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Welcome to the Land of Aimee Potter, which could also be called very originally Aimeeland. This is due that pretty much my only major stories revolve around her. It all started with teh Harry Potter Code, what, 3 years ago? Yes, I am sure it is. Then, two years ago, I started its sequel, which would have been finished by now were it not for its almost-year-long hiatus. Anyway, I'll make sure to finish the Sequel, The Last Battle, but after that, I'm not sure what I'll be writing next. I have a few ideas, but after 3 years of writing the Harry Potter Code, I am not sure I want to get into ANOTHER looong story like that. I have a few things in mind in mind, though. Then maybe I'll write another long story. Anyway, here's some of my ideas so far:

Option A1) Somewhat AU. Could be part of The Last Battle, only it is a one-shot concerning Adelaide's feelings about Benji's death after Beauxbatons is attacked. In the real story, I am not sure Benji will die, (probably not), but I wanted to write an angsty fic with Adelaide.

Option A2) The third installment of The Harry Potter Code Trilogy (Or at least it would be a trilogy if I ever bother putting it up)

This one is based mostly on Adelaide, who is pregnant with Jacques' child after the Final Battle. Jacques has been missinbg for months now, so, to hide teh fact that she is pregnant at 18, she goes back to Mexico. She returns 4 years later with her child to England, but her plans to find her child a good father go awry after she realizes that Jacques is back...

Option A3) Fourth Installment:

This one is based on more on Charlie, Harry, and Aimee and Charlie's daughter. This is more of a dark-Harry fic, he wants power and is determined to have a heir so that he or she can follow his footsteps. When Ginny, realizing what Harry has become (as in a Voldemortish Harry), leaves him, Harry must find a child with his blood running through its veins. So, in his pure evilness, he kills AImee and takes her child and makes so that Charlie is believed to be the murderer. Eight years later, Charlie is cleared and he is determined for revenge and to have his child back.

Option B) Eragon story: (I don't think I ever will write it, anyway)

A slave girl, humiliated after she tries to escape and has her hair shaven off, seeks the Varden so that se can free 'her people', the slaves. I was thinking of a romaceish relationship with Murtagh. It follows Eldest, too. I had a great plan for this one, but I'm too lazy to go through the long story process again.

Option C) Very doable Option. One-shot. Harry asks Sirius advice on girls.

This idea came to me while re-reading the 5th book. In one of the chapters, Harry thinks of asking Sirius advice on girls, so I was thinking of making him tell Sirius about Cho and their kiss. This would take place during his 5th year winter vacations at Grimmauld Place.

Option D) 12 Ways to Escape from Heaven

This is a 12-chapter short-ish story about James and Sirius. durinbg Harry's sixth year, in which they attempt to escape from Heaven and go help Harry down in Earth. Comedy. Somewhat parody-ish.

Option E) Emily Black

Emily Black was born sometime before Harry, about a year before. After her father is sent to Azkaban, nobody wants her, so when she is five years old the Minister decides to put her in a Freezing Charm until a family volunteers to care for her. The problem is, nobody does, and for years, Emily Black has stayed in her 5-year-old body and mind until Harry. now 18, hears that she is alive. He takes her in. A sweet story about Harry dealing with a 5-year-old girl, who is afraid to be rejected once again, and how Harry finds a way to make her understand that the world is not a cold, dark place. I might write this one, but only after finishing the HPC2 (or teh series, if I ever post them, I've begun to write them, but I don't think I'll be able to finish them)

With Love,

Bonny the Bunny

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