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Hmm...Okay let's see. My name is Spiritofdawolf. It's an account my friend let me use to make stories. To contact ME, use this email. sophiedaalien@aol.com


Yes, I have finally updated my bio page.

My real name is Michelle and I turn 17 August 10th 2007.

Now, I'm going to give you the downlow on my current and upcoming stories.

Chipmunk fanfics:

Speechless-When Alvin disappears after a gig, he shows up later that night in a distraught catatonic state. Now, Dave, Simon, Theodore and the chippettes have to find out what happened to him. Rated T to be safe. Temporarily on Hiatus.

Return of Dr. Frankenstein-He's back! & he's got Alvin again! Only this time they don't know where to look. Is Alvin doomed or will he be saved? What surprises does the doctor have in store for the Chipmunks and Chipettes?

Haunted-TBA, The sequel to "Return of Dr. Frankenstein"

Defiled-When Alvin gets kidnapped, his family does everything in their power to find him. Meanwhile, Alvin encounters several colorful characters also in captivity. Including the hot headed Nyla, the autistic sweetheart Melanie, and the shy angel Marid. Rated M for Violence, profanity, drugs and some sex scenes.

Howl at the moon, Alvin-What if Dave had made Alvin apologize to Talbot even though he told the truth? How is Theodore going to be cured and what's going to happen to Alvin?

Is it really too late?-A glimpse at a future scene in "Return of Dr. Frankenstein." This is a one-shot poem told in the perspectives of Simon, Theodore, Dave and the Chipettes. Each paragraph is a different character. Can you pick out who is saying what and tell me what you think.

The Hipmunks-The chipmunks are off to a gig in New York when they get seperated from Dave near Central Park. There they meet a gang of hippies who decide to show them a good time. A spoof based off the hippie musical "Hair".

Brittany & the Hipmunks-TBA

Alvin & Brittany's teen years-TBA

A Guide to understanding Alvin and his ways-With Nicole's help, Michelle writes a book to help people understand their friend a little more.

How to save a life-Based on the origin of the Fray's song. A counselor in camp notices Alvin's emotional struggles and tries to help him. But will she be able to help Alvin, or will matters take a turn for the worst?

Waking the Chipmunk-I know, it's a stupid title. It's based on the movie "Waking the Dead." Theodore is working with an organization to help bring peace to the world. But when he's announced to be dead after a bombing of the car he was in, Eleanor, Dave, and his brothers are heartbroken. But if he's dead, why do they keep hearing his voice around them and seeing him places?

Uncle in law-During one of her visits, Vinny announces that she has been reunited with her long lost twin sister. The boys become eager to meet their aunt. But when she arrives, we find out that she is married with kids. And the chipmunks are shocked at who her husband is.

Cursed Chipmunk-A Chipmunk/Naruto crossover. The chipmunks go to Japan and meet Naruto and the gang. But when Orochimaru crashes the party, Alvin gets hurt. Will they be able to help him?

For the love of a chipmunk-After Brittany breaks up with Alvin, he decides to give Michelle a try. But when Brittany wants to make ammends will he go back to her or stay with Michelle?

Shattered Dreams- Based off the episode "Big Dreams" An indepth look at how life would've been like for the chipmunks and chipettes if Alvin chose the mystery prize.

Big Dreams 2-Also based off of "Big Dreams" An inside look at what would've happened if Alvin took the 500 cash prize.


To Catch a chipmunk-TBA

The Monstermunk Trilogy-A series of Alternate endings for the Frankenstein movie, the Wolfman movie, and where they meet Dracula.

Chipmonsters-Sequel to the trilogy. Their lives as monsters.-After performing at a gig, Simon and Theodore notice a peculiar left sitting in the front row seats and decide to take a look at it. When they read it they discover it's the diary of an Alvin obsessed fangirl, left intentionally for them to read. At first they think she's just too over her head for Alvin, but what they discover might shock them.

The Hybrid-Simon and Theodore are worried when Alvin starts 'acting strange' after attending a mysterious underground convention. What could be going on with him?

Take a look through his eyes-After performing at a gig, Simon and Theodore notice a peculiar left sitting in the front row seats and decide to take a look at it. When they read it they discover it's the diary of an Alvin obsessed fangirl, left intentionally for them to read. At first they think she's just too over her head for Alvin, but what they discover might shock them.

3 Chipmunks and a Girl-When the boys arrive home one day, they all meet the pretty Nicole. Thinking she's a fan, they all try to impress her, only to discover something about her that surprises them.

Nicole's story-TBA

Nicole Blows a Fuse-Nicole meets the fangirl with the diary about Alvin and gives everyone a hard time for yelling at him.

The Trouble with Nicole-Nicole is acting funny lately. What could be up with her? Will the chipmunks fix the problem? Has everything she'd done for them paid off?

