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Salutations to all of my fans! (sees that only a penguin is in the audience, giant sweat drop forms) Well...uh... I'm Omega Z, and I am an author, and bibliophile (not literally). I'm still a little bit of a newbie to anime, but I am learning a heck of a lot. And in case no one noticed, I am a huge fan of Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Neon Genesis Evangelion (all hail Anno!), Sorcerer Hunters, Vampire Hunter D, The Kindaichi Case Files, Love Hina, Princess Mononoke, everything that the great Miyazaki has done, Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, Artemis Fowl, LOTR, GTO, Akira (who isn't?),Yu-Yu-Hakusho, One Piece, Naruto, Shaman King, most American comics (they're not that bad, really),Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, FLCL, Trigun (Love and Peace!), Steam Detectives, By the Sword. I wold also like to gibe thanks to Anno for shattering my mind with NGE, Ludwig for his 9th symphony,and thanksto all my reviewers (Penquin waves to Z, Z hangs his head and waves back as another sweatdrop forms). I apologize for not updating anything in the last billion years, but duty calls. Sigh.

Other Information

Hair: brown, medium lenghth, and combed back (yes, I am mildly bishounen, why do you ask?)

Eyes: brown (yes, that is terribly normal)

Likes: mostly everything, especially anime, manga, books, video games, the ladies (sorry fellas, I'm straight),The Hitchhiker'sGuide to the Galaxy, fantasy books, Final Fantasy, anything by Nobuo Uematsu (saw the Dear Friends: music from Final Fantasy concert. one word: w007),the uber cool doujinshi known to us mortals as And Shine Heaven Now, Sin City, The Matrix (what kind of otaku would I be if I didn't?), Dark Wind Studios (also where I"work"!)and other stuff that I haven't thought to write down yet. Like Pope John Paul II, may he rest in piece and hopefully leave his hat to me. Gotta love the pope hat.

Dislikes: Prejudicial people (you shall burn in HELL!...and yes I am aware of how ironic this is...)

Gender: male

Grade: 91/2? (summer break!)

Teeth: creepily sharp. I was born without enamel, which is the outer hard coating of your teeth, so my teeth grew nice and sharp because I do in fact eat meat. w007! I got vampire fangs!

Sign: (just in case you were curious...) Chinese: Snake; Greek: Libra (oddly enough, these two personalities fit me rather well. I can also switch from one to the other when I need to at will! though I still don't think that the planetary bodies have any significant influence on my personality, these two zodiacs do help define me...)

Marital Status: Single

Desired Occupation: the only resonable one I have is to become a Japanese high school teacher and teach English. I've been told I have a decent grasp of the language (har har), so that would be fun.

In fics, Likes: random humor, regular humor, well written action scenes, correct grammar and spelling (SERAS NOT CERAS OR CELES!), intriguing plots and plot twists, believable character development, any prejudicial remarks (see above),and real life facts (think Dan Brown's style...)

In fics, Dislikes: bad grammar and spelling (have pride in your work for pete's sake!), Mary-Sues/Gary Stues (or whatever the guy versions are called...), no plot, no character development, pairings with no thought behind them (unless comical...hehe), and hentai (please, for decency's sake, at least warn people...especially if it's nasty)

Writes: I try to get a little bit of everything in my writing, but I try to lean towards action/adventure, comedy, parody (I'll get to that one someday), mystery/conspiracy, and I am now trying romance for the first time (nothing too mushy...)

Occupations/Titles: Boy Scout Camp Counselor, fan fiction writer, ersatz artist, The Ninja of Verona, Ersatz Psychiatrist for Quillius Quillium III Esquire, PR Director for Dark Wind Studios, Performer in Hell's amphitheater known as the Malebolge (weekend nights!) Exchange Coordinator for the Otaku Club of Barrington High School, and student.

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