiéndola.

Everytime I update my stories I notice the amount of people checking my profile; considering there are so many of them, I suppose I should write something in here alter a long year of fanfiction writing.

¿What does a person who visits another’s user profile look for? I visit other’s profiles when I want to know how many written stories an author has, and/or which ones are his/her favourites. So I guess that’s what you are all looking for when you visit this.

So, my stories (currently) are two: “Blood Curses and Malfoys” and “A Gift from the Future”. The first one has an English version (which is the original) and an Spanish version, which is a faithful translation done by me. The second one is in Spanish only (Un regalo del futuro), and right now I am not willing to translate it (actually, I really want to, but I don’t have a beta-reader for that one, nor time to translate, so I guess I’ll wait until I’m done translating my other fic, and that if someone volunteers to be my beta-reader first! (PM me if you want to)).

-About updating: (01/05/10)

-Blood Curses and Malfoys: Complete.

-A Gift from the Future: On hold. The story is complete in Spanish; may be someone is willing to translate it for me?

-My top5 Dramione fics: (sorry the links don't work, you'll have to search them on the site)

1º- Parents Too Young, by AngelicDevil1 A beautiful story, you can guess what it’s about.

2º- Customer Service, by Sunny June 46 The most hilarius fic I’ve ever read!

3º- Courting Miss Granger, by Marmalade Fever A Dramione classic by one of the most rewarded Dramione authors.

4º- Stolen, by Elsie girl A very good and deep drama, not yet finished, but totally worth it.

5º- Her and Me, by Tierfal A really sweet one, by a very talented author.

-The only other couple I like besides DM/HG is TR/HG (As in Tom Riddle, I know, the thing is I like tough couples, it’s a challenge to write about them. And it’s the drama what appeals to me the most; what would be challenging about writting about Ron and Hermione? Nothing, because they are already a couple in JKR’s world, they have no problems with one another, nothing interesting to write about).

I’ve only read one and only one fic that I’ve liked about TR/HG, and that would be “Have you Ever” by Lady Moonglow, which is absolutely beautiful and I totally recommend if you want to know in what kind of crazy universe it would be possible for one Hermione Granger to fall in love with an 18 year-old Tom Riddle.


Currently only two stories here, it’s really hard to find good twilight fics, at least for me. But hey, I am sure anything’s better than BD, which dissapointed me so much I’m still angry at SM.

1º- A Future in the Past, by Sweet Emotion Not yet completed, but looking too good to bear (the wait). This story has a great future, I can tell, and I totally love it so far (and I know I’ll love it even more because the author hated BD too).

2º- Generosity of Artemis, by ljv A very cruel and bittersweet story, perfect for the reader who hated BD and would rather read the (almost) same plot writen by a very good author with another take and WITHOUT Jacob Black (whom I totally hate).

My Favorite Books:

-Harry Potter, by JK Rowling

-Twilight (the first one at least) by Stephenie Meyer

-Vampire Diaries, by Lisa Jane Smith (I have just discovered this author and I loved that saga, now I am planning on reading the many others she has written along the years. Her work is even older than Stephenie Meyer's, and I found lots of coincidences between the first books of each author's sagas).

-Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brönte

-War of the Witches, by Maite Carranza (The second book if my favorite)

-His Dark Materials, by Phillip Pullman

-The Game, by Sartre

-The Notebook, by Nicholas Sparks

-A Walk to Remember, by Nicholas Sparks

-A Midsummer's Night Dream, by Shakespeare

-Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare

-The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins (both books, waiting eagerly for the third)

-Shadow Hunters (The Mortal Instruments), by Cassandra Clare

-Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell

-The forbidden game, by Lisa Jane Smith

-Vampire Academy series, by Richelle Mead.

-Graceling and Fire, by Kristin Cashore.

