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July 22th, 2014

Horseshoes and Handgrenades has a tvtropes page you can find here. I frequently edit it as the troper known as Camilla. I'll post facts about the characters later on: 5 at a time, so that people can get a sense as to what's going on. I have lots to explain and more to talk about so stay tuned.

Horseshoes and Hand-grenades timeline (Cold Iron Chronicles)

Part 0: Kill the Lights(Background and Prologue to the events)

1. Summertime Sadness - The background of many female characters in Kamen Rider Fourze related to Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades

2. Who Decides? - Prequel to Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades that shows how Ryusei ultimately ended up killing Gentaro Kisaragi. (it's sequel Why Decides? is set after the first chapter of Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades)

3. Dog Days - A story how one boy who believed in magic would begin to harness it for its own. (starring Shunpei Nara)

Part 0.5: Looking Glass (Stories focused on Gentaro Kisaragi)

4. Another Me: First Person POV in regards to Gentaro's current state of death.

5. Tears to Shed: Gentaro's perspective on the first 13 chapters of Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades (Anachronic Order)

6. Birthday Massacre: Gentaro meeting up with different parts of him in personal conflicts involving his current state.

Part 1: Play Dead (The heroes and villains gather, making new allegiances, plans and twists of fate that will set up the playing field in the future)

7. Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades: The main bulk of the story that spans from Episode 32 to Episode 34 of the original series. Also has 3 Intermissions that coincide with:

8. A Month of Sundays: Prologue is Horseshoes Intermission 1 and 2. Takes place during the span of 2 days in Futo.

9. Wheel of Fortune: Starts inbetween Who Decides? and Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades with its own branching storyline.

10. SplitxEnd: Yayoi's perspective of how she starts her investigations involving Gentaro's past and how she gets involved in the fighting.

  • Imagine Dragons: Same story but in Haruto Sohma's perspective, in anachronistic order.
  • Part 1.25: Horror Show

    (All stories that take place in Zaname City)

    11. Forbidden Fruit: Connected to Horseshoes and Hand-Grenades involving parfaits, and a young girl shipping boys together (not for those into non-consexual sex, slash scenes, etc.) More information to be added later.

  • Cherry Picking: Set after Forbidden Fruit in a 72-hour time frame revealing the aftermath of Forbidden Fruit
  • Confessions on a Dance Floor: Set parallel to Cherry Picking involving Luna Iwashimizu's attempts to pursue her dreams and simultaneously finding herself involved with Zaname's darkness.
  • Give the Green Light: Souji Rippukan's date with Luna, and the night he has with her.
  • Part 1.3: Unfamiliar

    (Heroes of Another Story--where characters who have cameoed in the main stories have their own adventures)

    11. Quick to the Trigger: In the Pacific, Power Rangers and Kamen Riders unite to stop a threat in the distance future from happening in the present.

    Part 1.5: Holiday

    (Golden Week April 30th 2012 - May 6th 2012)

    12. Blue-Eyed Boy: Crossover with ManaGoddess's fanfic "Dreams are for Nights" takes place after the events of Part 1. (Takes place on April 30th 2012)

    In A Month of Sundays, the characters get dressed up in different costumes. Here's the list for them all.

    1. Mari Yamamoto - Belle (Beauty and the Beast, gold dress)
    2. Toshiya Miura - Beast (Beauty and the Beast, blue suit)
    3. Junta Abe - The Dread Pirate Roberts (The Princess Bride)
    4. Ibuki Watanabe - Kafei (The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)
    5. Taira Katagiri - Sodom (Final Fight)
    6. Rumi Egawa - Rena Ryuguu (Higurashi no naku koro ni)
    7. Jun Shigeno - Bad Girl (No More Heroes)
    8. Teruhiko Satake - Clopin (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    9. Takashi Satake - Auron (Final Fantasy X)
    10. Shotaro Hidari - The Phantom of the Opera
    11. Akiko Terui - Yuna (Final Fantasy X-2, Gunner Dressphere)
    12. Ryu Terui - Eric Draven (The Crow)
    13. Kousei Kougami - Willy Wonka (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    14. Erika Satonaka - