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I'm Flo, yo

Follow me on Tumblr to ask me a question or to see snippets of upcoming chapters, thoughts on HP, and gifs I like under floreatcastellumposts. Also, check out the website harrypotterlongform for an interview with yours truly about fanfic and the making of Not From Others. Artwork for the Aurors done by the incredible anxiouspineapples


Why are your updates irregular?

Because I have caring duties for my terminally ill mum and a full time job. I do appreciate that you are eager for more, and it is a compliment, but please be patient with me.

Why have you abandoned The Colour of Everything?

Secure in my mum's remission from cancer, I decided to draw on my experience and write a plotline where Remus's mum gets cancer. Then about 2 weeks later I found out mum's cancer is back and it is terminal. It's too close to home now. I may pick it up in the future, but for now it's on hiatus.

Why do you use apostrophes instead of quote marks? It's annoying, please stop.

Because I'm British and no, never.

Winner of multiple Mugglenet Fanfiction Quicksilver Quill Awards:

Best General Story (One-Shot) - Aunt Marge's Even Bigger Mistake

Judges comments:

We loved this fic for bringing us pure enjoyment. With laugh-out-loud moments and excellent characterisation, this is more than just your average humour fic. The characters are just right, not so over the top as to make them caricatures, but still undeniably unpleasant. Ginny is an absolute gem, and Harry's anxiety about seeing his family again is captured perfectly. The laughs are in the rhythm of the writing, and in the words that paint a picture ripe with comedy. Delightful.

Best General Story (Chaptered) - Not From Others

Judges comments:

With great writing and fresh characterisation, we loved the way this fic filled in those Seventh-year gaps. This fic gave us chills, excited and intrigued us. Ginny can be a difficult character to write, and we appreciated the way she was captured in this fic, giving us a window into her inner self and her experiences during that year at Hogwarts. The scope of this fic is astounding, and those of us who didn’t finish it during the judging process can’t wait to go back and read more!

Best Post Hogwarts - The Aurors

Judges comments:

We found this story original and new, gripping and exciting, and we couldn’t wait to read more of it! The action is great, the mystery tense and intriguing. We liked how it portrays Harry's transition from always having Ron (and Hermione) by his side to making it on his own and having to put his trust and faith in someone else. Theia is also a richly drawn character with her own past, quirks and flaws.

Best Romance (One-Shot) - The Moon and the Sea

Judges comments:

Stories about the last days of James and Lily are not uncommon, but this one stands out for its originality, simplicity, and poignancy. It gave us chills when we read it, whimsical and bittersweet, the relationship of parents with an infant who they are in love with as much as they are with each other, ending with the heart-dropping revelation of the date, the unexpected flash of tragedy in the midst of this peaceful, happy interlude. The romance shines through in the small moments, the easy back-and-forth dialogue, the little details and simple acts, and the way in which baby Harry is part of their love.

The following story was also nominated:

Best Non-Canon Romance: A Ship to Wreck

"Reason for Nomination: This is beautifully written and crafted. I love how all the allusions to the sea mirror the tumult of emotions that Padma experiences."

Thank you so much to the judges and the fanfic community, and congratulations to the other awesome winners and nominees.

Winner of Multiple SIYE Awards

The Burrow Secret Challenge (People's Choice) - The Secret Diary of Hugo Granger-Weasley, Aged 13 and a Half

The Burrow Secret Challenge (Most Humourous) - The Secret Diary of Hugo Granger-Weasley, Aged 13 and a Half

Silver Trinket Honourable Mention (Best New Story) - Not From Others

Best Drama 2017 - Hollow Ash

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Hollow Ash reviews
When a mysterious woman comes to the Auror office claiming to be the victim of a terrible crime, Theia and Harry want to do everything they can to help her. The problem is, she has no memory of what has happened. As they piece together the sinister events, their own troubles and traumas rise to the surface, causing them to question who they really are. Sequel to The Aurors.
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