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Hiya, im Somas 35. I am the kind of guy that tends to lean towards social interaction, but am really bad at it. So don't expect a very good bio here.

There used to be another one here that I'd used since I made my account. But I figured it was time for a change.

So for starters there are plenty of fandoms I like, and I'm willing to look in those unknown to me for a good story. Though some of my favorites are...

Sonic the hedgehog (this is what brought me here in the first place)

Armored Core (My favorite underrated series)

RWBY (a newer discovery, but cool nonetheless)

And this last one may sound kinda odd but...MLP...

Yep, im technically a brony. Though I hate calling myself that.

I would like to think that im not one of the completey crazy ones. Heck I haven't even finished the show yet, but I do enjoy it. Its kinda funny that I only got into it now though. when was a younger teen I had a couple of friends who came over to hang out and they were both fans of MLP, one of them I would consider borderline obsessive over it. They both tried pretty darn hard to get me to try it, like any "normal kid" I always refused, saying that kind of show was for my little sisters. Not me.

So here I am like five or six years later and In my time here I stumbled uppon an MLP fanfic without realizing till I actually started reading. Only I was very bored at the time so I decided to go ahead and read it.

And I found myself enjoying it.

So after that I went through the whole "whattheheckiswrongwithmeimintoalittlegirlsshow!" deal, and a few days later my curiosity got the better of me and I searched for more, and through a couple of fics on here I found FiM. Im sure that is familiar to any brony that may be reading this, but for anyone else it's basically but only for MLP stories. There are a number of decent stories there.

Anyways, after I found FiM and read a story or two I finally caved and gave the show itself a shot.

And I liked it even more then the stories.

So yea, I like MLP. How weird is that? A lot I know. But that is nothing new.

Kinda got off topic there but whatever.

I also write sometimes, its really only a hobby though so my updates are very infrequent.

I think im about done, if I find something I will just edit it in.

See ya.

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