Help!-The chipmunks have been kidnapped and it's up to Dave and the Chipettes to save them.

Fallin' to Pieces-The chipmunks are starting middle school and there's a lot going on. If that's not bad enough, Alvin is having a major breakdown and its up to Nicole to save him.

The Shining Chipmunk-Things go wacky when Nicole and Alvin discover that they can talk to each other via telepathy.

Bring me to life-When Alvin gets deathly sick, his family does whatever they can to help him.

Thanatophobia-After a near death experience, Alvin is convinced that death is around every corner.

Eleanor Miller-Theo proposes his love for Elly in song. More fluff to follow.

Chemical Romance-TBA, Simon/Jeanette fluff

Sorry-TBA, Alvin/Brittany fluff

Alvin and the chipmunks meet the Dark Storms-A Lilo & Stitch/chipmunks crossover. More specifically, Alexa and her family. Whilst performing in Hawaii, the chipmunks and chipettes clash heads with the Dark Storms. Alexa challenges Alvin and Brittany to a sing-off. Alvin and Brittany being as competitive as they are, agree. Meanwhile the others chum it up with the bands family. Rated T since Alexa has a rather foul mouth.

Battle of the Bands- Sandra, Rachel, Evon, Romeo, Adrian and Bo are back and they've started their own band. Adrian and Bo "smart off'' their way into a bet or rivalry if you will, against Alvin, whilst their siblings watch and shake their heads in exasperation. Bo, Adrian and Alvin sure make a trio of stage hogs. But the conceited twins will learn the importance of working together when danger bombards them. Be forewarned that Bo and Adrian swear ALOT.

Gentle Angels-TBA-Evon and Romeo come to visit.

Flim Flam and the Sorans-Harry is back. This time he manages to con Evon and Romeo. Fortunately their siblings and chipmunks are wise to this.

Things that go Bump in the Night-Due to an unfortunate quirk of fate, the chipmunks and the sorans, whilst checking out a REAL haunted house, get trapped inside.

Pursuit of Murder-Alvin really puts everyone in danger when he persuades them to catch a murderer that's roaming the neighborhood. When things go fatally wrong, they'll need all the help they can get.

Drafted-The chipmunks are drafted into the army and Nicole volunteers to be a medic, wanting to defend them at all costs. Luckily, they aren't the only ones they know that were drafted or had volunteered.

Alvin & the chipmunks meet a Mummy-After visiting a nearby museum after a concert, they end up followed by a mummy who legend had it would wake today and make whoever looks apon him one of his kind.

The Chipmunks (and Sorans) meet a Witch-The chipmunks and chipettes are starting high school. The Sorans get transferred to the same school. But they aren't the only newbies at the school. A new girl comes as well. But she's not a normal girl..

Bewitched-The chipmunks and chipettes are starting high school. But they aren't the only newbies at the school. A new girl comes as well. But she's not a normal girl. Nicole and the Sorans don't appear in this version.

Evening of the Deadmunks-After a new virus is released, everyone turns into zombies. The chipmunks come to perform at a concert. But their visit becomes a night of terror as they flee from the horde of zombies. Based off the movie "Resident Evil."

Rise of the Fire Mamas-TBA, Nicole, Michelle and Vicky start a band.

Secret of Nimh 3: the Chipmunk's Escape-TBA

A Disaster in Time-TBA

Bad Boys-A local group of bad boys decide to hold a contest as to who can be the baddest withhout getting into BIG trouble. Adrian joins and challenges Alvin. But can Alvin maintain the bad boy attitude or will Adrian win?

Return of the Angel-Alvin loses his memory again.

Bad Medicine-Sick of Alvin's pranks, Theodore and Simon decide to whip up a prank of their own. However, Michelle is visiting. When she sees what they're up to, will she be able to stop them, or will Alvin get a dose of bad medicine.

Shot Through the Heart-Nicole meets a seemingly nice guy at school and starts to date him. However, her boyfriend has secrets that only Alvin and Michelle know about. When things go wrong, will Alvin and Michelle be able to save Nicole?

Blame it on me- What if one of Simon's experiments malfunctioned and hurt Alvin and Theodore in the process? Will Simon figure out how to reverse the effects or will his brothers die?

It Ain't Easy being the New Kids-Suppose Alvin didn't meet Marid, Dylan, Nyla and the others in "Defiled". Suppose they moved to California and met him in L.A

On My Own-As the chipmunks and chipettes grow older they start to pursue other careers. But will they end up missing each other and get back together?

She's too much-Brittany becomes scared when she notices Alvin taking a liking to Michelle. Trying to maintain her relationship with Alvin, Brittany goes to extreme lengths to break Alvin and Michelle's bonds.

