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I decided that I'd better put some kind of profile in here since lots of nice new folks are joining my C2 Community. I guess I should tell a little about myself for them, at least! I live in Western Pennsylvania, USA, near Pittsburgh. I'm a proud mother of two grown girls and grandmother of one cute little girl. I have a degree in Music Education from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh--major instrument-voice.

I am a two-time visitor to the set of Stargate Atlantis. I went with windwalker (She's the one on Joe's left in the picture. I'm the little one snuggled in on Joe's right...) during season 2 (The Lost Boys) and we had a blast! I went back in July, 2007, to visit again (Quarantine). It was great place to visit--everyone was very friendly and easy to talk to. They made guests feel like part of the family for a day! So, altogether in the two visits, I got to meet Joe Flanigan (both times!), David Hewlett, Rainbow Sun Franks, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell, Amanda Tapping, Kavan Smith, David Nykl, Chuck Campbell, Martin Gero, N. John Smith, and the one and only Martin Wood, who was directing Quarantine.

Also, in case you haven't guessed based on my one and only C2 community...I love whumping fics! Maybe it's a character flaw...maybe not...all I know is that I live for whumpage--in particular, Sheppard whumpage! Any way, there's my VERY brief profile. Maybe I'll add to it later...


Oh, and my nickname, highonscifi, came to me the night I watched Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. I was totally blown away by that movie as I thought it was a fitting end to a great show. I also thought that highonscifi was very appropriate for me since I have been addicted to science fiction since i was about 6 years old (and I'm 54 now!). I used to go to the library in the summer and take out every science fiction book they had! I loved reading Heinlein, Clarke, Asimov, and many, many more of the great scifi writers. And I still enjoy reading stories from the scifi authors of today such as Orson Scott Card--if you've never read his Ender Series, you should!!

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