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Hey everybody! Hope you all like my stories and if any of you have ideas or advice feel free to say so! I love constructive criticism! As you can probably tell I'm a HUGE Sessh X Rin fan. I love having them together whether it be as a couple or as father and daughter because they saved each other from themselves and that's just darn adorable! XD But I am dabbling with Kag X Sessh and Kagura X Sessh, so fans of that don't run away just yet!

I love writing, and wish I could do it for a living since I seem to waste away the hours writing. I also like reading a lot, which i think helps me write as well as i do now. Of course I'm not perfect, but who really is, right? But I like to think that I'm much better than I was when I started out.

It's hard to think of what else to say lol...Read my stories!! They are actually quite good, plot and character wise. Though I may be a little bias since they are mine, but even then I think I've come up with some good plots. Anyway, if you have time I'd love it if you read at least a couple chapters of one of my stories. Read more if you like it a lot, or move on to another one of my stories if the one you picked wasn't the best story you've ever read lol.

For all those interested here is the link for dog form Sesshomaru in my story In Your Dreams-just changed the pic cause this dog-wolf looking creature is like what I envisioned and I had to have it! ]

And here's the link for teenage Sesshomaru which is in ch. 17 of In Your Dreams

I've seen a lot of FF writers do this, so I'm going to make a story status thingy too! :) It'll go from most updated to least.

1.) Hitched: A post-canon story where Rin and Sesshomaru are still traveling together, even after Rin had the chance of staying in a human village for the remainder of her days. Kagome and Inuyasha both become intrigued with why they'd still wish to remain together. Kagome then decides to play matchmaker, getting her mate, Inuyasha, involved to help her of course! There is also a bit of drama on both ends with my own twist on OOC possible love interests that the couple might face on the way, aka a proud phoenix demon and a devilish incubus! Craziness WILL ensue!

-So, I've been the most inspired to finish this story first, since I am so close to finishing. So expect updates!

2.) Behind Crimson Eyes - An AU story where Kagura is a secret agent of sorts that goes undercover to reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of men. Typically hired to spy on or tempt married men that are under suspicion by their jealous wives, Kagura is put to the test when she is asked to dig up evidence from a billionaire businessman's supposed trade sales in the sex market. When her sources end up being fakes who simply wanted to sabotage an innocent man's successes, Kagura must choose whether or not she should plant faulty evidence into the sinfully good-looking demon's home to complete her final job that would set her up for life. Can she put aside her lust for power and wealth, and love this misunderstood man instead?

-My first try at the Kagura/Sesshomaru pairing, and I'm super excited to see where this goes! Typically darker than I usually go, plot wise, with my stories, but only Kagura seemed to fit into this leading lady's role in my head (lol) so I figured I could experiment a little. Hope to get great feedback from this FF, and that I really like the pairing since I've never tried it out before.

3.) Crush: my first ever try at writing for the anime series Karin :) and so far I'm very proud of it! Anyway, this fanfic is sort of post-canon since Usui and Karin are already a couple who've dated for a year. The one major change is that Maki, Winner, and Winner's grandfather do not know that the Marker family are vampires yet; Maki is still after Winner, Ren is still the ladies man he always is, and Winner is just as delusional that Karin will be his as ever! Because of Winner's still undying devotion to Karin, Maki begins to feel the stress of having to deal with her best friend having a boyfriend and knowing that the man she loves is in love with someone else. Due to this stress, she excites the interest of another, aka Ren. Thus, the plot and Karin-like adventures rush at the two left and right throughout this little fanfic, so be prepared ;)

-I've gotten good reviews for this story, and feel like updating very soon, so look for a new chapter!

4.) No work and all play: basic premise - Kagome is working for a company that is run by the ever rich and ever powerful Sesshomaru Tashio. She's intimidated at first, and then slowly becomes closer to him and his adoptive daughter Rin, and it's basically all down hill from there. It also includes some interesting twists with demons, mating rituals, and the fact that Kagome has to help save her world alongside all the friends that she makes throughout this story.

-This is another story that I've been on again off again with for a couple years now, but I've gotten some inspiration to keep going :) So look for updates!

5.) Follow the dust cowboy!(revised): Basically still the same story that I wrote four years ago :) but I'm just going back to fix things here and there, and add some new more descriptive scenes in the mix to make things interesting. My love for this story has returned tenfold since I started, and I hope to finish the revising soon! Basically it's an AU fanfic where Rin is a girl who lives with her father in the country, while Sesshomaru is a very successful horse selling businessman. Rin's home suddenly gets put in the spotlight when her father becomes ill and is sent to the hospital, and the fact that she owns a very rare horse gets plastered all over the news. Sesshomaru is the first to appear to try and buy off the horse, by which Rin refuses. Unwilling to let such a deal go, Sesshomaru decides to stay on Rin's land while he tries to convince her otherwise. Romance ensues soon after as the two try to get past the professionalism that had been hanging over them since day one.

-No drastic changes for this story, I was just inspired to rewrite each chapter since I have gotten a lot better at writing since I finished this fanfic. Expect updates!

6.) She was his mission (revised): Same as the story above, just being revised. Another AU fanfic where Sesshomaru meets up with a priest that his father knew, who tricks him into taking on a mission. The mission: kill a woman named Rin who sullied the good reputation of the priest and his followers. The catch: Sesshomaru has to give up all his demonic powers, and become human to do so. Sesshomaru being as powerful as he is, was able to keep some of the powers that the priest stole, but is a semi-human mix with random demonic attributes; such as the silver color of his hair and his golden eyes. The only way he can get his full-demon powers back is to kill Rin, but he has to find her first. Luckily for him, he meets her the same day after being tossed into the snow to die. Can he really kill the girl who saved his life, and gives him her trust so willingly?

-Same as the story above, just revising, but I felt inspired to go back and change a few things. Expect updates soon, even if you've already read it!

7.) Goodbye isn't forever: Rin has grown up, in every sense of the word, and Sesshomaru senses that she is unsafe in his care once he feels the desire to take her-willing or unwilling-and decides to leave her in Kaede's care after she falls asleep one night. Rin wakes the next morning to find that she's all alone and that Sesshomaru has left without a word to her. Throughout upset and confused, Rin finds comfort in another, Shippo, who was also left in Kaede's care by Kagome and Inuyasha. As Rin spends time on her own, she comes to realize that she can do well without her lord, and begins to have a mind of her own. It's only after this happens that Sesshomaru returns, and demands she return with him. Suddenly, all Rin's strength seeps out of her as she is again thrown into the world of confusion: going back to the man she loves, or ultimately giving him up to remain with the close friends she has made in his absence.

-I know I haven't updated for this story in a while...but I haven't been inspired as much lately :( I will update eventually! I promise!

Also, I want to thank everyone who's reviewed, favorited, and alerted my one-shot "Wrapped around your finger," it's become my most popular one-shot and really made me proud since I wasn't sure what kind of response I'd get from it. :) So, thank you very much!!


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SesshXRin drabble collection songfic to "There she goes" by Sixpence None the Richer. Just cute little stories of Sessh and Rin's travels together during the manga as well as some of my own ideas! Can work for any SesshXRin relationship.
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Inuyasha - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 26 - Words: 80,407 - Reviews: 107 - Favs: 34 - Follows: 29 - Updated: 11/30/2007 - Published: 1/2/2006 - Sesshōmaru, Rin
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