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DBQ REPORT! (Updated 10/31/05)
The Galctic Gamesaren't over, but I've added the final 3 fights of the semifinal! Team Wei vs. Team Doom Rider, you sure don't wanna miss this!
I'll also try to get a picture of Ima Ryditz up, but I can't guarantee anything. If you are ready this, then please look at Dragonball Quest. Please. Even if you're thinking "There's not Goku, Vegeta, or Piccolo, therefore, it sucks!" then I urge you to reconsider.

Upcoming story ideas:

Dragonball Quest Reborn:
Sequal to Dragonball Quest. ... All I'll say, is that Ryditz will duel Spawnot on a star. IT'S GONNA BE FREAKIN' AWESOME! (If I ever get to it)

The Story of Spawnot:
Spawnot's past, or at least, how it would fit into my story. I hope his creator will be okay with it...

Love and War; 3 Years' Training:
How Kevito and Aura became a couple, how Sazot became a Super Saiyan, and some other crap thrown in there too.

Super Saiyans Meet:
Ima Ryditz (Post Copic) and Son Goku (Post Freeza) are both sent into an alternate dimension, and the only way back is to defeat the Super Saiyan 2 guarding the portal! Can the two work together and escape? (Sorry if that was kinda cheesy)

My Big, Dumb, Saiyan Crossover Fic:
Sequal to "Super Saiyans Meet." Sazot finds a portal, which sends him onto DBZ Earth (7 years after the Cell Games), where he meets up with Goten, who he looks almost exactly alike! Following him are Ima Ryditz, Todomeda Kevito, and Wei Diablowong. Chaos soon ensues, as Ryditz mistakes Son Gohan for Son Goku and challenges him to a duel (conveniatly in AP Earth History), Sazot, Goten, and Trunks start screwing with everyone's minds ("As that Goten? Or is that Goten?"), Kevito goes into an autograph frenzy, and Diablowong (who had to babysit a sugar-high Sazot last night) can't seem to find any peace and queit. Not to mention that on the horizon, Refridgerator is coming! (Guess who he is?) Whoa! That was lot of info!

I also have a few non-DBZ stroies planned out. I also like Magic'n'Sword-type RPGS coughhackfinalfantasychoughwheeze, so I may be doing a story on that... it's all hush-hush, though.

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