A Gentle Touch-Marid and Alvin share a tender moment after Alvin has a bad day.

Dealing with Pressure-When Alvin notices someone picking on Marid he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Sisterly love-Michelle had always been there for Nicole. When she notices someone trying to hurt Nicole, Michelle puts her life on the line for her. An indepth look at their sisterly bond.

Why Does it Hurt so Bad?-Ever since the day she met Alvin, she had always loved him. She knows he belongs with Brittany, yet why does she feel so sad?

Melanie's Melody-Melanie had always been a little different and people always teased her for it. But when Nyla notices that she can sing, she urges her to try out for the upcoming talent show.

Dylan's Dilemma-Dylan wants to go out with Melanie, but he doesn't know what to do. So he goes to Alvin for advice.

Hold me Alvin-After someone attempts to rape Marid, she tearfully goes to Alvin for comfort.

A Home for Marid-Myron notices that Marid is living alone and decides to take her in.

An Unlikely Friend-Michelle had always hated Simon, until that night she saw him cry. A sweet moment between 2 enemies.

Chipmunk Love-A collection of oneshots involving different fan pairings.

Kayleigh and the chipmunks-TBA, the chipmunk's kids growing up.

Daddy Alvin-TBA

Daddy's little Angels-Myron and Marid get Married and a blessed with 4 kids.3 girls and one boy.

How Does it Feel, Simon?-Simon always wondered what went on in Alvin's head. What'll happen when he gets zapped into Alvin's body for a month?

All Riled Up-The sorans come to visit and immediately rile up trouble. They also meet Marid and the gang.

Like Egghead, Like Aspergers-When Simon and Michelle have a fight, an upset Michelle wishes that he'd walk a day in her shoes.

The New Chipette-Brittany meets Charlene and they get in a fight over Alvin.

The New Chipette 2-The Rivalry rages on, but then Michelle, Melanie and Marid get involved. Alvin had already gone out with Michelle before, and he cares deeply for Marid and Melanie tended to cling to him. Trouble is, who will he choose?

The Boy is Mine-Brittany gets angry when Alvin thinks he's falling for Marid and intends to break them up and keep him to herself.

Thinking of You-When Alvin goes to Europe with his family for the summer, he finds himself missing Marid. She finds herself doing the same.

Heart and Soul-Alvin moves and has to say goodbye to everyone. But when Marid experiences a terrible accident, Alvin comes on the run only to be plunged into a frightning world of darkness and evil and it intends to steal Marid's soul! Will he be able to save her?

Sick at Heart-Alvin has moved and Marid is deeply saddened. But when she gets struck down by a rare illness, she has to learn to adapt to the changes in her life. But Alvin hasn't responded to any of her calls. Thinking something's wrong, she set out looking for him.

Marid's Happy Ending-AU. What if Alvin and Marid got Married?

When You're Gone-AU. When Marid dies, Alvin's heartbroken.

My Best Friend-Michelle was always there for Alvin. But how much does he care for her?

Wrath of the Chipmunk-Alvin notices that Marid has no self defense tactics, and enrolls her in a karate/womens self defense class.

If I Never Met You-Simon decides that Michelle and Nicole are too close and goes back in time to keep them from meeting. But is what he's doing right?

Forbidden Love-Alvin gets jealous when Simon and Theodore think that they're falling for Marid.

Marid and the Beast-Marid and Alvin reenact the classic Disney tale. Starring Marid as Belle and Alvin as the Beast.

Little Shop of Chipmunks-Spoof of the movie "Little shop of Horrors". But I'm having a hard time casting for seymour. I know I want Marid as Audrey and Myron as Orin. But I can't decide; Do I want Alvin or do I want Simon as Seymour?

Scared to Death-It's almost Halloween and Alvin hears from Michelle about a spookfest tour to a supposedly haunted island. Alvin begs to do a gig there. After much arguing the family gives in to the idea.

Marid and the chipmunks-Suppose Marid had been in the show. How different would the outcomes of the episodes been?

Every Chipette has a Name-Marid feels worthless when everything goes wrong and she can't seem to do anything right. Can Alvin convince her otherwise?

Godspeed-One shot. A sweet lullaby sung to the chipmunk's kids to get them to sleep.

The Hardest Thing-When Marid unintentionally hurts Alvin, the both of them are left broken and depressed. Will Alvin have the strength to forgive her and will she have the courage to forgive herself?

Fading Away-Marid wakes up one day to discover that everyone's ignoring her. Even Alvin. & the more she's ignored, the more invisible she becomes. How will she be noticed again?

Made with Love-One shot. Theodore and Eleanor make a nice breakfast for each other. pure fluff.

Something About You-Alvin had always been wild with girls, but something about Marid changed him.

Happy Birthday Marid-It's Marid's Birthday and Alvin plans a surprise party, prompting Brittany to get jealous.

