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12:20 AM, January 2, 2012

Hello everyone. As you can see I've gotten rid of my old stories that were never finished to begin with. I'm sorry if you enjoyed them but things were just not working out with them the way that I had hoped. I've suffered some major writers block and I'm hoping to get out of that funk and actually be able to write a complete story! My current obsessions happen to be MTVs Teen Wolf, The CWs Vampire Diaries, and of course my beloved Supernatural. On that note, I've noticed that no one had made a Teen Wolf/ Supernatural crossover yet, when that seems like a crossover that is just waiting to be created! Perhaps I'll do it. Perhaps not. I would have to think of a plot for it first.

Anyway, I'm hoping to start posting new stories soon! Wish me luck!

January 4, 2012

You can now follow me on Twitter


January 29, 2012

I still plan on finishing 'Rebuild Me'. I'm waiting to get my copy Microsoft Office 2010 because writing in WordPad just isn't cutting it for me. I hate misspelling things and not knowing that I'm doing it. So I'll continue when I get it.

Feb 4, 2012

Finally got Microsoft Word on my computer. I'll continue with Rebuild Me soon.

Feb 6 (almost Feb 7)

Rebuild Me is now officially complete. It kind of got away from me and I'm not sure if the title really fits but...oh well. It's finished. Let me know in your review of the last chapter if I should do a sequel.

Feb 8

Currently writing chapter summaries for Torchwood Seven, Beacon Hills. I'm liking where it is going so far. So hopefully others will like it when it's written. Figured that if I had one chapter up, I might as well finish the story; even if so few people are going to read it.

Feb 10

In the process of working on a Semi Sequel to Rebuild Me. Still working on the outline stage and will begin more work when that is finished. The story takes place between chapters 14 and 15 of Rebuild Me. It takes place the first summer after the group defeats the rogue alpha and will feature the Pack taking a summer vacation to Walt Disney World and the Fort Meyers Beach for some pack bonding. Lydia and Michael will play a much larger role in this story than they did in Rebuild me. Some chapters will be very long; others will be short.

I am also working on Torchwood Seven, Beacon Hills. Chapter 2 has been posted and I've almost finished with the outline. Don't forget to check the Poll!

Feb 13

To all of you fans of 'Rebuild Me', there will be a delay before a sequel is in the works. However; that does not mean you will not see another story for the 'Rebuild Me' verse coming very soon. I have begun work on a story set between chapters 14 and 15. It takes place that first summer. The pack goes on a vacation to...wait for it...wait for it...DISNEY WORLD! They will also be going to the Beach. The Disney World part will take up the first half of the story and will feature the pack showing a softer side. Michael and Lydia will be featured heavily in this story. This story will also set up a few things for what will happen in the sequel (but only in the memory lane sort of sense). The second half of the story features the pack heading to Fort Meyers Beach in Florida where there will be relaxation; dates; and a bit of summer love for Lydia and Michael (not with each other!).

You will also meet another werewolf pack in the second half of the story; and there will be werewolves running on the beach! So stay tuned, the story will probably be called "Pack Vacation" or "Summer Vacation" Not sure which.

I am also still working on my Teen Wolf / Torchwood Crossover. I almost have the outline finished and I'll be working on chapter 3 during the week. Things may be a bit slow for a bit though; as my mother is staying home this week and I want to spend time with her. When she's at work again, then updates may be faster!

Feb 14

My Valentine's Gift to you is chapter 1 of Summer Vacation, the companion piece to Rebuild Me! For more information on places mentioned in the story please check out also, there is a youtube channel that will show the rides that the pack has gone on. Here is the link :

Feb 20

Still working on Chapter 2 of Summer Vacation. I've decided that chapter 2 will actually become chapter 2 and 3 because it's already over 16 pages and I still have more that needs to be written.

This will be one of the longest if not the longest chapter I've ever written.

Feb 24

I've updated both Summer Vacation and Torchwood Seven today. I'm sad that Torchwood Seven isn't getting more views. It could turn out so well. It has a lot of promise. I'm glad with the reception that Summer Vacation is getting. Everyone that has reviewed has given great reviews for it. We still have many days left for Disney and then the group will go to Fort Meyers Beach. I'll really have more freedom when they end up going to the beach; because I won't have to explain everything for the parks. That bit will be fun for me to write.

I still am thinking of a plot for the Rebuild Me sequel. I'm posting a new Poll to ask if you want it to be mpreg or not. Let me know!

March 3

Currently stuck in a funk. I just can't seem to bring myself to write anything. I'm so sorry to the people waiting for updates. They may take a bit longer than I had originally planned.

The Idea Section

Okay, here is a section where I will put my story ideas. From time to time there may be a poll asking which of these ideas you would rather see as a story. Here are my current ideas.

Rebuild Me Sequel - This will come at a later date as I still need to think of a main plot device. It would feature Derek and Stiles getting married; Danny and Jackson getting married; and love interests for Michael, Lydia, and Max. Max would have a more prominent part in the story. This story will eventually be written; so it won’t show up on a poll.

TeenWolf meets Torchwood- I have written the first chapter of this. The story is called ‘Torchwood Seven, Beacon Hills’. Basically, a rift has opened up in Beacon Hills and a field agent from another branch of Torchwood has been put in charge of creating a team to combat the rift. Danny has already been recruited. Will contain Slash

TeenWolf meets Power Rangers – This idea has been floating around in my head for a little while. Basically; some evil ancient power will begin invade Beacon Hills; and Stiles, Scott, Derek, Danny, Jackson, Allison, and Lydia would be pulled into it. They would become the power rangers, and obviously Derek would be the black ranger because no other color would be able to fit him. Colors would be Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Black, and White. There would be no ‘Zords’ but there would be space ships that form together into a space station when combined. Alternately, instead of the evil happening in Beacon Hills; the characters could be pulled to a distant planet in peril to become the heroes. It would not contain characters from any of the Power Rangers tv shows. Will contain Slash.

TeenWolf meets Supernatural – I’m surprised this crossover hasn’t happened yet. The Winchesters will show up in Beacon Hills for their case a few days too late and meet the Argents and the werewolves in town. They’ll stick around for a while when it becomes clear that a neighboring alpha plans on challenging Derek. One of the brothers may end up changing species in this. It will probably be Slash, but will not be Wincest.

Teen Wolf with Magic – In which one of the non-wolves just so happens to develop magic abilities.

Torchwood Ianto Fix – A story in which either Children of Earth never happened, or Ianto is somehow alive at the end of it. This story will explore the relationship between Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness. If COE happened; then the story will feature little Anwen. If COE never happened, then there will be no baby. Also; we’ll learn that Jack wasn’t lying about having once been pregnant; and we’ll meet that child.

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