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Hey! I've been sharing fanfiction with my friends, and have decided it was time I join them on I can't wait to see the comments I get on some of my stories.

Update: I'm back! Well, sort of anyway. I've been really busy with my classes and life in general... and let's not forget the biggest problem I'm currently having - writer's block. I'm trying to update, but I'm having a serious case of writer's block.

NaNoWriMo: Challenge yourself and TRY THIS!! Go to to sign up - it's free, and there is not just one winner - if you write a 50,000 word novel in just the month of November (sorry folks, you have to wait until November to actually start), you'll win! It's fun AND challenging, and you can do fanfiction if you want! I know I'm going to attempt my second year this November, and hope to make it a win again!

A quick 'About Me' Section!

Age: I'm legally able to vote in the US. That's all you need to know.

Interests: Many, including an obsession with reading... By the way, the Obsidian Trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory is excellent. I highly recommend the entire trilogy. Especially since each book gets better and better than the last. Other interests include writing (no duh), animals (particularly cows, wolves, and dolphins), games, stones, Reiki, Healing Touch, and a lot of other things.

Books I like: ... this is a hard section... how can I narrow it down?

Favorite Authors:This is much easier... Mercedes Lackey, Garth Nix, Nora Roberts, Tamora Pierce, Anne McCaffrey, and lots of other, awesome authors. If I had to pick an absolute favorite (or I could only pick one author to have books from, and just have those books), it would be Mercedes Lackey. Not only do most of the books I really enjoy come from her, but there are a lot of them! I'd lose a lot of other favorites (like the Abhorsen trilogy or my Acorna books), but I'd still have a lot of them!

I think that's enough for now... Any more and I might as well tell you my real name, which I'm not going to do...

I have come across the opinion that more people should listen to a free podiobook authored by Mercedes Lackey, Dennis Lee, Larry Dixon, Cody Martin, and Veronica Gigure that is really good. (Steve Libby helped write parts of the first book, but... no more. Which is why we got "Aces and Eights" - which is all I'm saying.) It's a story involving meta-humans, war, Nicola Tesla, and the Thule Society, primarily taking place in present-day Atlanta. Curious? Visit (Secret World Chronicle) and listen to this free series. (The fifth book is about to come out!) Or you can check out the published "Invasion," but I suggest listening anyway - otherwise you miss out.)


Plant-girl: Rose Moss's story (now has 34 chapters.)

This is my version of events after the fourth season, starting with Rose. Soon, she'll find herself all alone, abandoned by her best friend, and unsure of all the people who surround her. Soon, she'll meet Talyda, a spunky girl who changes Rose's world. Then the Professor discovers many more mutants, and then things start to get crazy. I'll try to get it typed up A.S.A.P.!

A New Team - on hold

A brand new story! New mutants are brought to the Institute, and work to create a new team of mutants. Will they succeed? Or will they be unable to work with each other? Each chapter for at least the first seven will introduce new characters.

Lasting Scars, Lasting Wounds - on hold (I lost most of my work!)

A story that explores the emotions of the amazing episode, "Same as it Never Was," as well as giving things that possibly happened in it in the background, but isn't ever explored.

Changes - on hold

My newest story and first crossover. I'd rather not go too far into details at the moment, but it is about the changes that the X-men and turtles face when they learn about each other and the implications of each. Takes place in the middle of the second seasons of both X-men Evolution and the 2003 TMNT TV series.

The Coffee Shop

An alternate universe from the Torchwood canon. Having never worked for Torchwood, Ianto Jones opens a coffee shop near the Millennium Plaza after leaving London, and his now ex-girlfriend, behind. His life gets interesting when Captain Jack Harkness makes his coffee shop the place he gets both coffee and pastries.

Torchwood/Doctor Who Timeline: I've found someone who made a lovely timeline that makes more sense than the one I found on wikipedia. Thank you to Lefaym on livejournal for creating a more accurate timeline than canon would allow.

I have other stories I'm working on, but this is it for now.

Okay, here's some things I hate: (they're in no particular order)

Scott Okay, he bugs me. He's, like, so UNEMOTIONAL! You can't have such an emotionless geek running around. I think a lot of people try to compensate for Scott's problems with controlling his powers by making everything easy for him... Personally, that just makes him worse. (If I'm wrong, don't get mad - I'm just making an observation of what might be true.)

