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UPDATE! For those who don't remember me, I am the author of several Nightwing novel length fanfictions, including "Moving Target", "Black Ops", "A Matter Of Vengeance", "Black Ops II: Kane's Revenge" and "The Final Enemy", plus a number of short vignettes including "I Am Their Rock", "Father's Day" and "The Invasion Of Wayne Manor".

Well over a year ago, this site instituted a change that completely messed up the format of my stories. The scene separators were gone and much of the formatting (such as quotation marks and commas) were perverted into something else, some other kind of ridiculous symbol that meant nothing. I thought I would try and keep the stories here and reformat them for reposting because I know there are a lot of people out there who have enjoyed them, but it's just way too much of a pain. Instead, these stories remain in HTML format for free download at my yahoo group, at the Bludhaven Yahoo Group, and I'm going to put them up at the Wing-Nut website as well (email me for the URL).

I'm sorry, fans. It's just way too much of a time consuming effort to revamp these files when I'm working hard at my own original stories at I hope you check it out. I am very proud of those works, as I was of my fanfiction efforts.

If you wish to read my original stories/novels, which I'm concentrating on now, than please visit my yahoo mailing list at (You'll need to be approved by me before you can join. Sorry about that but it's just my way to weed out the spammers.) or email me at and I'll email them to you in HTML format.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, my friends. And to fictionpress, screw you and your horrible formatting choices.

All the best,

John Westcott

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I am beginning the re-editing of the novel that I've been planning for years now, including the new prologue, the change of timeline to the more classic literary Bond-Age, and the streamlining of the story I should have done years ago. Thank you.
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This story was written and posted with the full permission of John Westcott, author of Black Ops. It's a response to a challenge in which Kane is to be brought into contact with some DC character.
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