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Whoa .. It's about time I updated this profile of mine .. =P Updated March 23, 2008

IMPORTANT NEWS: Huzzah, perhaps I am back!! Reading through my fics ... I was shocked! I could write better then this ... maybe!! I'm sorry for the super-ultra-long wait, but I shall rewrite "AMNESIA." Maybe I won't rewrite "FORBIDDEN LOVE," because I think I've forgotten where I was going with it ... but AMNESIA I shall continue! Stay tuned!!

Anyways, my name is Eileen. I have no nicknames = I can't really think of a good nickname for Eileen, anyway =P Can you?
Anyways, the only games I own for Final Fantasy are Final Fantasy VIII, X, and X-2. I got VIII recently, so I naturally I just began playing it. But I've finished X and X-2, and I absolutely loved those games. And I especially loved the background music in Final Fantasy X. To Zanarkand is just so nice and soft to listen to... I wish I could play that on the piano xP 1000 Words in Final Fantasy X-2 is a beautiful song, I probably listen to it maybe ... once a week? xP Or I just hum it to myself every now and then. Believe me, that gets' annoying. Ask my friends.

Couples I Like:

Defintely Yuna and Tidus. They just .. belong together. And don't forget that Macalania scene! True act of love right there .. how can they be paired up with anyone else? But hey, it's just my opinion. This is my absoulute favorite couple. I'll be writing fics about them for a while ;)

Lulu and Wakka

Rikku and Gippal

Lenne and Shuyin

Rinoa and Squall

Couples I Don't Support:

Yuna and Seymour, well, one, the guy's dead at the end of the game. Two, Seymour is just .. plain creepy, in my opinion. Three,Yuna already has Tidus! It's obvious Yuna is .. well .. in love with Tidus for most of the game.

Lulu and Tidus, or, Rikku and Tidus. Lulu doesn't seem to have any interest in Tidus, and Tidus already has Yuna anyways! Same with Rikku. (Though that scene in Guadosalam where Lulu asked if Tidus loved Yuna, and you answered "You're more my type, Lulu." was kind of funny XD)

Brother and Yuna INCEST? They're cousins! And in my opinion, incest is just WRONG.

Also any gay (yaoi) or lesbian (yuri) couples, I don't really support those kind of things, you know? But I guess everyone could have their own opinions _~

My Current Fanfics:

Amnesia - After a deadly car crash, Yuna is stuck with amnesia. All the trust that everyone has built up with her is now gone. What will happen now? She's even forgotten Tidus. Will Yuna ever trust Tidus again? Will he gain her love back? YunaxTidus, some WakkaxLulu
chapters are done for this story. I'm not really sure how much there might be.
The Memories Within
Startin to Fadin
Startin to Fallin
If Only I Could Come Back to the Light
For That I'll Use All My Might
Just Promise You'll Stand By My Side
You Could've Died
To Trust You More,
That Might Be A Chore
But With You By My Side
Through Life I'll Glide
I Won't Be Afraid

Forbidden Love - Nine years ago, Yuna and Tidus were best friends. When they suddenly meet again, how will they react? And why are their mothers acting so weird? TidusxYuna, some WakkaxLulu and RikkuxGippal.
Seven chapters
are done for this story!
Seperated When Eight Years Old
So, We Meet Again?
Out to Find Tidus
The Chase Begins
Dona's Past
Up the Hill We Go!
Departure Time

Note: In both of my stories, I don't wait for a certain number of reviews to continue, I'll continue all the time no matter what. The only thing that the number of reviews affect is the preview you get for the next chapter. In my opinion, you shouldn't 'make' the reviewers review just so you can update. Popularity on the story doens't reall matter to me, as long as some people seem to enjoy it. I've gotten e-mail asking about this, so i just wanted to clear it up here =D

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