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Welcome, for those of you unfortunate enough to stumble across my general information. I do hope that my rambling about myself does not bore you all to death, but it is my wish to assure you, and introduce myself to you guys.

First, I must say that I humbly welcome you to my Profile page, I hope that you enjoy and let this information about me sink into your heads.

First thing is first, I muswt start by introducing a couple of things about myself, I hope that you are still reading this, and if you are, then my efforts for going this far were not for nothing. But I must warn you, once you go beyond this point, there is no turning back (Well, so maybe there is -_-) So now, I am giving you all, the chance to think about your decision to read this, if you have just thought that this is worthless and a waste of time--then good for you, you have thought wisely, you may go--but for those of you who wish to obtain knowledge or information about me (Stalkers!) then go on ahead and I hope that this peace will help you know more about me.

Name: Angelica Deleon

Birthday: Oct,9,1991

Age: 14

Persona: People say that I am quite cheerful, and too nice. I am very against cussing, and lying is not one of my strong points. It's something that I get nervous about, and feel guilty about easily. I am shy when I am alone with others, but when I am with my friends I feel my courage seem to spring and my shyness is usually gone. I am the type who loves to cheer people up although I'm not good at it at all, and I am very interested in things that not all see that it is worth it. I like to get my fortune told, and I like to buy things from magic shops!

Although, I am very short-tempered and I admit that I am not the best when it comes to math. I am at times, as my friends would say, very dense and I am the type who has a hard time coping with changes. I like to babble about nonsense,which is usually all that I talk about .

I am very hyper active, and serious when I have to be! But, most of all I love CANDY!

Hobbies: Well, I really love to write and I am an aspiring book writer, I love to draw, listen to music, hang around with my friends and read, eating candy

Talents: My talents are drawing and writing, eating candy

Hate: Evil people, I hate being alone, Bimbos, Goths, Stalkers, I don't like strange flavored on...

Worst fear/s: NO MORE CANDY!

Favorite anime:

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Card Captor Sakura

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