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I *hate* writing bios. really. I hate it. Butif you *really* want to know...*cough*...I suppose I could tell you the following:

Name: Michelle (interesting huh? call me Mush)

Age: hmmm...I don't know if I really want to disclose that. I'll give you a hint: It's between 1 and 20 and if you multiply it by two you get a number. here's another hint: I'm the same age as Cas85

Fav books: LOTR trilogy, WoT series, ...(i'm thinking really hard)...oh, "Essential Latin- the language and life of ancient rome" (it's sad that I wasn't joking about that), oh! the HP series, Jane Austen novels (especially S&S), Hamlet,and various other books andpoetry

Fav movies: ROTK, Life is Beautiful, HP:PoA, IJ:the Last Crusade, Dead Poets Society, Sense and sensibility,It's a wonderful life (even if it isn't X-mas!), Much Ado About Nothing

Fav Shows: LOST, LOST, oh and LOST (I don't watch TV except for LOST)

Fav actors/actresses: Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson, Billy Boyd, Bruce Willace, David Wenham, Rick Moranice (s/p!), Johnny Depp...

Fav Pairings: Faramir/Eowyn, Pippin/Diamond, Charlie/Claire, Kate/Sayid (even if I dont like Kate)

And Now, the list you've all been waiting for (or didn't know about):

THE HUG AND SLAP LIST!!! (which is characters that need a hug -from me- and characters that need a slap)


1. Pippin, my darling little Pippin(LOTR)

2. Faramir, who tries really hard(LOTR)

3. Carl, who I wuuvels(Van Helsing)

4. Sam, who just really, reallydeserves one(LOTR)

5.Frodo, who really, really needs one(LOTR)

6. Harry, who deserves one dispite being annoying(HP if you were wondering)

7. Charlie, my poor poor charlie(LOST)

8.Ron,who is such a little cutie (HP)

9. Todd Anderson, who needs it (DPS)

10. Neil Perry, who is dead (DPS)

11. Snape, who isgood undernieth it all(HP)

12. Smeagol, the lighter side of ugly (LOTR)

13. Van Helsing, who's movie sucks and doesn't need a hug but I want to hug (Van Helsing if you were wondering)

14. Mr. Keating, who is the best teacher eva (DPS)

15. Sayid, who just rocks (LOST)

14. Claire, because Charlie likes him and a friend of Charlies is a friend of mine unless he's Jack (LOST)

15. Hurley, who is big and...nice...and...says "dude" alot (LOST)

16. Edward Ferras, who is a cutie (S&S)

17. Col. Brandon, my fav character from S&S (S&S obviously)


1. Sauron, the big meany (LOTR)

2. Voldemort, who should give it a rest(HP)

3. Hermione, the annoying prat (HP)

4. Frodo, for what he did to Sam during ROTK (LOTR)

5. Gollum,for being evil(LOTR)

6.Sawyer, the annoying jerk (LOST)

7. Jack, who is an infuriating know-it-all (LOST)

8. Kate, who is just annoying (LOST)

9. Anna, who is stupid and hated by me (Van Helsing)

10. Neil's Dad, who is stupid (DPS)

11. Legolas, who is an annoying elvish prat (LOTR)

12. Denethor, a very bad father to my porr wittle Faramirand a worse leader (LOTR)

13. Movie Arwen, who is not supposed to be in it for the bit she is in and who's part of the plot is completely WRONG - argh!-(LOTR)

14. Willowbey (If I could spell), who will be unhappy for the rest of his life, though rich (S&S)

15. Cameron, the little red headed fink! (DPS)

These lists will be added to*

Aword on Fanfiction: I like angst that is not too angsty and unrealistic, I like a bit of fluff, but only when in contributes to something that isn't fluff later on. I HATE slash. I could go on and on about that, but I wont...

And I would just like to say that somewhere out there you are sitting /standing in front of a little/big black/white/greyscreen of a computerin a house/library/school/cybercafe/someotherplace and somewhere out there I am either sitting infront of my big white glowing monitor and my house/school/library or doing something else. I'm probably doing something else, but I might not and we might be sitting at our computers surfing the same wide web...together...sort of... and just so you know: You should always feel loved because even thought I don't love you and don't really give a shit about you somewhere there *is* someone who gives a shit or atleast loves you a little bit. There is always someone you can turn to. If youre really desperate, just go to Cas85's bio- she loves you. you can talk to her because she is not a heartless bitch like me (and she's in gryffindor, not slytherin like me...damn her).

and now, I shall depart with a quote I think sums it all up:

"Did you see what he did there? See what he did? He put life and the movie together, like here we have bacon and coomera together, me and Dom, were together, but not like that!" BILLEH, TTT Extra Stuff

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