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Hi guys :) I'm Phinnie.

Real name : Angie Nationality : Korean
Age : ._. well... when i started fanfiction.. i was 11. XD now i am 16 LOL.
Sex : Yes please. joking. no im not weird. NOOO IM NOT WEIRD DON'T LEAVEEE lol.
Occupation : Otaku

Sorry I'm not the best writer. My stories are often quite noob and I often lay my friends down and tell them crazy stories, hopefully, they will match to at least some expectations. These stories come from inspiration and my weird imagination... that taunts me everyday to write it in words. XD thus I do.

Card Captor Sakura fics (longer summary. D: )-

Hidden Affection
Sakura is your average happy teenage girl. Syaoran is the popular, very good looking, playboy heir to Li corp., the most successful company in Japan. Sakura's dad, Fujitaka gets the chance to work for Li Corp. Syaoran threatens to fire her dad if she does not become his slave.. S&S

Picture Perfect
Eriol is a famous, rich, British actor.Tomoyo is his newly hired Japanesephotographer. These very different people in very different worlds andvery different backgrounds collide together. Hear their story of how, a person who never felt love, and a person who wished they never did… slowly,fell in love. E&T
(I am working on this at the moment=D this is my fav fanfic so (to reviewers) i have completly no intention of stopping this fic hehe I dont really care if I get too little reviews I just said the review thingy cos I was bored. and I wanted to critisise my self lol.)

Walking on Broken Glass
A average9 year oldSakura's life is completely changed- her world tearing down on her. Her 'perfect' mother had run away with another man.Because of the sudden death of her fathershewas sent to Hong Kongto live with her runaway mother and her new husband..Atragic fate tortures her as her motherpasses away from a disease...she is left in her newstep-father's abode. A new family. A new home. A new school, a new language and a new country... and alone. How will Sakura cope? Now Sakura is at her 2nd year of high school.Cinderella with a big twist. No glass shoes. No god-mother. No Prince.A necklace. A new best friend-Tomoyo. The school's star basketball player... and her cold new evil step-brother- Syaoran Li. S/S

I know i know i should finish all the rest of the stories. but realy. i actualy got all the stories in my head just that i cant be bothered to write it all down.

Coming up Coming up Coming up Coming up Coming up Coming up Coming up

Academy of the Dead
Hi, I'm Sakura. Guess what? I'm currently a student of the prestigious Academy of the Dead. Have I died did you ask? Yes of course I've died already silly! I'm studying extremely hard to get good grades here, so that I can visit my family back at Earth. I died early you see, in the ripe age of 17, a stupid death if you ask me. Okay... So I'm not the best student in this scary academy... okay scratch that, maybe I'm a complete failing student here. But I musn't give up!!! I want to see my family! Meeting new friends, learning crazy subjects (in which i fail) and putting up with Mr slave driver himself: Syaoran Li- Exactly how did I get myself in a mess with the prince of the underworld anyways? How in the world will I survive?! I am going to drop dead here. Wait, Oh right, I'm already dead. S/S Comedy/Love

Looking Through the Hourglass
Sakura Kinomoto was the best fighter and the biggest bully of all Tomoeda, no-one in her path could stop her. ... well, at least, until she was 10 years old. For some reason, her growth completly stopped after then. Whilst everyone went on a growth spurt: getting taller and taller, her height has only moved less than 2 cms the last 6 years. Stuck in a tiny 4'8 16 year old body, memories of her life as a bully begins to fade completly in the flows of time. However, one specific boy, who had been bullied heavily by this ferocious Sakura Kinomoto still remembers. Specifically...One, tiny, weak, rich prettyboy: Syaoran Li, whom had been the centre of bullyment for years until he had moved back to his home country, aiming to be far from Sakura Kinomoto. But now he is BACK! Fully equipped with overly hot looks, overflowing money, overpowering body, a fanclub as an ammunition army and an unstoppable taste for revenge. He is back to bully Sakura, and make her beg for forgiveness! But this time, its in Sakura's disadvantage! S/S Love/Comedy

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Walking On Broken Glass reviews
Sakura loses her entire family in a young age thus having to live with her stepfather. Treated as a servant in her own home she thrives to live. A cold 'evil' step brother Syaoran and his dangerous love for Sakura that grew from hatred..through the years
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Sakura is your average happy girl. Syaoran is the popular, smug, playboy heir to Li corp., the most successful company in Japan. Sakura's dad gets the chance to work for Li Corp. Syaoran threatens to fire her dad if she does not be his slave SS ET
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