Hard to Please-TBA

?Chipmunk Re-adventure??-TBA

Missing You-TBA

Marid's Job Hunt-Marid is unsure what career she wants to pursue. So, Alvin helps her look for one that best fits her.

Uncertainty-Melanie and Dylan are unsure where they stand in their relationship.

N-to the-Y-to the-L-to the-A-When Nyla joins a sorority, Melanie feels that Nyla's ignoring her. Nyla had always been there for her, but now she's gone all the time. Alvin decides to help Melanie win back her sister.

A Big Sister's Guilt-AU Nyla always protected her little sister, but when Melanie gets in a car crash due to Nyla drinking, the guilt ridden sister is left to cope with the situation.

Watching Over You-AU When Nyla dies, Melanie is heartbroken and to make matters worse, her new boyfriend is doing things behind her back. Will her friends be able to stop him and be there for Melanie in her time of need?

Holding a Grudge-Ms. Grudge comes to America and attempts to snatch the chipettes again along with Marid. Can Alvin, Simon, Theodore and Myron save them?

Welcome to my life-Marid's life when she was living alone in Alaska.

Between Families-Alvin and Adrian get in a fight and Adrian threatens to hurt someone Alvin cares about. When Marid gets mysterious wounds, ALvin is convinced that Adrian hurt her. But did he really?

496-7108, Marid-Alvin notices that Marid is too withdrawn and decides she needs to meet more people and make more friends. So, he gives out her number to anyone who agrees to be her friend. But Marid isn't a people person. How will she handle all her new "friends"?

Why Did You Leave Me?-We know that Marid lived alone. But whatever happened to her family?

Hands Off!!-When Marid's new "boyfriend" takes it upon himself to constantly feel her up, Myron and Alvin are more than ticked. Based on something that happened to me in real life.

That Time of the Month-Marid is scared when she gets her first period.

The Soulmunks-TBA, The chipmunks meet the Soulmunks, "Soul" Sean, "Beat" Nick, and Zesta.

Alvin's Fan Club-Nyla, Melanie, Nicole, Michelle, and Marid decide to create a fan club. Charlene and Brittany refuse to join, seeing Alvin as THEIRS.

My Immortal-When Alvin meets with a terrible accident, his family is left to cope with it.

Searching for Myself-Marid has a breakdown and doesn't know who she is. Can Alvin save her from herself?

One Kiss from You-Marid gets the kiss she'd always wanted to have with Alvin. Marid's first kiss. Marid/Alvin/Brittany

I Loved her first-TBA

All's Fair in Love and War-Myron and Alvin both want Marid and they get in a fight over her. Myron/Alvin/Marid.

Chibi Chipmunk-The Chipmunks meet Karin from Chibi Vampire.

Theodore-Spoof of Casper. Theodore is a lonely ghost who just wants a friend. Then he meets Eleanor Harvey.

Born to Make you Happy-TBA

Bet Your Bottom Dollar-TBA

Cry For Me-TBA

Hurt-TBA, Includes the song by Christina Aguilera.

Christmastime (Greensleeves)-TBA

Lohani: Hell on Earth-The evil of Lohani spreads. This time the Chipmunks are trapped inside and the haunts are getting nastier and nastier. Will the Sorans be able to get them out?

Deck the Halls-It's that time of year again and the whole Seville family gets together to celebrate it.

Christmas Chaos-Alvin invites his friends to spend Christmas with the family. But chaos ensures as the Christmas rush gets intense and they start fighting with each other. Can Alvin bring everyone together or will this Christmas go down the tubes?

911-When Myron gets sick and can't breathe, Mason and Marid call an ambulance. Marid, scared and upset, wants Alvin with her. So, she calls him over and he tries to console her. Also based on a recent event in my life.

The Marid Movie-Based pretty loosely off Disney's "The Tigger Movie". Burdened by feelings of seclusion a young chipette yearns for a family to call her own. When she learns that she just might have one out in the world somewhere, she sets out to find them. Little does she know that her true family may have been beside her all along.

-More to be announced

Misc. Stories:
In misc Cartoons- 2 Pinocchio fanfics

Lampwick and the Donkey Boys- Whatever happened to Lampwick and the other boys. What horrible life did they have to suffer after Pleasure Island?

Maria-Suffering from her Gypsy puppet master's cruel hands, a beautiful young girl decides to run away and live with Pinocchio. Read on as she experiences the horror of Pleasure Island and awaits the homecoming of Pinocchio and his father, Gepetto from the belly of a monstrous whale!

Lilo and Stitch stories:

The Alexa Chronicles. (In order)

Alexa & 627

(takes place sometime before Leroy and Stitch) A 12 year old girl finds 627 who has been activated by accident. As they get to know each other, 627's evil antics taper down. He even learns how to talk, (with a couple flaws being that he ends up learning some swears too). They become close friends.

