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Welcome to my fanfiction account- as Charlotte would say, "salutations, friend." I'm sure that you are most likely captivated by my own sparkling personality, and wish to know all you can about myself. To this intrigue I must say: you're out of luck. However, I can give you the bare bones of my existence in a lovely little list not unsimilar to those that most authors on this web site have. Indeed, while I do pride myself on being original, sometimes one must proceed with the flow of things. Or to put it in layman's terms: Whatever.

Name: Simone Morse

Age: 15

Hobbies: writing poetry, drawing portraits, and evidently now, writing stories.

OCs: too numerous to mention.

Favourite book(s): Lord of the Rings, the bible, X-men comics

Favourite movies: Guess. If you can't, you're pretty dense. It's the Lord of the Rings trilogy, X-men one and two, and plus one other you couldn't have guessed: The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit. Good movies.

Now it's time for a confession. I must admit to you, oh, writer or reader of fan fictions, that I dislike fan fiction to the nth degree. I realize that it must seem hypocritical of me to say that, as I have a page on, but the truth is this: I'm just writing stories. Perhaps it may be against whatever rules of this network are in place; I know not. However, I shall merely be writing whatever unique story idea comes into my head (and they are quite unique), and placing said tale upon this page. Hate me, love me, I care not. But if you dislike my philosophy, there is this lovely little bar at the top of your screen where you can backbutton, or totally change the url. If you utilise these facilities your internet provider has so thoughtfully included for your use, you will not have to stay in this place for long.