Havoc (Scott's brother) -He's evil. He went with the evil guys, says 'bro' way too much, and convinced Scott to make the biggest mistake of his life (although I still wish uncomfortable situations upon Scott - hey, I don't like killing off characters, and uncomfortable circumstances are funny to put Scott into). Anyways, Alex is just really annoying.

Jean - One of my friends pointed out that in some fanfics, she's okay, but she just bugs me to the tenth power squared. I guess I'll need to find those stories where she's 'okay.'

Professor X. - I don't know why he bugs me, but he does. Maybe its the whole not trusting his students (like Kurt) with vital information. Or maybe it's that whole telepath thing. So, don't mind if you find fanfics I write where the Prof is squirming like a worm.

The Jean-Scott Romance with Rogue crushing on Scott - Uh.. what? Rogue likes the small personality dude? Rogue is so much better with someone else. And the whole 'Oh Jean,' 'Oh Scott,' thing gets really annoying. At first it's, "GET THEM TOGETHER ALREADY!!" then I get, "OH, GIVE IT A REST ALREADY!" Ug. That's why I don't dwell or stretch out sticky love spots. It's more fun to have them than to not, but going on and on throughout a series is enough to make my head spin and say, "They're still pulling that old thing? Just give me a BREAK already..."

Evan Daniels - I've been rewatching Evo and Evan is now my least favorite X-man. I really can't put it better than that. There's just something about his attitude (before and after he leaves the X-men) that makes me want to scream. Personally, he's worse than Scott. (Which, sorry Scott-fans, is something I never thought I'd say.)

Turtlecest - this is something I have been noticing a LOT, and it kinda scares me... I know that it's likely that the turtle's aren't blood brothers, but I can't think of anyone who's comfortable with people who have been raised as siblings suddenly falling in love and getting intimate. I just can't stand it - so absolutely NO turtlecest for me! (Or from me - OCs, yes, but no turtlecest!)

Twilight/Stephenie Meyers - Granted, I didn't read the last two books, and thank GOD I didn't! I read someone's blog on the last two books, and... *gag* so wrong... Bella might be a smart, intelligent young woman, but she has no backbone, has horrible things happen to her when she tries to either gain a backbone or think for herself, and falls in "love" at first sight with someone who treats her like crap. None of Stephenie Meyers' characters change and develop. They're stagnant, unchanging - and don't you DARE say "but they're vampires, they don't age!" - that doesn't mean they can't CHANGE!!! It's boring to read someone who falls for someone who treats her like trash go on and on about how handsome and amazing he is... he really isn't. Anyways, that's why I can't stand the whole Twilight Saga. Oh, and the whole "I'm useless without a man - I need them to make all of my decisions for me" also pisses me off. In this day and age, women are allowed - nay, ENCOURAGED to be strong and independent! And the Twilight Saga tells young women that only men can make them feel useful, and that their men are the only ones who know what is best for them. I could just go on and on about how horrible a writer she is, and the things she's teaching young girls, but I won't. And don't send me hate-mail for my opinion - I'm not saying you have to agree with me, I'm just saying I HATE this.

Rose Tyler (and Doctor/Rose pairings) - She tends to border on the side of being a Mary Sue far too much for my taste EXCEPT for when she's being utterly horrid. Her reaction to Sarah Jane Smith (or rather, the evidence that the Doctor had previous female companions) was dreadful and rather childish. (It doesn't help that she's just out of her teen years...) As for the pairing, I know that it's technically canon, but that doesn't mean I like it any. I can't see what the Doctor saw in her, considering her second adventure with him yielded her saying some of the worst things I could ever have pictured her saying to anyone, especially the Doctor. Honestly, she's in the year 5,000,000 - of course everyone she knows is dead at this point! It's called TIME TRAVEL for a reason! So yes, I consider her the worst person possible for the Doctor. And here's something I've recently come to realize: I wouldn't hate her so much if there weren't so as many fans who will jump down my throat at the even HINT that there could be a better character than Rose Tyler on the show.

Torchwood: Miracle Day - I just don't like it, especially since the science in this season seems... sketchy to me.

