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Author has written 4 stories for Danny Phantom, Resident Evil, and Elder Scroll series.

My profile picture is a making of my own and related to my story, Alone I Break. SO DON'T FUCKING USE IT!!! Find the full picture here

Hi! Tomed Ceht here, AKA Hylian Cheese.


So, you've stumbled upon my humble profile. Take a look around, you may find something you like! Though I don't have many stories here, maybe you'll take a fancy to the few I do have posted. Neato, huh? Well cool, take a read and relax my friends, I write to please and I hope you'll find my writing style sufficiant and pleasing to the eyes and mind. Take the time to review my work as well, I'm always open to constructive critisim... as long as you're not an asshole about it. Other than that, enjoy your stay on Tomed Ceht's page!

I'm Wiccan and Gay. I proudly support my religion and my sexual orientation. Don't like it? Well, can't help you there.

People tell me that I tend to be too serious a lot. I like to take a serious approach on things that need to be looked at seriously. I am a spaz when the going is good though .

I Proudly say that I smoke Newport 100s! Best. Cigarette. Ever.

I like cream and sugar in mah coffee!

PLEASE SEND ALL BETA READER REQUEST TO MY PERSONAL EMAIL! (I guarantee they will be responded to much faster this way.)


Resident Evil (the entire series. Anything with Ada and Leon is a double love), The Legend of Zelda, The Elder Scrolls Series, Danny Phantom, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, The Inheritance Cycle, South Park, Teen titans, Stargate SG1, And More!

I love Any form of Rock music. Metal, punk you name it. I think your eyes would fall out if I posted all the bands I like. =3






Aela the HuntressxFemale Dragonborn








Daniel JacksonxSamantha Carter

Daniel JacksonxJack O'Neill

and a few others... but not near as much.

STORIES I HAVE AUTHORED FOR:(Slightly altered descriptions for overview purposes. Though they don't give away the story ;P)

One Last Kiss: Danny Phantom Oneshot. Walker shows up in Amity Park and gives Danny the most difficult decision of his life. Give up his soul, or Sam's? A bit of an older fic, but a pleasing read nonetheless. Check out my own picture to help illustrate the story! Here at

I can't tell you and I never will: ITS FUCKING FINISHED SO QUIT YER BITCHIN. The Sequel to 'One Last Kiss'. While Danny has been enduring hell in prison, our lovely Sam is assaulted in the worst way imaginable. She can't tell him, and if she can help it, she never will. If you consider reading this one, skip to the last chapter to save yourself some brain hemorrhaging. Trust me on this one. KIDSAFE VERSION HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN,

Alone I break: Resident Evil story in the works. Ever since the events of Raccoon City, Leon has harbored an undying affection for Ada, though he knows he will never be able to sate his desires. After the events in Spain, Leon is finding it harder to cope as Ada flutters in and out of his life. Perhaps it is true what they say; if you are alone, you will break. I'm certainly loving where this story is going, and I have a thick and juicy plot planned out already. If you are a current reader or a new one, stick around for the ride. This one is going to be interesting ;). Already contains sexual situations, so shield your eyes kiddies.

Elusive Prey: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim story in the works. Aela wasn't called 'the Huntress' for nothing and she upheld the title with great pride. So when a mysterious woman unexpectedly barges into her life, she can't help but begin the hunt. Oh this one is definitely going to be a good one, I promise you. I love Aela the Huntress with a passion and decided to give a little more insight to her character, as the game doesn't give her near enough of a background. This fic will contain Female/female, so watch out you underage little hamsters. This is an Adult fiction for a reason!



My DA page!!


Want to talk to me? Sure! Friends are good!! =D

Runescape?! Hell yeah!

Username: Tomed Ceht (Formerly 617ct/b)

MSN: (please, don't send Emails to this account. Thankies =3)


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