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ON ME: I'm just a chick from FL who likes to write when I find time in between working and studying for a degree in [insert whatever college degree my merry little ADD ass is pursuing this month here]. I'm a huge anime fan, and have been for as long as I can remember. I'm a virgo and also year of the sheep, so I'm a perfectionist and fret constantly over my writing. I read and re-read my work until I'm absolutely sick of it, just to make sure it's perfect (well, written perfectly the way I want, but the grammar and punctuation mistakes slip by me all the time). I have a penchant for AU type fics and the tastefully lewd.

- I ask for reviews in order to get feedback on my writing, whatever that feedback may be, positive or negative. I accept both in the spirit they are given, and take no offense to criticism (so long as it's delivered in a constructive manner).
- I do not beg for reviews. I shouldn't have to beg for something that's a common courtesy. I write, you respond. Simple.
- I don't hold my chapters hostage, demanding a certain amount of reader response before releasing a new chapter. I will however tell you what I have been sorely tempted to do in the past, due to the myriad of "silent readers" (people who read, enjoy, and don't review. EVER.) out there. I'd stick my stories on a private forum somewhere, where people had until the next chapter to respond to the previous one, or else loose their viewing rights. Not saying I will, just that that's what "silent readers" make me WANT to do. Seriously people, I can sit down and labor through writing and proofing 5000 plus words per chapter, and you can find time to read it and check a box or two, but you can't then be bothered to to bang out a quick, simple "Thank you" or "I liked it" or "It was garbage" or "Flying laser space monkeys", etc?? Okay, that last one was a bit off, but honestly, it's insulting and discouraging and makes me want to do stupid things like in the example above.
- So, please. Don't be one of these people. Leave a damn review.

Chapter previews, music downloads & awards/recognitions page for A Fool's Redemption:


08/27 - Chapter 19 is out! Music will be uploaded to the journal by the end of the weekend. Enjoy!

08/21 - Well, I had intended to post chapter 19 this weekend, but as I was going back through it Saturday afternoon I realized there were still some things I needed to work on, so I'm gonna push back the release by a few days, next weekend at the very latest. It's a pivotal chapter, so I need to make sure everything is in order before I put it out for people to read. It'll be well worth the wait though. Promise!
08/02 - Heh, so my little reedit project turned into a MAJOR rewrite. Chapters 1 - 5 of AFR version 3 are up. Yes, it took me THIS LONG for just 5 chapters. I changed a lot of stuff in the beginning of the story (no plot changes, you can see a full-ish list of what I did at the beginning of ch 1). And I've come to realize that that little hiccup I had where I was hardly writing for almost a year because I thought I'd lost the ability was actually my writing style improving and me not realizing it, and instead trying to fight it, lol. Anyhow, as with everything I do, the rewrite is slowly coming along, but I'm guessing it will become easier the farther I get, seeing as how my writing got better along the way. Chapter 19 will be out sometime mid-month, so for those of you who have no interest in the revised chapters, just hold tight a bit longer.
07/07 - It's official. AFR is undergoing re-editing and some slight revisions. On a whim, I was reading through a few older chapters on my phone, in order to reacquaint myself with certain parts of the story (which, I'm embarrassed to say, I'd actually forgotten), and after about an hour of making sour faces at the screen, I decided that I needed to buckle down and fix quite a few things that are still wrong with the story. There won't be any changes to the plotline, but there are some spelling and grammatical errors that have managed to avoid my attention until now, as well as a few things that are (in my opinion) rather poorly written that need to be improved (adjective abuse, what?). It'll be a nice break from working on the current chapters (don't give me that look. 19 is done and 20 is started, I just need to step away from them for a little bit). Hopefully the editing won't take more than a few days. I haven't decided yet whether to reupload them in groups of five or in one big batch. Either way, I'll post on my author page when I've done it. Oh, and by the way, I'm amazed to see so many people are actually downloading the music files. Glad I'm not just spinning my wheels with that x).
07/05 - Music downloads for chapters 16 - 18 are up at my journal. And oddly enough, I already have chapter 19 written! Productivity is me. But I'll need to hold off on releasing it until 20 (which I'm about 3 pages into) is done, so I can make sure all the plot strings connect the way they should. Best to take the time tying up loose ends carefully now, rather than have to go back and re-edit a chapter that's already been released.
06/16 - Chapter 18 released! Took me almost 3 months to the day. I have a rather large amount of music uploads backlogged, so I'll get to those asap (yes, I know I keep saying that, but this time I mean it). Enjoy the chapter!

Story progress and notes

A Fool's Redemption: Chapter 19 released 08/27/11. This is my main fic.

Lady of the Midnight House: Prologue released 03/18/09. Secondary fic. Updates will be sporadic until after AFR is finished.

Sons of Antiquity: Chapter 6 released 02/28/07. Note as of 04/18/07: Temporarily on hold! But it will be finished eventually, promise!

Aster: Currently on indefinite hiatus, mostly because, despite the great beginning, I lack a storyline that I'm happy with to complete it. So until I can come up with one, this little project is going to be shelved. The prologue will be kept online however, for anyone who happens to wander across it.

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