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Author has written 2 stories for Final Fantasy X, and Bleach.
Hiya, I’m gonna call myself Eggy coz , to be honest, I have no idea who you are so I’m not gonna tell you my real name!
Age: 14
M/F: Female
Location: England
My interests are: -
· FFX & FFX-2
· The Sims & Sims2 (even though my computer doesn’t like it)
· Films such as – The Matrix Trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Nemo (sad but cute and v. true), Enough, Head Over Heals, LOTR (although I’m not a serious fan and always need the toilet at some point during watching it).
· I like TV Shows such as –Friends, The O.C, Trigger Happy TV, (any sitcoms because I love havin a laugh but I always get writer's block when it comes to writing it).
· Music such as – Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse , Greenday and random mixed of different types, some the complete opposite of the above.

I really hope that when I come to writing my first fanfic that I have the stamina and willpower to keep writing. If you notice I’m lagging then feel free to egg me on (Eggy!) in some reviews – not literally please!
I tend to love high school fics. I know they’ve been done before many, many, many times but I don’t know if I could write anything else. I also noticed that it always tends to be the same people playing the same characters in each high school fic, eg. Yuna is the shy, teased or popular but caring one. Tidus is the shy, teased or popular jerk. I’m not saying I won’t ever use these characteristics on them, I may have Yuna shy for example, but I just want to mix it up and create the sort of high school fic that no one else has done yet.
Furthermore, I would like to apologise in advance if something I write, (sentence-wise), is similar to someone else. I will never deliberately copy someone. I read fanfiction for about 3ish months before I registered. And when I say I have read fanfiction, I mean I have read looooaaaaddddds of fanfiction so I may accidentally include a phrase such as – ‘his eyes blazed with envy’ (made up btw), which someone may have said but I’ve just forgotten it and suddenly it comes to mind and I think that I was the one that thought it up. I sorry for drabbling on for sooo long, but you probably need to get used to it! Loves y'all, from Eggy xxx

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You're so reviews
GRRRRRRR, i really need to find a word to describe him...trouble is, he's just so...
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