Mis Libros Favoritos:

-(Saga) Harry Potter, de JK Rowling (El sexto libro no me gustó)

-(Saga) Crepúsculo, de Stephenie Meyer (Me quedaría con el primer libro y omitiría el resto)

-(Saga) Diario de un Vampiro (o Crónicas Vampíricas), de Lisa Jane Smith

-Cumbres Borrascosas, de Emily Brönte

-(Saga) La Guerra de las Brujas, de Maite Carranza (El segundo libro, "El desierto de hielo" es mi preferido)

-(Saga) La Materia Oscura, de Philip Pullman

-La Suerte está echada, de Sartre

-El Diario/Cuaderno de Noah (o Diario de una Pasión), de Nicholas Sparks

-Un Paseo para Recordar, de Nicholas Sparks

-Sueño de una Noche de Verano, de Shakespeare

-Romeo y Julieta, de Shakespeare

-Los juegos de hambre, de Suzanne Collins

-Cazadores de Sombras, de Cassandra Clare

-Lo que el viento se llevó, de Margaret Mitchell

-El juego prohibido, de Lisa Jane Smith

-Academia de Vampiros, de Richelle Mead.

-Graceling y Fuego, de Kirsten Cashore.

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Hunger Games - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 22,558 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 98 - Follows: 41 - Updated: 11/14/2010 - Published: 10/23/2010 - Peeta M., Katniss E. - Complete
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Harry Potter - Rated: T - Spanish - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 5 - Words: 11,079 - Reviews: 234 - Favs: 447 - Follows: 117 - Updated: 12/10/2009 - Published: 11/26/2009 - Draco M., Hermione G. - Complete
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 23 - Words: 47,984 - Reviews: 1360 - Favs: 594 - Follows: 118 - Updated: 1/9/2005 - Published: 7/14/2004 - Hermione G., Draco M.
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Shinji, will you dance with me by Axel Terizaki reviews
Sequel to "Asuka, will you dance with me?"
Evangelion - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,866 - Reviews: 24 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 6 - Published: 10/2/1999
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A Gift From The Future reviews
A child travels to the past and meets his mother, Hermione Granger. Without realizing he actually is in the past, he attempts to get to know her. And it might be a chance to get to know his father, Draco Malfoy, too. DM/HM set after Voldermort's defeat
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Romance - Chapters: 15 - Words: 50,900 - Reviews: 274 - Favs: 265 - Follows: 403 - Updated: 1/21/2017 - Published: 5/13/2010 - Hermione G., Draco M.
Máscaras de Superviencia reviews
En un mundo en el que Voldemort ha ganado la guerra, Hermione cae prisionera de los mortífagos. Draco decide que es hora de huir. Y la única forma de lograrlo es con la ayuda de Hermione. HGDM - Antes "A través del Espejo"
Harry Potter - Rated: T - Spanish - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 95,990 - Reviews: 364 - Favs: 216 - Follows: 208 - Updated: 1/26/2011 - Published: 6/12/2010 - Hermione G., Draco M.
Un Regalo del Futuro reviews
Hermione se encuentra con un pequeño viajero del tiempo que dice ser hijo suyo y de Draco. Él no la conocía a ella, le teme a su padre y no se percata de que no está en su tiempo. ¿Cómo podría llegar a existir el fruto de una relación prohibida? DM/HG
Harry Potter - Rated: T - Spanish - Mystery/Romance - Chapters: 42 - Words: 165,381 - Reviews: 1685 - Favs: 1,214 - Follows: 690 - Updated: 10/2/2010 - Published: 10/2/2008 - Draco M., Hermione G. - Complete
Entre Maldiciones y Malfoys reviews
Luego de la derrota de Voldermort; Hermione y Draco deben encarar un matrimonio forzado, a sus familias y a ellos mismos. Hermione se da cuenta de que para salvar su vida y la de la familia que le queda, debe aceptar el destino que le han impuesto.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - Spanish - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 35 - Words: 119,819 - Reviews: 714 - Favs: 746 - Follows: 387 - Updated: 6/13/2010 - Published: 9/21/2008 - Hermione G., Draco M. - Complete
Blood Curses and Malfoys reviews
"Do you think you are the only one with problems, Granger?" Draco stood in front of her, anger written all over his face. DMHG Set after Voldermort's defeat, Hermione and Draco must face an arranged marriage, their families, and each other.
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