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Name – Zach “Dense-Electric” Cox

Age - 20

Location – Florida, USA

Hey kiddies, good to see you made it out today. I decided to update this page after suffering minor but irreversible brain damage after reading what was here previously, which was written sometime in the seventh or eighth grade. I shan't go into specifics, needless to say it had to go.

Anyway, I enjoy writing both as a hobby and what I hope to someday make into a part-time career. While I do like writing fan-fiction, my true passion is for my own works, which can be viewed on FictionPress. Nonetheless, I take fan-fiction just as seriously and try to put the same level of quality into anything I create. There are a lot of things I see people do here that drastically reduces the quality of the work (a list of which is posted at the bottom of this page – pleasepleasePLEASE read it), and I make a concerted effort to avoid doing these things as much as possible. In short, I try to put out literature that is professional in quality and enjoyable in content.

I like to write about a number of things, including historical fiction, everyday life, fantasy, and fan-fiction. My real interest, though, is in science fiction. I love anything to do with quantum mechanics, spacecraft (everything from Sputnik to the USS Enterprise), astronomy, and basically anything that looks cool and futuristic yet is still functional. This love extends to the point that I've created my own sci-fi universe, currently running under the name of the Ledyard City Chronicles in title reference to the city in which most of the city takes place. I plan to publish this first work in a series of six novels, the first of which I have already begun work on.

I'm also heavily into the visual arts, and completed an AP 2-D design course. I play rhythm guitar in both metal and ska bands, as well as the trumpet, with six years with symphonic bands and two years with a marching band under my belt. My greatest passion of all, and what I plan to make a career in, is for digital works, specifically in the design and development of video games, which I've been addicted to ever since my parents bought me a Nintendo 64 when I was in Kindergarten.

I'm a huge fan of certain franchises in particular, and some of these are the main existing works I like to write about:


- Fullmetal Alchemist

- Death Note


- Witch Hunter Robin

- Hellsing

- Ghost in the Shell

- Cowboy Bebop

- Anything by Miyazaki

Sci-fi and Fantasy:

- Star Wars (with the exception of a certain three movies...)

- Star Trek

- The Lord of the Rings

- Harry Potter

- Mass Effect

- Alien & Aliens

- Halo

- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

- Scott Pilgrim

Other interests include:

- Building computers

- Playing airsoft


- Surfin' teh interwebz

- Polarizing others for differing political or social views

- Designing things (a LOT of different things)

Anyway, about that list I promised. These are just a few of the things I see a lot of writers (specifically those on this site) do that irritates me to no end. These are things that are either childish, stupid, unprofessional, or just make the work straight-up BAD:

- Lack of knowledge of the language: Guys, pick a language and LEARN IT. This is both the most obvious and the most prevalent. Nothing will sink an otherwise good story faster than crappy grammar or lousy spelling. Of course no one is perfect, and even after running a piece through fifty different checkers and editors, it can still have errors, but there's a big difference between the occasional typo or grammatical error and a complete disregard for the language.

- Author's notes in the middle of a story: If you have something to tell us, do it at the beginning or the end (preferably the end, see #3) of each chapter, NOT right in the middle of a sentence or paragraph. (a/n: they usually follow this format) ← That right there, don't ever do that unless it's a satire. Look at someone like J.R.R. Tolkien or Douglas Adams – do they EVER do that? No, they don't. Occasionally in their works you might see an asterisk (*) indicating some information near the bottom of the page, but they never just interrupt the flow of the story for that sort of thing. And the worst thing is when the author pauses to tell us something totally irrelevant, like how they own the same pair of pants as the character or some BS. Short version, don't everevereverever do that unless it's for satirical purposes.

- Twelve paragraphs of crap before each chapter: Some authors around here like to pile all of this useless information on top of their chapters. But if you've got something to tell us, or you want to answer some review questions or something, please do it at the END of each chapter. One of the absolute worst things I encounter on this site is opening up a story that perks my interest, only to find I have to use the freakin' scroll bar just to even find where the chapter actually starts. A small disclaimer note or something is fine, but the bulk of such content should be at the end of a chapter.

Make no mistake, there are more things like this, but there are the most common writers' sins I see being made around here. Please consider what I've said here, and use it to improve the quality of your works.

I think just for kicks, I'll leave what was previously posted here for you all (and myself) to laugh at. And yes, this was the ENTIRETY of what was posted here.

The following was posted sometime in the seventh or eighth grade and is utterly hilarious to my now-consideribly less stupid self:

Favorite anime shows

New Century Zero

Teen Titans

Code Lyoko (does anyone know when season 2 debuets*?)


Wolf's Rain

Witch Hunter Robin

Full Metal Alchemist

*This one, I love this. :D

*Whattheshit, I actually used to like that show!?

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