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Author has written 3 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Final Fantasy VII.

Hey, this is another weird writer out here. Anyway, I don't write a lot, but when I do, it's usually good, so check out my stuff below. I'm a huge fan of anime in general. Otherwise, I'll probably get bored and fall asleep. But I like sleeping, so send them fics in! Anywho, here's my vital statistics!


August 5, 2005
Uploaded two new stories, Clarity and Finishing Touch. The first is for FF7 fans, and it's about the Turks. Can't say much more on that. The second one, a YGO fanfiction, is about Kaiba being kidnapped. Yuugi and co. have to go and save him! But can they? It seems as if this organization is a little more sneaky than they thought!

I didn't update Egypt's Lotus because I got on my new computer and it doesn't have any files. So basically, I'll have to send myself the chapter I wrote. Sorry about that. I wrote Finishing Touch to ease your mind until I can. So enjoy what I've uploaded. Changed my profile since it seemed a little..high-strung.

Future works..hopefully, these will be up by the end of the year, if not earlier.

Egypt's Lotus, the next chapter (YGO) finished..
Kaiba's been found out by Ischizu, in more ways than one. Heading over to Duke's party, which happens to be a masked ball, Ischizu is amazed by this one man in a white mask. But is tragedy in her future? Find out who the masked man is, and what Kaiba has to say about him!

Finishing Touch, next chapter (YGO) in process..
Yuugi and the gang decide to use Otogi's rocket to travel up the satellite. Unfortunately, Mokuba needs to get himself a security clearance card - one that is back in the mansion. Yuugi and Mokuba head back to Kaiba mansion to find the card while Otogi and Jounouchi try and set up everything on time. But what's this? Seems like the snipers tell a little more than they should have...

Pink Carnation (FF7) in process.. ONE-SHOT
Tseng & Aeris
It seems as if our little Flower Girl manages to get away from ShinRa everytime. Perhaps it's incompetence in the Turks? Tseng visits Aeris one day, as if he wants to talk, but they both know what he really wants.

Learning to Walk (FF7) in process.. CHAPTER-FIC
Rufus & Reno
He wasn't killed by WEAPON. He was taken in by a hospital that wanted to extract information about what ShinRa's future plans were. Without a proper president, ShinRa is laid to waste. Rufus wakes up from the hospital finding out that he cannot walk on his own. Fortunately, one of the Turks comes by, and decides to help his former President out.

Calculus (Zatch Bell) not yet started.. ONE-SHOT
Susie & Kiyo, Zatch& Tia, Zatch & Vulcan 300
Kiyo can't forget that it was Susie who wanted to be his friend, even when everyone else wouldn't. Zatch reminds him to be grateful about the friends he has, and does a little friend-thanking of his own. What better way to appreciate Susie than Susie-appreciation day? Zatch decides he has a friend to thank as well. Involves Vulcan 300, Susie, Kiyo, Tia, and happy fruits.

Blinded (FF8) not yet started..CHAPTER-FIC
Seifer is blind. Even after Edea vouches for him, he is unwelcome and unwanted at Garden. Quistis decides to help him, since nobody else wants to. Little by little, Seifer sees the world again in a fresh light. While everyone else moves on, and changes, Quistis stays the same. Perhaps all she needs is a little love.

And that's about it. If you want to help with any of the fics above, feel free to. I want to write more Zatch Bell fics in the future, and I will probably also be getting into One Piece. I've been thinking about a Ghost in the Shell fic, but don't know what to do it on, since the series was pretty conclusive. Also, since Paranoia Agent is one of my favorite things to watch, I might do a fic on that, but still kinda iffy since the series' end is very final.

Silentshipping is still..depressing. Too many silentshipping fics, too many generic plots, and too little trustshipping. Sigh. Don't get me started on puppyshipping. That's twice as depressing as silentshipping and other random, weird ships combined. Super big sigh. If there aren't any good fics on trustshipping, I want to write them. Then at least I can't say 'where the heck are the good trustshipping fics?' I could always read mine..=D

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Finishing Touch reviews
After Kaiba's birthday, an organization named LEAF captures him to activate a dangerous satellite in space. Can Mokuba, Yuugi, and everyone else manage to save him and Domino City in time?
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