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Time for a change of scenery. Meaning... a change in my profile page. Let's start off with my fandoms and the pairings I enjoy, shall we?

CSI: New York
Certainly one of the greatest television shows ever. I love it more than a lot of things, hence it's at the top of my list. :) My favorite ships are:

DnA forever. May Aiden's poor, charred body rest in peace. Effing CBS. Just one more reason for me to hate television. Do they not understand what they're doing to us scary fangirls?

SMACked-- THE couple that will end up together in he show... I just feel it. Danny/Mac-- Only when it's written right :)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Another awesome show. Certainly the best out of the three CSI's, but... I have to say... I'm much more addicted to NY. Ships:

GeekLove-- Sara and Grissom belong together. Don't even try to deny it. Now they've even gone there in the show. So I win.
Snickers-- If she's not going to be with Grissom... Then I guess Nick works.
Sandle-- Again... only when they're written right.

I'm in love with E.R. I don't even care anymore that none of the original characters are on the show.

Carby-- It was so meant to be.
Samka-- None of this Luby crap! Sure... she's slightly pregnant with his baby, but do I care? Nope. He still loves Sam. Yep. And he'll realize this once her baby dies. Or she dies. And then he has to go save Sam from scary ex-husband guy that says God sent him to get his family... With guns. 'Cause he's a freak. Anywho, Samka will live on.

LOST would be higher on my list if the writers weren't ruining my life by just repeating things over and over again. It's like they're just trying to ruin everyone's love for the show. Okay, maybe that's just me, but whatev.

CC-- Another you just can't deny. They were made for eachother. Even though she's getting angsty... I don't care.
Skate-- Yes... I don't like Kate, but I love some ff's with this ship.

Harry Potter
Self explanatory. This series is awesome. The books make my life better and the movies are good too. So, favorite ships:

HPGW-- After HBP, this was good times for me.
HGRW-- Again, they just belong together. you can't even deny it.
HGDM-- Draco is a jerk, yes, but I've read many-a-good fic with him and Hermy. So, I consider it a good ship.
HGRL-- Ehm. Yeah, this one's a bit more strange... but for some weird reason, I'm totally in love with the idea of Hermione with Remmy. I never said I wasn't sick...
And basically anything with the Twins-- Except twincest. UCKY!

The Lord of the Rings
By far the fandom I spend the most time with. Just one look at my bedroom, and you would understand. Judging by my life-size stand ups and scary posters/maps/action figures/books/etc. But, I normally don't read LotR fiction, just because you're all lame with your horrid Mary-Sue stories. Honestly, I'm sick of the obnoxious, terribly beautiful, smart, Ring-resistant, constantly wounded chicks that fall into the book by some means of falling unconscious. Seriously, people, take a look at what you're doing! Ruining the greatest books of our time... shame on you all. BUT, if I were to read any fics, they would be:

Faramir/Eowyn-- I like to stick with the pairings in the books. Sue me.
Aragorn/Arwen-- Again... the books
Anything with Frodo Angst-- So long as he's not paired with anyone. Seriously. He's tormented enough, he doesn't need to have any sort of sexual relationship with anyone. GAH!

Okay. I'm done. Loverly, yes? Well, if I happen to review one of your fics with actual constructive criticism and not "OnGZ!1 Ur story iz so kewl! plz right more!111@" Please don't be offended. I'm passionate about my fandoms... what can I say?

05/19/06: I'll never be able to express just how angry I am at CBS for actually killing Aiden off. Just because Vanessa wants to do other things doesn't mean they have to permanently remove the character -even- from us scary fan-girls and our fan-fiction. So, I'm angsty and I'm removing all of my fan-fiction. I'll be writing more CSI:NY fiction. Humor. Because I can't deal with romance in that fandom for a while. My best friend needs to take Flack to Flacktopia, anyway, so that's where it'll be going. And I'm writing a challenge fic... because said best friend thinks there are no good Hermy/Draco fics... So I'ma write one. YAY. The end. Dun dun dunn...

So, say buhbye to my fan-fiction. And to my name: CSI Gray. Stickin' with "Bitten By The Wolf" for a while, now. 'Cause I'm a scary Remmy fan-girl. A scary one. =)

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