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Hey ya'll. Now i'm a fairly new hand at writing fanfiction, but i have been reading it for a long time, and i love it all. My name is Stacie, i'm 15, and i love to talk to people, so don't be shy, drop me a line! I live in florida, and have my future all planned out; during the remainder of highschool, i'm joining the Greco-roman wrestling team, and i'm going to work my ass off to get good grades for a full scholar-ship. In college, hopefully which i will go to for free, (I'm majoring in Law- everyone needs a back-up plan)I will go to a community college for two years and stay with my parents, doing a homeschooling wrestling program. Then, I'll move in with my grandparents and go to Florida State University, while still doing the wrestling homeschooling thing, and a job It'll be a stretch, but I'll just drive my motorcycle pedal-to-the-floor, ya know? I might poke around at some near-by wrestlign schools just to get used to it. Then, when I finish college, i'm moving up to Atlanta, Georgia, and I'm enrolling in the Atlanta World Wrestling Alliance. I've done some reseach, and they seem to have the best school, and the best price. Plus, you're guarenteed to get in if you do the homeschooling thing. Then, perhaps, i will someday go to the WWE...maybe..i don't like how they treat their female wrestlers right now. I do not want to be some clevage-flaunting, hair-pulling, whining sissy girl. I will be a real wrestler in the WWE, or I will not be in the WWE.

I love to Roleplay, mostly wolf and vampire. I love Lord of the Rings, Angel, Buffy, Diagnosis murder, and I am OBSESSED with wrestling. Literately, i swear, i'm obsessed. I actually got to go see Smackdown live one time, it was awesome! I love WWE Smackdown, I never miss it. My two favorite Wrestlers are Undertaker, And John Cena! They're both awesome, and most of my fanfictions are/will be centered around those two. In fact, when i'm 21, i plan to get 'Taker's 'T' symbol tattoed on my upper back. That's right, I love The Undertaker. He is my hero. My reason for living, my favorite person in the whole freakin' universe. Mess with him, and you die. He's mine.

Some of you might have seen my stories before. They are on, and perhaps a couple other places. I have the same screename on most sites, so if you see me, don't be afraid to give a holler. I'm always up for a chat.

FF Update: I'm sorry I haven't updated the Gray In Good for so long. I've misplaced my muse for it, but I won't let it die. I just need a break from it. But I did just add a BRAND NEW story! It's called "Yarr, the Drunken Lady said" and I promise you it's hilarious. Go give it a looksee and a review, purdy please!

I love getting constructive criticism, it annoys me when people just post something like "Great job!" and nothing else. I want real feedback!

Oooh, and I have one more thing to say. His name is Mark Calaway. Not Callaway. Not Calloway, and not any other variation of the spelling. C-A-L-A-W-A-Y. End of discussion. If you want to debate this, I have evidence to back myself up.

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