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It is high time for me to change my profile. La, so much can change in so little a time.

First things first.

Username: Tziporah means bird in Hebrew and is a fairly uncommon Israeli name but I like it so ha!

Name: Amy

Age: 14

Location: Bay Area, California. I live in Suburbia.

Life: None to speak of.

Anything else important: Not really.


1. Lord of the Rings (books and movies, books more so)

2. Harry Potter (books)

3. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (everyone should read thesebooks, they're awesome! I saw the movie, it was kinda sad)

4. Monty Python! (extra exclamations marks (if would allow them) denote a deranged mind, as said in...)

5. Discworld novels

6. Musicals...these get their own section

Musicals (in no particular order, they're all so cool)

1. Les Mis (Have Seen! Yay!)

Les Misérables was in my first batch of conversion. Thank you to les-miz-genius, who converted me. The book is absolutely wonderful, as is the musical I am a rabid Gavroche fangirl and Feuilly fangirl and maintain Feuilly is the coolest ami. I am also a rabid all-the-other-amis fangirl. As for the Eponine Cosette wars, 'Ponine's cool ifa tad insane, and Cosette's cool too, Marius, is not cool in my humble opinion (lawyerdolt) but he and Cosette are so in love it's okay. As for Marius/Ponine, I do not even care to contemplate.

2. Phantom of the Opera (Saw the movie, bad actors, what was up with the chandelier, bleh, wish I've seen the real thing)

Also in my first batch of conversion. Great book, great musical. I am a rabid Raoul fangirl and a rabid Meg admirer. Raoul is extremely nice and gentlemanly and great, and all the scary Erik fans can just shoot me they take out their guns. Erik's cool too, but the whole world who seems set on Erik/Christine is crazy. Raoul's the awesomest vicomte. Everyone should check out the society of R.A.O.U.L. (Rabid Admirers of Underrated Lovers), they're great. I love Meg cause she's a ballet rat and having taken 8 years of ballet, I admire anyone who can do a pirouette en pointe, in fact, I admire anyone who can do a pique turn en pointe all the ballerinas gasp and say, 8 years and can't do decent pointe

3. The Scarlet Pimpernel (haven't seen, tear tear)

The last of my first batch. Great book, great musical. I am a rabid rabid Sir Percy fan and I adore Armand and Sir Andrew (if only for his last name), Lord Tony, and the musical league members. Percy/Marguerite, of course, and I am a Scarlet Pimpernel 1 purist. Don't like the changes they made for 2, 3, and 4 and the first cast was the best. I adore Pimpernel and have picked up some phrases and words like m'dear, odd's fish, sink me, zounds, etc. (here we realize I really have no life).

4. Jekyll and Hyde (haven't seen, tear tear)

Great book, great musical. Extremely fond of Jekyll, Hyde creeps me out, adore Emma and Lucy and she is Emma, Lisa sounds weird to me. Ask everyone I know named Emma if their last name is Carew. And this is a lot of people cause my friend has four friends named Emma for some reason. Jekyll/Emma, of course. La, not much more to say.

5. CATS (seen, yay!)

Haven't read the book yet, to my shame. I shall read it. Great musical, adore Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks and Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer. Not much to say, 'cept I must say I find it acutely bizarre Terrence Mann played the Rum Tum Tugger, as I had thought of him before as a Javert/Chauvelin character (who do have their similarities, you have to admit).

6. Spamalot (not seen, tear tear)

As a rabid Monty Python fan, Spamalot is a logical obsession. Adore Sir Robin and Sir Galahad, adore You Won't Suceed on Broadway, cause I think there are aspects to thatsong that you only truelyget if you are Jewish. All thesongs are hilarious.

7. Wicked(shall see in4 days, yay!)

I was rather determined not to get sucked into this pop musical, but alas, I did. I've read the book (it's great), but know very little about the musical, cause you don't get a synopsis, but I gather it's extremely different. So all my views are from the book. Love Elphaba, Boq, and Fiyero, and Crope and Tibbett, who I gather are not in the musical, which is very sad. Also love Chistery and Doctor Dillamond.

Coming soon (as in, heard of, sounds cool, shall probably adore)

Musicals: Sweeny Todd, Notre Dame de Paris, Into the Woods, Manof la Mancha, Forbidden Broadway

Other Stuff: Red Dwarf, Blackadder

I adore Degas paintings. I sincerely hope you did not read all that.

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Pointless, no plot, not well written. However, it does not portray Raoul as some evil, abusive husband so there's a plus.
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