Torchwood: Children of Earth - now that I have seen it... my hatred for this "season/series" is huge. It started as a hesitant dislike, since (SPOILER) they kill off my favorite character, Ianto Jones. Having seen it... my anger began to build up right away. It is a horrible story, with little logic applied. The more I saw, the angrier I got, all culminating in the inevitable heartbreaking moment in which the character I connected most with died. I'm going to say this now - any story that acknowledges this story arc taking place must be REALLY well written in order for me to accept it. Most of the time, however... like Miracle Day, it doesn't exist to me.

That's all, for now. I'm sure I'll come up with some more 'hates,' but let's not dwell on them

Likes: (Same as in my hate category: no particular order)

Doctor Who - I am now a major Whovian, thank you very much. This show is absolutely awesome! My Doctors are David Tennant and Matt Smith. I consider both of them my Doctor because I first saw the David Tennant episode "Fear Her," but it took me a while to start watching the show regularly. By the time I did, Matt Smith had taken up the reins. I love both of them, to be honest, so they're my favorite Doctors. (I also don't consider myself much of a Nu-Who, mostly because I've watched several episodes of the Classic Who and love the Doctors in those episodes as well.) And please don't hate on Matt Smith - he's a brilliant actor and I think his Doctor is just brilliant.

The Doctor - this one almost goes without saying, since he (and the TARDIS) are the only real constants in Doctor Who. But I want to make it clear that while David Tennant and Matt Smith are by far my favorite two Doctors, I really love all of them.

Captain Jack Harkness - Jack is probably one of the Nu-Who companions I most want to meet up with the 11th Doctor. Jack is just too much fun, simply because he's such a flirt. He has the self-confidence I only wish I had. He started out as a conman, but grew as a character. And it's hard to deny that he's one damn sexy time-traveler!

Ianto Jones - Ianto is actually my absolute favorite character from Torchwood. This may seem ironic, given how much I love Jack, but here's the reason why: Ianto is the character I related to the most. If I were to say one of the five main characters were 'me,' it would be him - and I adore Ianto for that. So the ending of Children of Earth had me furious (although now the whole thing pisses me off). Janto, of course, is also something I find sweet - I just wish that the show had focused more on that budding relationship than it did on Gwen. Also... I can't seem to get into any other pairing that might break these two up.

X-men -well, it's obvious I like this topic, otherwise I wouldn't be bothering with it! I like it because it's easy to relate to, although none of us in real life are as different as these guys!

Kurt-Oh, come on, he's so CUTE! "Chicks dig ze fuzzy dude, ja?" You just gotta like him! And then he has that cute German accent. And he is such a sweetheart.

Rogue - She's a complicated character, who, like Scott, has problems with her powers but she's far from perfect and doesn't try to be. She works hard to find a place to fit in - she's by far a much more believable character because of all that. And I like her because of that.

History-Don't mind if you see a lot of intersections of history or history lovers. It'll be my happy excuse to do fun research on certain topics. For example, I have this story I'm going to be working on where a certain president comes into the future...

Pyro-Come on, he's a cutie! And he's got that cute Aussie accent. And then he has some of the best lines (compared to, say, Jean's 'Oh, Scott!' lines).

Shinzo-It's an anime I recently discovered, and I really like it.(For those who don't know, a doctor/scientist created the Enterrans, but then there were those who hated the human race, and tried to kill all of them, but Mushrambo, the main evil guy, gets destroyed by the last human on Enterra/Earth from her having something all the others didn't.. Neat, eh? I certainly think so!)

Mushra- Another charactor from Shinzo, he's got a temper on him, and he is really funny. His element is fire, which is partially why I like him, but i also like him because he says lot's of fun things, and in the alternative timeline, he thinks he's all that. Ha! Yeah, right! How can you be all that when you have no friends? And he's got to be smart, and go to Shinzo to talk to Yakumo, and help her try and stop the guy who wants to completely obliterate the Earth, and destroy not only humans, but Enterrans! Oy, ve!

Fruits Basket - A manga series! Tohru Honda learns of a terrible curse that plagues the Sohma Family. It's really fun, with drama and romance and confusion running amok! It's really neat...

