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My Guinea Pig, Sirius Orion Black, just died.

...Though not by a veil.


Hey. Well, I might as well bore you with some random Facts about myself, so here:

Name: And I should tell you this because?...just call me Cat.

Age: That is totally irrelevant. Besides, I don't act, look, or think my age.

Birthday: 28th of February.

Hair color: Plain old Braun with blond streaks that Mom tries to tell me is 'Dish-water blond'. Yeah right.

Eye color: Braun. sighs Why can't I have something like...Green?

Origin: Well, currently I live in Germany, but I was born in America.

Current Popularity: Well, my 'former' Friends decided that they didn't want to be my friends anymore because one day I got a cold and...Let’s just say it wasn't pretty.

Personality: My personality seams to be based on the time of the day and my current muse/s. Normally, evenings I’m sarcastic, manipulative and make three thousand plans a day. Noon/Afternoons I’m rather quiet, and love to read and learn. Mornings, however, I’m anti-social. After school I’m usually cheerful, and like to annoy other people. And you know what? I haven’t been at a friend’s house since October 2005.

What I like: There are a lot of things I like...

Fav Books:


Harry Potter


Fav Games:

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Prince of Persia: Warrior within

Prince of Persia: The two thrones

Fav Characters:



Dark Prince



Lord Voldemort

Tom Riddle

Barty Crouch Jr.


Salazar Slytherin

Fav Pairings:

Farah/Dark Prince

Kaileena/Dark Prince

Voldemort, Tom Riddle/Harry

Voldemort, Tom Riddle/Hermione

Barty Crouch Jr./Hermione

Salazar Slytherin/Hermione

Antonin Dolohov/Lily Evans

Might as well tell you about the progress of my stories…

Back in Time to an unlikely Love:

Sorry guys, but this was more an experiment than an actual Fanfic. I might edit and continue it one day…

Dirty Dancing with Salazar Slytherin?

This WILL be continued! But first I plan on typing all the chapters, then update piece by piece. And that could take a while…

The Necromancy Ritual

I’ll probably delete this. It was born from a girlish fantasy of me and my friends going to France, get Kidnapped by Voldie, Getting tons of Blackmail material on the D.E.s, proving I truly am a worthy Slytherin Muggle, and ending up being the Anchor for Salazar Slytherin; the only thing keeping him alive.

I plan on writing a Harry Potter one-shot, a Prince of Persia story and Prince of Persia one-shot. But I want to complete these first before I post them. And I’m currently working on my Trilogy…So I will not post for a long time…

Random Quotes:

“Evenings not in, Mornings not out.” –Dads description of my and moms sleeping Habits.

“You think I’m insane! You obviously haven’t thought about yourself lately.” –Me

“Stop annoying me”- “I’m only acting like you!” –one of the quotes of my future Novel.

“Say Hello to that dear Cerebrus of Hell, would you? Although I doubt she’ll hear you from the inside of her stomach.” –Another quote from my Novel.

Random Note: It just RULES being German-American! Gets me strait 'A's in English. -smirks-

I have now decided to post a challenge! If you wish to accept it, just PM me or leave a review, 'cause I'd love to see hos this would turn out!

Death Magic Challenge:

As Voldemort finally (took him long enough, eh?) decide's to find out why his Avada Kedavra rebounded, he sends Bellatrix and Rudolphus Lestrange, Severus Snape, Augustus Rookwood and Antonin Dolohov to see if any traces of Lily's Love magic was left behind. However, The Prder of the Pheonix awaits them and a batle enshues. But due to Lily's magic and Voldie's curse, it doesn't react well to the Death Eaters Avada Kedavras. Did I mention Snape happened to have a youth potion in his pocket?

Anyway, in the end, Lily and the Death Eaters are back to their sixteen-year-old bodies with no possible way for them to regain their memories.

-The six must be friends!

-They do know what had happened to them.

-must take place before OotP

-must be updated at least once a month.

-Chapters should be between 2,000 and more words.

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Family reviews
Although Family means a lot to Harry, sometimes, he can't help but wonder what his life would be like if he didn't place such value on Family. Vernon Dursley learns this the hard way.
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