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DUDES! I'm finally back and way excited to be reading fanfics again, please give me time to read the 282 chapters in my inbox!

greetings from, well, i don't know where, but here!

Note~~ if you want to ask me something, please review my story, and include the question in my review, for I would love a few more friends to talk to on instant messenger, so if you have Neopets, Marapets, Yahoo, AIM, Xanga, or get on HPANA, MuggleNet, or TLC, please let me know!

and 1 important thing before i start, people, strixvaria is to long, so people, call me becca

I have stopped updating new chapters for The Owl Flies because no one reviewed, and so if anyone did like it please review and i might give you guys a better ending, as I gave you the sad ending.

and i will submit my other stories soon, because the one right now is not a fanfic, just a story, nothing to do with shows or books or anything, and it ROCKS!

~~so on with the profile people~~



I like all of the stories i have said i liked when i reviewed, so, if you find that my favorite stories list does not have your story on it, but I said I liked it, that is becuase I have to empty it regularly, because Ihave enjoyedseveral over 100 fics.

But, my altime favorites, are kept in my inbox, i save them forever, and several are raerobvamp fics, for they are my altime favorites.

books-hp, anything to do with hp(i've read all of the ones to do with, and hp), umm, lotr, artemis fowl, Guardians of GA'Hoole, New Clues, etc., and others...

shows-myth busters, teen titans, avatar, w.i.t.c.h., yu yu hakusho, rorouni kenshin, anything on Toonami EXCEPT Bo Bo Bo-Bo Bo-Bo Bo, and others...

bands/groups-keane, switchfoot, barlow girl, the Stewart-Mayfield Project, Franz Ferdinand, hp cds, phantom of the opers cd, cats cd, Casting Crowns, anything on the modern radio, which is todays greatest hit, and others...

numbers-3,4,7,12,13, 17, 16, 39, 41, 683, multiples of those numbers, like 21

animals-owls(no duh), dogs, cats, birds in general, hp animalslike fwooper, augurey, threstal, the Ukranian Ironbelly, and others...

parings- well, i'll read almost anything, but mainly robrae, and absolutly NO robstaror bbrae, unless it is part robrae

colors-blue, grey, black, silver, gold, scarlet, bronze, radioactive royal blue(yes, it is a color, check the special crayola markers, i think it was in the neon ones...) and others...

authors-anyone who has written any of my fav books, listed above, but on fanfic, anyone who wrote a robrae, and i read it, and said i liked it, for example, raeandrob4eva, aeris9919, and so on...

type of fic-raerob, raerobvamp, rwhg, and maybe a few others...

things to do-play piano, play flute, play guitar, sing, write,also write fics (of course), im, read, read, read, read, color, HP SuperSleuth, and yes that is how you spell it, and a few other things...

i have several bffs, but none of them really get on fanfiction, but i do use them in the stories

a few things i hate-hearts, summer:too many bugs, fakers/posers, as in they say they like something or do something, don't actually, and just do it to get attention, infact, i know several, and a few of them USED to be my friends

a few more things i love-flip flops, blue jeans(can't live without em!), t-shirts, hooded jackets, slippers that don't attatch themselves to your feet, friends who stand bye you no matter what, and rebels: people who do what they want, whether the "people in charge" like it or not, but not major braking rules, no, stuff that glows in the dark, latin words(can you tell?) and harry potter websites, well, any website, like...

it is the most funnest hangman, or hang kangaroo, site ever!

and fanfiction, no duh!

umm, i would like to say thanks to raeandrob4eva for telling me about the site for the translation from english to latin

and thanks to everyone who writes fics, raerob or hp inparticular

and if anyone has aol im, or yahoo im, please tell me, cuz it gets rather boring talking to no one, as in my friends aren't always on

and now i have nothing else to say at this moment, so...

'As Hagrid had said, what would come would come... and he would have to meet it when it did.'-g.o.f., last page, last chapter


the half-blood prince is out and i was right about the death

and the goblet of fire is also out, and i am in love with the movie

NOTE: I have found an obsession with Robert Pattinson, who plays Cedric Diggory, I adore Robbie, but never really appreciated Cedric, till the movie came out

the only thing to wait for now is february filming, birthdays as normal, and GoF on dvd, which is supposed to come out 3 days before my b'day!

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