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All right, time to set some things straight: it hasn't been the greatest of years for me. I'm now alone, bumped into a crappy job because of many idiots, and discovered that I might as well be dead to most of my family. I also had an Internet addiction that I needed to break. I went dark. Like, straight-up, too-legit-to-quit off-freaking-line. I came online to find a Christmas present for my brother, and found out that more people were interested in my work than I thought. I need to get back to writing, because that was actually keeping me fairly sane, but I need to grossly narrow down my list of what I'm actually working on for the time being. I would like to hear from people to know what they want to see kept around, but for right now the list of what will be updated/written is as follows:

The Danny Phantom Superhero Project: Most of what I saw in my e-mail account was related to this story, so I'm definitely keeping it going. For them moment, I need to flesh out the villain rosters of some of the heroes that aren't Danny, so it may take a little time before I get the ball rolling on that. However, it will be coming back just as soon as I finish the chapter I'd been working on when I dropped off of the digital face of the Earth.

Winx Club: The Next Generation: I've pretty much accepted the fact that pulling and re-uploading Year of the Dragon was a mistake. I'm abandoning that story and going with this one set in a very narrow slice of the 4Kids continuity, divided into separate "Seasons" so as to differentiate storylines. It also uses many assumptions (most proven false by the later seasons of the actual show) that me and a group of other fans had made on the now-defunct tvtome.com back when the first season was still airing on Fox Kids (which tells you that I am probably too old for this *). I have most of the story planned out already, it's just the putting it into words that will need to be done. Stay tuned.

Currently unnamed "humans in Equestria" MLP:FiM story: It needs to be done. It has a tie-in with Winx Club: TNG's storyline in "Season" 4, so I need to get it done before that rolls around. Note that it won't be an official "crossover", per se, but the theme of many parallel worlds (and several villains) runs up against each other, so reading this would help tell more about who some of the new villains are when the Winx story starts including them. The fact that I also want to tell this story really freaking badly also helps.

Currently unnamed Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal-era storyline: I actually liked that series more than I thought I would, but I need to see the rest of the Barian story arc before putting this together, as some story aspects might change based on how that ended. It's a "Yami Marik comes back from beyond the grave" story that tries to stitch together parts of all four major series, somewhat ambitious, and I really think I have to get it out of my system.

That's all for right now. If anyone has any comments/suggestions, please PM me if you feel it's not too much work. Or not, your call.

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