Angel & Ray

(takes place at the same time as "Alexa & 627".) Hamsterviel had had Alexa and 627, whom she'd named 'Evil', round up all the experiments and clone them. Hamsterviel hides the clones away. He then lets the real ones go. In the cloning process though, their memories have been erased and they must once more be repurposed. In so being, Angel has forgotten Stitch, but yet at the same time manage to stay good by a quirk of fate. Wandering around lost and confused, she ends up running into Ray. A kind teenaged hawaiian local. He takes her in. After a couple weeks, Angel's mind starts to recover and she remembers Stitch. However, Ray is having problems and she wants to be there in his time of need. Will her heart tear 2 ways?

Alexa & Ray

Alexa and Ray meet each other and they go dates and get closer to each other. Evil (627) helps Angel decide between Ray and Stitch.

Alexa & Leroy

Well, I already put this one up. So basically, the summary is the downlow. But I'll tell you anyways. Alexa is really hitting it off with Ray and Evil's having fun spending time in the sun. Everything is going fine, that is until the Leroys escape their prison cells and take Alexa hostage. When Evil discovers this he's crushed. Depressed, he goes back to his bad self and starts to work for Hamsterviel. Meanwhile the Leroys flee to a distant planet and hide out. Being isolated on the deserted planet for a few years, the Leroys decide they need more girls around, so they clone Alexa so they each have a girl.

Makayla & Kyle: So the Drama

It's been 17 years since the Leroys captured Alexa and Evil is still working for Hamsterviel. Now, Stitch's daughter and 4 of her friends band together to become the next crime fighting Possible team. Pretty much a tie in with Kim Possible. A Lilo & Stitch version of the movie "Kim Possible: So the Drama".

Kyla and Simon: So the Romance.

Simon wants Kyla's love badly. He'd do anything to get it. But what if the only way to get her to realize she loves him is for something to happen to him that happened to Daniella's dad a few years ago?

Note: Simon helps 627 reunite with Alexa and the clones and 627 stops working for Hamsterviel and once more turns good.

Character Cameos: All of the characters in my other stories. Including Ray, Alexa, Sophie and her family. Everyone from American Dragon, Recess, The Proud Family, Kim Possible and all Author's Charcters for any of the stories in these categories, including all fan made L&S categories.When that specific thing happened to Simon, EVERYONE gathers to help and Kyla is amazed at how many of these people there are. Simon has given All of them help at one point. Several times per character as a matter of fact. O_O I know, that's alot of help. :)

The Alexageist Horror

A mix of a couple dozen horror movies. Alexa, Ray and Evil sneak out one night after Alexa's mom had forbid her to see Ray. Together the trio take a detour and wind up on the outskirts of Kaui. They find an old abandoned house and decide to check it out. However they will soon discover the past horrors of the house and be thrown into a suspenseful adventure.

The Dark Storms move in

Alexa's band moves into Alexa's home. Ray is now living with her too. With all the Leroys, Leroyettes, and clones and the rest of the gang now living in the same house, how is Alexa's mom going to adapt to all this?

Around the World with the Dark Storms

Title pretty much says it all. Alexa's band travels around singing in many places. Evil, Ray, Alexa's sister and 2 cousins and her cousin's boyfriend tag along for the ride.

The Leroy/Leroyette chronicles

another title that's self explanitory. This story takes a look at what goes on with the Leroys and Leroyettes, the 17 years they are in hiding.

Roses and Thorns

Evil and Alexa start a duet performance, but quarrels insure when his growly voice chases off the fans.

Evil's Slip

Evil is falling more and more for Alexa and he's hurting from it. But she's with Ray. Unfortunately the Leroys get wind of this and try to break Alexa and Ray up and stick her with Evil. But does she belong with him? Or is her true soulmate Ray?

Murder in Kaui

When islanders start turning up dead, all evidence points to Stitch and 627. But neither of them did it. Whilst they are framed, the real killer continues his killing spree.

Bachelor's Night on the town

Jason, Leroy and Evil spend a night in town. What starts out as a dull evening becomes interesting when they each meet girls that seem to fit with them.


Evil is depressed because everyone in the family now has a mate to call their own and he doesn't. But this'll change when he meets Vicky. A troubled 17 year old whose having a lot of problems in her home life.

Love you Forever

Evil realises that even though he loves Vicky with all his heart, part of his heart will always belong to Alexa.


Evil has faced many things. Love, betrayal, pain, sadness...but nothing like this. When his family starts to be victimized by a rare Alien virus, Evil starts to worry and tries to find a way to stop it before someone dies. He'll stop at nothing to cure them, no matter what moral lines he may have to cross.

