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Beastboy WILL go with Terra, but I dont see anything wrong with him going with Raven either. In other words, I like them both, but Terra's still better. Same with Cyborg; he WILL go with BumbleBee, but I dont see anything wrong with him going with Jynx either. I can also see Cyborg andRaven together.

Non Couples:






A Lil About Meh:

Well my name is Heather but ive been thinking of changing my name to Kira for a long time now. Im 14 years old and a freshman at Kelloggsville High. I am Wiccan and religion is a very big part of my life. Music makes everything better. My favorite movie is The Lion King ((Only the first one, the other two sucked)) because it captures my emotions and I cant tell you how many times I cry throughout that movie. I have browish green eyes ((I know, eww.)) and dishwater blonde hair. Im 5'9 and I weigh 126 lbs. . Teen Titans is probally all that I will write about but you might get lucky and find something else. I sometimes make up characters from the personalities of people I know. Other times, there just completly made up. In my stories, I love to write about romance and I love really sad parts too. I'm planning to be a writer someday so if I spelled something wrong or you didnt like my wording, please tell me! I love critiqes; the good and the bad. I also love critiquing. Im a very evil critiqe though so beware.

FanFics I Read:

Teen Titans

Harry Potter

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Some Of My Oc's

Heather - A sorceress from another demension who thinks Robin is the greatest hero in the world. She dates Cyborg though and loves him very much. She is blonde with long hair and her pants are black hiphuggers that flare out at the ends. Her shirt is also black and shows a small amount of midrift. It has a slit right above the left breast and "Attitude" reads in the center in white curvy letters. She has deep brown eyes and a small black necklace hanging from her neck, containing a small black rock in the shape of a drooping "O". She has hoop earings and a chain hanging from her pants, hugging her thighs. Her hair is brushed pack into a ponytail, hanging down her pack. She wears no shoes and her toenails and fingernails are black with a silver drop in the middle of each.
Jingle - A small pixy practically attached to Heather's earing. She looks almost excatly like Heather with the exception of being 2 inches tall. She also has pointy ears and is extremely strong.
Elleena -
Coming Up In A Future Fanfic
Sintar'a - Coming Up In A Future Fanfic
Hex -
Coming Up In A Future Fanfic

- Copyrighted to Heather

Stories Coming Up From Heather:

The Fall Of The Titans - The Titans kill Slade, but not after he takes down half of them. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg are in coma's with no telling when they will come out. Its Beastboy and Ravens job to fend off villians in Jump City alone. Will they be succsessful? Will feelings sprout?

Heather -Remember Heather from "Terra"? Well shes back in the sequal to it. She has found her way home, but Starfire's never been heard of, Robin has died, Cyborgs her abusive boyfriend, Beastboy's heart gets broken because of Terra, and Raven's father is genuinly pissed. Heather is completly scared, and she misses her new friends back in another alternate Earth. What happens? More Oc's.

Im making more OneShots along the way, so keep an eye out!

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