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Hi there,

My name is Lord CrutchCricket, gamer, idea man and all around dabbler of nerdy and creative things.

I'm here to once again try my hand at being a decent, committed writer.

Fair warning: I'm a total asshole about updates. Most of these stories were started years ago when I was but a wee lad and abandoned repeatedly. If you choose to like/follow/favorite them or what have you there's a very good chance you'll find them and by extension yourself neglected and abandoned for months or even years. And maybe once in a while I'll return and post a chapter just to give you hope before I flake off again like the toolbag I am.

But for those of you feeling supportive I can promise that I really am trying to get better. There are things I want to do with fanfiction and original works that never wholly leave my mind. I'm just absolutely horrible at committing to getting them down on pape-err, screen. But like the recovering whatever-aholic I can but swear that this time'll be different and really mean it. Pestering me for updates when I'm a lazy clown is not only allowed but encouraged so that it may in turn encourage me to stay on the wagon. Or off the wagon. Whatever.

So here then are where the things already posted stand:

Predator: Come the Reapers- basically a Pred running around during Blade II. See official synopsis for more details. This was started before crossovers were a thing on here (no, really, it's that old). I've reworked it once a few years back and now I've sunk in too much effort to not finish it. This'll probably be top priority.

Kasumi Tales- Was supposed to be a series of shorts about Kasumi Goto and Shepard (Mass Effect for those in the know) going on merry adventures. It was started before ME3 hence the hopeful tone. ME3 has since sank that boat (no, it's not a ship, go away) hence why it fell by the wayside. I won't be continuing it as is but I do have further ideas (see below). What this means, is it'll probably get a reformat but not anytime soon.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Musical Espionage Action- clearly a strike of the random which is unlikely to ever strike the same way again. Even back then I knew it, hence why its own description reflects it. Though I've played MGS2 enough times to know every scene off by heart, it's been too long to really engage the humor of it. And while I can make up funny lyrics I'm really not musical in the least. So sadly this won't get any updates.

Aliens Vs Predator III- my oldest story (seriously, I was a teenager when I started it), it's basically a sequel to AVP2, if anyone remembers that game. I still remember the story I had in mind for it. It may get updated (and possibly reformatted) but it's not really a priority.

Future Ideas: These are things I'll hopefully get to writing at some point:

  • Mass Effect: I have a HUGE universe thought up post ME3. Once I (sort of) got over the crime against humanity that was the ending my brain went into overdrive thinking about all the details of a post Reaper-war galaxy. Not going to say which flavor (red, green blue) yet, but my hope is to slowly get all of it out of my cranium and onto your screens. Given my current rate of progress I expect it'll only take a century or two. Also have a few crossover ideas, just for lulz.
  • Super Secret Prototype/Infamous crossover. To my knowledge no one has done my particular flavor yet at least on here, hopefully it stays that way until I'm able to get it going.
  • Star Wars: Lots of things I could do, especially since thanks to Disney the EU's now worth as much as my ramblings. But maybe I'll start with my TOR characters and their shenanigans
  • ???
  • Feel free to bug me endlessly about these as well.

    Well that's about it. I'll stop assuming anyone actually reads/cares about this... now.

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