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How long have I actually been on here? *quickly types in name to see...* 2004, are you kidding me?! Woah.

So, long story short: graduated from college with my two year, starting on my four year, have a job, saving up for a car. Life rocks on. Oh yeah, and totally sick of politics. It must be AH-MAZE-ING to be in that castle on the hill and have serfs wait on you hand and foot and spend money as though the coffers never run dry...but, America is not a feudal Middle-Ages serfdom. I am sick of people who have somehow been put into lofty positions in life and have platinum spoons sticking out both ends fight like wolves do, to dominate the pack. *taps finger on keyboard* I am sore tempted to not vote. Just one more political phone call and I may snap.

Ahem, apart from that: severe allergies have now taken hold and give the strange illusion of drowning on land (i.e. there's no oxygen just pollen granules coating my asthmatic lungs). I have become a huge fan of Terry Pratchett's work, I haven't laughed so hard in years.

I love superheroes? That's new. I love Captain America, can tolerate Ironman, and think Hawkeye and Black Widow need their own movie (just because the sexual tension between those two in The Avengers was so thick it could have been cut into slices and served with bread). Teehee.

Still writing, I mean, I could have posted all my boring college papers on here for y'all but that would be really mean. Like, who wants to read about modern architecture inspired by Gothic structures? I have tons of half-written fanfiction lying around on this computer, which makes me sounds like the Post Office of Ankh-Morpork in Going Postal.A dead letter office. Pretty soon all those bits will come charging out of the machine and bite me on the nose.

So, at least I got one fanfic posted. Yay! And now I will go off to some hole and whimper and wait for the fires and pollen to die down so I can freakin' breath again.

P.S. The icon of Cap is one I made (and no, my chosen field does not involve digital art, though I do know something about it). Please credit if you use. Thanks!

Current Stories:

Come What May: A The Mummy fanfic set after World War II when Alex is grown up. Not based on Movieverse. Must read story to fully understand plot.

Almost Lover: A Jack Harkness and Martha Jones Story. Set at the end of The Last of the Time Lords, this is a Doctor Who story. The Doctor is not there when Martha needs him emotionally, but Jack is. A lovely story that sort of hit me upside the head...okay, 'nuff romance, back to Maneater.

Maneater: A crossover that is highly devious in its telling, and cruel in its nature. Stargate Atlantis was never so much fun to write, and Jack Harkness finally realizes that you can't talk DOWN to some aliens. Especially an 11,000 year old Wraith Queen. Read and Review if you like, but know that torture sessions will be a part of this story.

The Soldier & The Savior: This is a stand-alone story that could have another story attached. It's about Cameron Mitchell after his 302 crashed in Antarctica, and he meets Someone very special. I wrote it last Easter, and it was a joy to do.

Fire At? Will/Elizabeth POTC shippers please DO NOT READ, it will make you want to hurt me. SparrowBeth shippers welcome, welcome, welcome!

The Stuggle Within: Is a stand alone story, there may or may not be another chapter to it. I just wanted to see if I liked doing Star Wars, and I wanted to do Obi-wan and Siri's romance, but since Jude Watson tied up that wee bit of info it's not that important.

The Yo-yo Complex: Daniel Jackson attempts to tell Jack O'Neill that the Ash'rak memory stamps might not hurt Jack and Sam, but Jack is intent on playing with his yo-yo. Set during the episode: Divide & Conquer.

Scarlet Ribbons: a The Phantom of the Opera story set in France, and based off of the song that Michael Crawford sang: Scarlet Ribbons.

Order SixtySix: Just something that came to me while watching Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Just for the record, I don't think the clones are evil.

DISCLAIMERS: I do not own, or am in any way affiliated with, and storylines, characters, movies, television shows, etc. that I have written fanfiction for.

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To a Sleeping Angel," But in French.
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We'll Meet Again reviews
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