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Poll: For my Naruto/FT crossover, will Shion live or die in the future? (if death, she'll just get mentioned and never actually appear o.o) Vote Now!
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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Sekirei.

Blah blah blah, just the usual info here ppls ._.

Name: Does it matter? o_o;
Gender: Male.
Age: 24
Location: Mexico City, Mexico.
Likes: Oreos, soccer, videogames, going out, Oreos, writing, comics, music, Magic: the Gathering, Oreos xD, stuff like that lol.

Challenges (or just ideas I want to write but won't have time to do alone xD)

Naruto/Infinite Stratos

Naruto can't be an IS pilot, neither any other type of mech pilot. He fights as he does in canon, making him a deadly glass cannon with various limitation in the IS world.

Involved in IS Academy as either a combat instructor or special assignment/bodyguard to the Sarashiki family. Though having him involved with Phantom Task from the start would make things more fun and have some Madoka interactions too (and no, not the fun type but rather the bloody one haha) O_o

Pairing involves Naruto with Tatenashi, Tabane and maybe Honne/Chifuyu. The rest are with Ichika like in canon (though Charlotte is so cute with Naruto too). Or at least that would be preferred, flexible on this.

If anyone takes this one, would obviously recommend starting from the second season :P

Naruto/Fire Emblem Awakening

First challenge:

Easiest choice would be to have Naruto end stranded on the FE world, seeing most characters would be too limited on the Naruto world power level wise.

While the class change system works like ingame, would prefer if Naruto ends with a unique class. Preferably a Lance/Ranged Axes/lances/Wind Magic/Chakra one.

If it needs any pairings, would like Naruto with either Cordelia or Lucina but open on it.

Special considerations can be made if Tharja is a pairing choice, not even I have a full fleshed idea of how to make it work seeing I doubt Naruto makes a good Tactician haha (Grima issues aside xD)

Second challenge:

This one would make the most sense if it involves an scenario with an Inmortal Naruto, he gets involved in the main FE conflict at the same time as Tiki does, with her ritual to recover most of her power helping to awaken Naruto who was sealed in the same place aeons before her. It depends on the writer whether this Naruto ends jaded, same as canon or completely different as long as its properly portrayed (aka keeping some of his traits and not totally OOC). Class would be adapting his shinobi skillset without Kurama to the FE world and rules.

If there's a pairing, it involves Tiki seeing she's as close to an inmortal as it gets on FE haha :P And I wuv Tiki!

Naruto/Highschool DxD

Involves Naruto getting involved with the DxD verse during the period where God died. As a consequence of the dead of God and the previous Satans, either the restrictions on a sealed Naruto break and allow him to make a resurgence in the Underworld or the barrier between dimensions weakens to the point the world itself drags Naruto there to balance the power balance seeing the power vacuum short term. From there, it depends on the author but I could suggest some options.

- Naruto retains his humanity, his Uzumaki heritage already hints at an extended lifespan and his jinchuriki status affects it whether Kurama remains or not.

- Can stay as a neutral party to the 3 factions and/or a judge/enforcer for complex situations. Depending on how it pans out, he could eventually get a pseudo peerage. In that case, Kuroka has to be in xD Otherwise, one of the easiest solutions would be characters from other anime/games.

- Can either have some chapters during that period to create bonds and interactions with key figures from the 3 factions or jump to the DxD canon and have those as flashbacks.

- Harem, because the series basically has it as a requirement haha (Partial to Kuroka, Xenovia, Serafall and Gabriel/Rossweisse)

If people want to make any artwork for my fics out of the kindness of their hearts I would be really thankful haha XD Also, I'm willing to co-author any of the challenges, just unsure if I could balance all my current stories and the challenges on my own, hence leaving them as challenges.

Currently in the hated situation of not having a laptop or computer at home to write so updates will be slow :(

Next update should be the Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover, hopefully by April's end at the latest seeing it's easier to get inspiration for this one.

4-13-04 update: Sadly still without a computer at home so any progress is slow. Hopefully can have a chapter of the Naruto/Fairy Tail crossover before the month's end.

10-28-04 update: Life's been amazingly busy. Last semester of college combined with an internship has left me nearly zero free time. Fics are not abandones though, progress is just sloooooooooooooooooooooow to disappointing levels.

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