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Still alive, as of October 2023, for anyone who's out there.

Life is hard, but we all have AdvanceShipping to adore in our hearts.

Roses die, but ribbons last forever!!


Hi, I'm a random guy living in South Korea and thank you for visiting my profile.

I'm currently studying medicine at college and I'm also a big Pokemon fan (the games, the anime, and especially AdvanceShipping!). I love playing Pokemon (of course), listening to Pokemon music (the game & anime BGM), watching the Pokemon anime, collecting settei (設定) and CDs for the Pokemon anime, reading AdvanceShipping fan fiction, looking back at super old threads on Pokemon forums (which is quite interesting to say the least), watching Pokemon speed runs on twitch, and so on. Other nintendo franchises that I like include Mario Kart and Kirby. My other hobbies include going on a bike ride, reading random stuff on Wikipedia, taking care of my pets, working out at the local gym, and watching some sports.

I've been a fan of the franchise since 2008, when I got my Diamond version. After spending over 300 hours on it and also playing through Soul Silver, I kinda lost interest in the franchise. When Diamond & Pearl first came out, the DS lite was a big hit in Korea; literally every single one of my friends had the console. But as the smartphone became widespread, many friends and I fell out of the franchise and ended up missing the 5th generation (although I kept track from time to time).

But then, in early 2015, I saw a commercial for ORAS playing on the TV and this somehow reignited my love for Pokemon. After purchasing AS and enjoying every single bit of it (except the removal of battle frontier), I decided to dig deeper and became the huge fan I am now.

As for the anime, I had watched some DP episodes in the late 00's but didn't have a lot of interest in it. But, as I was reading some random articles on Bulbapedia, I got to read a page on 'Misty's Song' (the Poke-Shippyness is quite remarkable) and became interested in the idea of shipping. Then, I luckily got to watch a redub of the 9th movie in the theaters and this made me the AdvanceShipper I am today. I'm okay with all the other ships; it is just that AdvanceShipping happens to be my favorite. (I respect ContestShippers; Drew is a cool character and CS does have its strong points)

I always try to review the stories I've read and even though my reviewing skills aren't that good (now that I look back, some of my old reviews are a bit cringy xD), I believe that leaving a review is the least thing I can do for the author, who spent lots of time and effort on his or her stories.

The stories that I have put in my "Favorite Stories" list are ones that I think are really good and have been written by many awesome authors so feel free to check them out. I haven't read a lot of fan fiction yet, so I'm probably missing out on lots of other good stories out there. But I hope I get to read more stories as time goes by.

I put all the authors (that I could find) who has written a AdvanceShipping story in my "Favorite Authors" list and if you have written an AdvanceShipping fan fiction but you are not on my list, please send me a PM and I'll add you right away, since that'll help me make my "collection" bigger and also provide you with a bit of "advertisement".

Reading ADV on this wonderful site really gives me the power to go through the hardships I face in life and I'd like to sincerely thank all the writers on this site for their hard work and being awesome.

I'm not planning on writing my own story yet, but I have a small idea inside my head right now and maybe I'll write one when I get lots of time later on.

~~~Favorite FanFiction Quote~~~

-Ash's Idea on Love...

"I knew I was in love because I didn't want to fall asleep. I didn't want to sleep because I knew for once, reality was better than what I could experience in my dreams."

From: The Puppeteer's Wishes, Chapter 31 by LuciferIX

So that's about it and I hope you enjoy your time here!

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The Betrayed Champion by Itssupereffective reviews
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Late in Ash's journey through Kalos, May pops up, claiming to get her Blazikens mega-stone. But that certainly isn't her only reason. Also she has some dark secret which she doesn't even want to share with Ash. What is her secret? What role will she play in Ash's life? Lover or Matchmaker? Read and find out! :D Advanceshipping & Amourshipping.
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The Puppeteer's Wishes by LuciferIX reviews
With the Lilly of the Valley Conference over, Ash now has to worry about what he's going to do after. Too bad that his own choices seem to be manipulated by someone who's playing matchmaker as a way to pay him back. Advanceshipping, SatoHaru, AshxMay
Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 31 - Words: 187,946 - Reviews: 295 - Favs: 394 - Follows: 184 - Updated: 1/4/2012 - Published: 11/1/2011 - [Ash K./Satoshi, May/Haruka] - Complete
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