Lilo & Julio

Lilo and Julio discover they have alot of the same interests and start to date. Ties in with "Vicky".

Angel & Kyle

We see how Alexa's cousin Angel and her boyfriend Kyle met and fell in love.

The Dark Storms: 2nd Generation

In this story we watch the kids of Lilo & Julio, Vicky & Evil, Nani & David, Angel & Kyle, and Alexa & Ray grow up and take a liking to each other.

Ethan in a fix

Ethan's in trouble and he doesn't know what to do. (still working on plot)

Ghastley's Return

A tie in with the Genetically Changed chronicles. The sicko alien that tortured Makayla's parents when they were kids returns and puts the whole ohana in jeopardy.

Stitch the Killer Alien

A Lilo and Stitch/Chucky crossover. Chucky comes to Hawaii and starts to kill the residents. Unfortunately for everyone on the island, Chucky manages to get inside Stitch's body. How can they stop Chucky and restore Stitch to his real body?

-& Much more to come.

Character profiles (still a work in progress)

Character Profile: Kyle

Voice: Joseph Gordon-Levitt (main character/Jim from "Treasure Planet")

Age: 16

Parents: Experiment 592 and Experiment 339, AKA Diamond and Caffiene

Birthdate: yet to be determined

Primary Function: To morph into someone's greatest desire. (Also good for battle, mimicing a person or things' looks or attack. Also good for morphing into greatest fear.) This is his strongest power.

Secondary function: Caffinate people by giving them a coffee like substance and making them all jumpy and jittery. (Caffiene tubes can also be used as weapons to swat at enemies.)

Description: He looks exactly like Stitch only he has 625 type hands. Has the 3 hair antennaes like 625, oversized ears and a tail that juts out like a stiff spike. There are also 3 stripes that go horizontally across his back and can open up revealing little shafts where the caffinating tubes emerge. The tubes look like fat clear straws, yet is made of a strong plastic and can't be dented just by whacking someone. He is also A sparkling blue since his mother's fur was sparkly.

Weapons for battling evil: His morphing ability and caffiene tubes and fighting skills. Also nifty Gadgets Daniella would provide for his crime busting team.

Background: Kyle and his best friend Makayla were always helping people out. When he was younger he'd play with Nick and Dianna, two little experiment spawns that are on a never ending sleepover at his place. In a way his place is their secondary home. Like Kim, He met Makayla in pre-school. By preteen age, Kyle set up a website similar to Kim Possible's. Then due to a typo, they got their first real mission. Thus begins the hobby of world saving. Not long after the 1st couple missions, another girl named Daniella offered to keep track of the website. Lilo and Jumba would often check on things too. Not too long after Daniella supplied the 2 of them with nifty gadgets.

More info: Kyle's "Can do it." attitude tends to be unwavering no matter the situation. Much like Kim Possible. Makayla is his sidekick and gives him helpful support, the only problem is that she tends to be clumsy and mess things up. As couragous as he is, outside of the buisness, He is Caring, Sassy, laid back, popular, silly and a true friend.

: Makayla

Voice: Jennifer love Hewitt (in various movies and shows)

Age: 16

Parents: Experiment 414 and experiment 333, AKA Sassy and Dizzy

Birthdate: yet to be determined

Primary function: Seduce. (Her mother's Primary function of seduction was a failure therefore this is Makayla's weakest power. However when her mom was first activated the seduction power worked to some slight extend. To get people more attracted to her all she had to say is Goo-cha. and if she got fed up she reversed it by saying Cha-goo. But after a while that spell died along with her power. But not before Dizzy fell for her.)

Secondary function: Blind/Make Dizzy. (Her father's primary function was to spin around and blind people with the bright colors of his fur. Also in doing so he'd also make them dizzy.) Makayla's dad was strong. So this is her strongest power. Although when she's on missions she never thinks to use it. Usually she has to be reminded of it. Especially when she's in danger.

Description: Looks like a human girl with stitch arms, legs, nose, mouth and eyes. Aside from that she has a white V sign on her chest. Raven black hair and a cat tail. She also has long eyelashes. In alien form she (like stitch) has 2 antennae, 3 backspikes and 2 extra arms. The most noticable feature of her is that her whole body, except her hair, claws, nose and the white V, is that she's Psychadelically colored. Her eyes are also just as psychadelic only the colors are brighter.

Weapons for battling evil: Her powers (if she remembers to use them) amateur fighting skills, not too good. and the nifty Gadgets from Daniella (if she doesn't get hurt first trying to operate them)

Background: Makayla is Kyle's best friend and sidekick. On missions she serves as a distraction. She's alot like Ron Stoppable. A little clumsy and goofy but quite bright in certain situations. Since preschool, she's loved Kyle. It isn't until their Junior year that she fully figures out that she loves Kyle.