Full-Metal Alchemist - Another manga, although this one has a cool anime to go along with it. (I prefer the manga, it has a better plot and it actually sticks to the whole "equivelant exchange" thing.) Edward and Alphonse Elric nearly lose each other when they try to bring their mother back to life. In an attempt to return themselves to normal, the brothers search for the illusive Philosophers Stone.

Bleach - This is another, really cool anime. It's also a manga, but both versions are very cool. It's about Ichigo Kurosaki, a high-school student who can see ghosts. One day, he also discovers... Hollows! And Soul Reapers. Not long after that, Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper himself... and has to 'kill' (it's more like cleansing than killing) Hollows. Just check it out - you might enjoy it.

Static Shock - This is a DC version of X-men, at least that's what I think. Static and Gear are the main characters, with other meta-humans trying to run amok. Basically, this event called the 'big bang' changes many people. (Think of the first X-men movie with Magneto trying to turn the humans into mutants, that's almost what this is. Except it was an accident, the police were kind of the cause, and only some people died as a result.) It's a really cool show, with the main DC characters making their appearances. It's nice to see that they need someone who is smart and clever to give them a hand once in a while. (Superman can't figure out how to save the day when Static comes up with a way to find out which one of the two 'Daisys' is the real one.))

TMNT - While I have enjoyed the series, the latest movie has really hooked me on the ninja turtles.

Donatello - Seriously, he's just awesome. He's a genius, able to make complex devices and vehicles using the junk he finds in the junkyard. He's also the quiet, sensitive type. He's just so sweet! And kind!

.hack//Sign - This is another anime, this time about a futuristic world-wide computer game where the main character, Tsukasa (pronounced as though the 't' was silent), is trapped in this game. I won't say another word, as that is for the curious to find out.

Hellsing - I love both the anime and manga versions of this story. In it, Sir Integra Hellsing leads the Hellsing Organization, which it's main goal is to deal with the undead. After discovering the vampire Alucard, who swore his loyalty to the Hellsing Family, Sir Integra leads the quest towards protecting England and the Queen from all the undead beings that threaten life. Much to everyone's surprise, Alucard creates a new vampire after giving the dying Seras Victoria the choice of death as a human or life as a vampire. That is where the story begins.

Favorite Couples: (Keep in mind I'm flexible and I do enjoy couples that aren't paired as I am about to put them, but these are my favorites.):

Lancitty (X-men Evolution)

Romy (X-men)

Kurt/Amanda (X-men Evolution)

Janto (Torchwood) - (in other words, you will RARELY find me liking a story where this is not a large part of it. Ironic, considering myCoffee Shop story has Ianto with an OC - but it DOES end up Janto)

Towen (Torchwood)

Complete Stories:

Flashback - This story creates an evo-verse version of Lady Deathstrike. It's just a one-shot, though I might create a new story continuing from this one. - UPDATE: I have a few ideas for a continuation, but I don't want to write something no one is going to read.

Musings on Humanity - What does it mean to be human? This is something that attacked me one afternoon that I had to write down and share. Written as though it were a diary entry from April O'Neil.

Also!! Please REVIEW!! I need to know people want to continue reading my stories. Otherwise I start losing interest... Okay, maybe I'll continue them, but I'll lose interest in posting them. So please, please REVIEW!!

Finally, I have a forum where anyone can talk about my stories. Please check it out! I might post little spoilers (nothing to ruin plot twists or anything, but little things) if people ask! Like the names of my next mutant in "A New Team."

Under my TMNT Centric forum, I have a writing prompts and challenges thread. If anyone has ideas for prompts/challenges or are interested in finding some, please head over. My writing prompts are partial sentences.


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Torchwood - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 22 - Words: 44,980 - Reviews: 416 - Favs: 623 - Follows: 1,008 - Updated: 12/29/2015 - Published: 5/8/2011 - [Jack H., Ianto J.] [Toshiko S./Tosh, Owen H.]
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Torchwood - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 98 - Words: 234,481 - Reviews: 513 - Favs: 282 - Follows: 360 - Updated: 12/16/2015 - Published: 8/28/2012 - Jack H., Ianto J.
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In making Jack Harkness a fixed point, the Bad Wolf also made him a walking, talking, living paradox. By it's nature, this is a crossover story, but it is mainly a Jack/Ianto story and for a good long while the Doctor Who characters will only appear in interludes.
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