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Author has written 21 stories for Gravitation, Saiyuki, Wicked, Calvin & Hobbes, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer.

Well, I've been a lot less active on this site lately, but I'll still post my little drabbles once in a while. I'm into Wicked and musicals, Buffy and fantasy, and the odd anime. That's reall all you need to know about me, right?

I write Gelphie. I am a Gelphie fangirl. Galinda and Elphaba are my favorite pairing. Deal with it. If you don't like the pairing, I respect your opinion, but pretty please, if you don't like Gelphie, then don't read it, becuase I don't want to weird you out or ruin your day. I like making people happy. And if you write a Boq/Fiyero or Fiyero/Elphaba or Galinda/your mom, or whatever, I'll review about the STORY, not the pairing. Please do the same for me. Because being nice is good.

Stories (In order of when I posted them):

Cake: cracky and plotless Gravitation fun. I wrote this forever ago. But I like it. There will never be a second chapter, even if I said there would be. I like it the way it is.

Happiness: Fluffy and plotless Gravitation love. I don't own Charlie Brown (thats where the song came from). Ryuichi drives my bishi jeep. =)

Things That Go Bang in the Night: This was written for a friend of mine for pure amusement. Saiyuki love, people. 58 and 39. Don't bash my pairings. This wasn't well written, but whatever. It was fun.

In Love With Your Ghost: Um, yeah... this was the first of the Emo Gelphie Songfics. Song by the Indigo Girls.

I'm Not that Girl: This songfic has Gelphie, Galinda/Fiyero, and Fiyero/Elphaba. Um... I do not think they should be a threesome, let me just tell you that. We clear on that? Good. I think everyone knows what the song is from.

Only Stars: Oneshot Gelphie drabble. What else can I say. The Emo Gelphie Oneshots continue.

Memories: In which Galinda emos and then gets a life. Not in those words though. I've never really liked this fic, but whatever. Song from Cats. Andrew Lloyd Webber love.

Back When I Could Fly: This song is a bit of an odd one out. Fandom: Calvin and Hobbes. A growing up and moving on story. Song by Trout Fishing in America, the best little kid band EVER. I'm not really satisfied with this fic. I will re-do and re-post in the future.

All the Same: Emo Gelphie Songfics take over my life. Seriously. This one is Glinda being so sure that Elphie loves her and will come back, but then it becomes a really frustrated, angsty poem becauase Glinda realizes that Elphie never did come back. Song by Sick Puppies, a band that I've never heard of. I heard the song from "The Free Hugs Movie" and thought: Gelphie!

Free Once More: Take Memories, say I wrote it a few months before, change the song, and make it better, and you get this. Song from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. I have a deep passion and love for Disney movies.

Another Steriotypical Bar Scene: Ok, I don't know ANYTHING about Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, I do now. I have this friend who is a complete Shadow Fangirl. It's terrifying. So now I know a whole lot about Sonic and Shadow and... stuff. So one day she says to me, "Write me a fanfiction. Please kill Sonic." And, well, what could a person do? I sat down and wrote it with her hovering over my shoulder. Please, please, please, don't kill me. I write Gelphie, and this is what happens when my friend comes over. Oh, and the quotes from Drunken Sonic are from Azumanga Daioh, which I do not own.

The Mythical Sea: Oneshot drabble bookverse. I like to think of this as Gelphie, but it really isn't, so feel free to interpret it any way you like. I think my favorite part about writing this was describing the sea as if I'd never seen it before. The ironic part is I was sitting on the balcony of a house overlooking the ocean.

Somebody Told me: The absurd triangle between Fiyero, Glinda and Elphie always amuses me. I mean, Galinda and Elphaba were together, but then Glinda gets married and Elphie hooked up with Fiyero, who was technically married. And if it was written off of the play, then Fiyero was dating and later engaged to Glinda. "Sombody told me that your boyfriend was my girlfriend from last year..." Song belongs to The Killers.

Come To Your Senses: Both Galinda and Fiyero suffer the same frustration... Elphaba really sucks at showing her emotions. First-person during the Galinda part, second during the Fiyero part... the third part is all... stuff about souls-ish... and third-persony... I know, it really doesn't make sense. Also, I wrote this once, my computer ate it, so I wrote it again. I liked it better the first time... Music from Tick...Tick...BOOM with a big thank you to Jonathan Larson, who wrote the song.

A Whole New World: I have a confession to make. This story was supposed to be fluffy. I got all excited at school. I thought to myself,
"I finally found a song that I can write a Fluffy Gelphie Songfic to!" Yeah... it didn't work. Anyway, this started out with me doodling Elphie and Glinda riding the broom... and it went on from there. Song from Aladdin, a very wonderful Disney movie.

For Good: I said a lot of what I was going to say here in the summary, but I'll elaborate more. I've always felt, that in For Good, during the play, Glinda and Elphaba are holding back a lot of anger. The song itself is very tender, I know, but I feel like Elphaba is angry at herself for messing up her own life, and Glinda is angry because it's Elphaba's fault that she had to leave her little miss perfect niche in life. Anyway, I started writing this. I'm actually kind of unsatisfied with it because the fic only fits with the lyrics during the "Forgiveness" part. Actually, this is probably my least favorite songfic so far. Nonetheless, I liked the idea. Maybe I'll go back and rework it. Add more description. Who knows.

I Don't Know How to Love Him: Something horrible came over me while baking cookies. It was inspiration. To write fiyeraba. I have to say, fiyeraba is my least favorite pairing. Ever. But the song from Jesus Christ Superstar was just so... fitting. I mean, it works. I mean, I guess it's more about Elphaba than about fiyeraba. But still. I like it though. And now I'll probably get more readership because more people like Fiyeraba than Gelphie! Don't ask me why.

Beyond: This is a very pairingless story. Crazy, I know. I wrote this during school, and my only goals were: no angst, no songs, and more description than dialogue. I think I did alright?

Apples:This story is oooold. Little drabble. =)

Not the Magic: This was the first fic I'd written in forever. I've gotten way into Buffy since I was last on this site, and this was what I wrote. Originally it was supposed to be a sex scene, but it... modulated. I hope it makes sense!

Finally, I do certain commissions, if you ask nicely. I try to review back to people who review me, but I don't always have the time and sometimes you don't have any stories posted or there's nothing in any fandoms that I'm familiar with. Also, I'm not such a fan of epics, so I usually don't read more than the first chapter or so. Unless it's really good. Also, Message me if you'd like me to beta (that means edit for spelling, grammar and flow) any of your stories. I'm a grammar geek and hate it when stories are hard to read from all the mistakes. But I loooove editing, so send me a message.

~ Stagg. Have fun reading!

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