When she was a baby, she was taken to a baby shower when 625 and Michelle had a girl named Mariyah. Everyone thought she was cute but the party ended abruptly when 623 poisoned Maiyah's half sister Mariyah. 623 had been jealous that her husband and another conceived and therefore she loathed Mariyah and decided to kill her. The poison never killed her. But from the amount of poison in her drink it at least put her into a coma. When she finally came out of it, she had molecular problems and soon she had a permanent damage in her tissue causing her to glitch every now and then. Mariayah and Maiyah were3 when Makayla was born. So now they are 19.

When they were Makayla and Kyle were preteens, they met Kyla, another attractive little angel. Over the years, Makayla grew less popular since her goofiness put others off. Although her looks were noticable, her seduction power lost affect and she was just like everyone else to the others. Naturally this saddened her, but she got over it a while after. She heard of Kim and Ron and told Kyle that maybe they could save the world like Kim and Ron, just so theycan take a breather.

At first Kyle thought she was being weird but after a couple missions Kyle admitted that this was working out. On a few occasions to stop Drakken and other villains they often crossed paths with Kim and Ron. The first time they did Makayla went gaga over Ron. He was her hero. Ron of course was slightly freaked. On missions, like Ron, Makayla served as a distraction, since she was a lousy fighter. Although when she's ticked she posses a fair amount of strength. Like I said. A LOT like Ron Stoppable.

More info: Makayla has an attitude alot like, you guessed it, Ron. Not much more to say on the personality. She supports Kyle and risks her life on missions for Kyle. She harbors alot of "You can do it" support towards Kyle. Makayla is also very sensitive and gets emotionally hurt easily. Especially when she's in "The Time" or another words she's in PMS. Note: You don't have to be pregnant to be in PMS. PMS is when you're within the menstrual cycle at all. Anyways, as much as she's like Ron, she has a lot of her own traits. She obviously different from Ron to an extent since she's a girl and horomones and feelings differ from a guy. Well, enough of that. I'm not here to teach a sex ed class.

Kyla's profile coming soon.

More character profile info coming soon

If anyone wants to use one of my characters, just ask.

To see my fanart go to: http: // spiritofdawolf. deviantart. com

(for some reason the site is being screwy with links lately, so I put in the spaces so it would show up. Just copy, paste and remove the spaces to go to the link.)

My username on Youtube is "thesorans"


An Apology

I apologize for keeping so many fans of my stories waiting on updates. I wish I could give you a better reason than "having lost the flow", but I can't. I don't want to abandon them. But I can't lie to you when I say, that it's hard to say when the flow for each one will come back.

So, it's hard to say when updates will come. In truth, it's extremely frustrating for me that I can't seem to stay on top of my stories and keep the feel long enough to finish them. I can't stand the fact that I keep letting people down.

I'd do it anyways without the flow, but if it doesn't "feel" right, then it's gonna bug me. So, I have to have the flow. Otherwise, I'm gonna keep feeling like I have to keep editing and changing it and new chapters will never get posted.

I hate losing the flow. There are several of my stories I REALLY want to finish so badly that I enjoy writing, and it's ticking me off that I currently can't get myself to do so. And that is the truth.

So, I can understand if you're frustrated with me. I probably deserve it. In truth though, I'm likely more frustrated with myself on the matter, then you possibly are with me.

I know this sounds bad, but even though I can't promise that I'll update soon, I can at least promise that I will continue to strive to get the flow back and that eventually I will get back to the stories. It's just a matter of when.

I really do feel bad about it. But if you still can...bear with me. I'll try to figure something out. And as soon as I can manage to update with a new chapter for whatever story it may happen to be for, you guys will definately be the first to know.

In the meantime, try to find other stories and authors to follow to tide yourself over. Don't stress yourselves just focusing on my stories. Especially the more popular ones. I understand that some of you are in a tizzy because you keep checking back only to see no update on the stories in question. And some of you are dying to see them updated.

Please, don't get yourself worked up over them. I wish I could get myself to update them sooner. Truly. But I don't want you to overwhelm yourself over them. Until I can update, please find other authors and stories to follow to tide you over. When an update does come on one of your favorite stories, you'll certainly be the first to know.

Again, I'm really sorry for keeping you waiting. And I'm even sorrier for not being able to update sooner than I can. I hope you understand.

*Update #2*

I've recently gotten into a "Sonic the Hedgehog" phase and have been considering on writing a couple fanfictions for him. I've also gotten into a phase of watching and reading up on several Indie horror games.

One of the Indie horror games I'm currently into is SCP: Containment Breach.

It's an awesome game and it has seen plenty of updates and twisted variations since it was first created. In the beginning of the game, you only had to worry about 2 of the SCP creatures. But it's since been updated within the last year to version 1.2.3 and now has a whole mess of creatures to find, meet, avoid, and alot more to explore.

Now there are a good 33 to 36 SCPs in the game and counting. The game is based on the SCP foundation and the official wiki page for it.

The official wiki for the SCP foundation really goes all out on the detail, making it seem like a real government operation and place. Despite that it reality the foundation is fictional.

You can find a whole mess of playthroughs for the game on youtube including fan made twists on the original. SCP: Containment Breach is a mod game that you can download and play and even modify the game files to create your own version of the game.

I've seen several of these 'modified' versions floating around youtube as well. Including ones involving creepypastas, Five Nights at Freddys, Slender Man, MineCraft, Tails Doll, and many others. Even a My Little Pony version.

The game is pretty cool, despite the fact that it still has its occasional bugs and glitches. But nothing that can harm your computer. So, it's perfectly safe for download for anyone interested.

You can find more information about the whole SCP Foundation concept at:

http: // www. scp-wiki. net/

You can also check out the Undertow Gaming Forums where people can collaborate and discuss their development on mods and updates for the game.

http: // undertowgames. com/forum/index. php

(copy, paste and remove spaces for links)

But currently, being in a phase of loving both "Sonic the Hedgehog" and getting into the whole following and playing "SCP: Containment Breach", I got to thinking; maybe I could write a crossover between the 2.

However, I might need help with the story idea if I were to try. If there is anyone out there who happens to be a fan of both of them individually, that can maybe give me a little feedback and help on the idea, I'd appreciate it.

I mostly have a rough idea of what I want to have happen on the Sonic part. But I need help with the SCP part.

If anyone can maybe help me out on that, please let me know. I've posted a small excerpt on my deviantart page of one of the scenes for the story and a few pictures for it. Feel free to check them out.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Sonic and the Shade Stones by Cutegirlmayra1 reviews
-Eggman's planning something, apparently an ancient ritual made to create even the goodest of people into the evilest of creations. Little does Amy know her significance in this mass mayhem of sorts! Will Sonic be alright or will his Darker side take over him...? -Sonamy with some Dark Sonic stuff lol xP
Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: K+ - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 10 - Words: 33,351 - Reviews: 37 - Favs: 63 - Follows: 26 - Updated: 2/20 - Published: 7/22/2012 - Sonic, Amy - Complete
Sentimental Love by perville1985 reviews
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Phineas and Ferb - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 4 - Words: 11,815 - Reviews: 54 - Favs: 32 - Follows: 35 - Updated: 2/4 - Published: 9/17/2011 - [Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Perry] OC
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Ultimate Spider-Man - Rated: T - English - Angst/Crime - Chapters: 12 - Words: 17,028 - Reviews: 91 - Favs: 106 - Follows: 131 - Updated: 8/14/2016 - Published: 4/16/2014
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Phineas and Ferb - Rated: K+ - English - Suspense/Angst - Chapters: 5 - Words: 9,584 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 11/17/2015 - Published: 6/9/2014 - Perry - Complete
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Lilo & Stitch - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 27,976 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 1/1/2006 - Published: 7/10/2005
They 2: She
This is my sequel to the movie They. Who is this She? and where was she when they were attacked before? Rated PG13T for language and situations.
Movie X-overs - Rated: T - English - Mystery/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 510 - Published: 12/8/2005
Genetically changed reviews
Genetically changed, Michelle is having some problems, but luckily though Lilo and Stitch hate her, 625 doesn't. Will Michelle want to stay an experiment so she can be with 625 or will she want to become human and go home? Rated PG-13 now for upcoming sit
Lilo & Stitch - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 55,613 - Reviews: 18 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 5/20/2005 - Published: 12/26/2004
The R rated Chapter Parts of Genetically Changed reviews
These chapter Parts from my PG-13 story may have strayed into the R rated section. So I brought this up just to be safe.
Lilo & Stitch - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 18,310 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 5/20/2005
Cellular reviews
This is based on the movie 'Cellular. The only thing different is the characters and the names. I also changed the Dialouge a little. Rated PG-13 for lang.
Lilo & Stitch - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,091 - Reviews: 2 - Updated: 2/10/2005 - Published: 2/6/2005
Darkness of the Ring reviews
When Michelle's friend Amber tells her she saw 'The Tape' Michelle resolves to protect her. But she fails, she uses the last of her courage to fight the evil creatures
Ring/Ringu - Rated: T - English - Horror/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,120 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Published: 1/11/2005
Living An R Rated Life reviews
After their parents disappear Michelle and her friends end up living with 2 emancipated teens. Later they go on a quest to find their families Little do they know, that an experiment may have caused the seperation.
Lilo & Stitch - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,240 - Reviews: 1 - Follows: 2 - Published: 1/4/2005
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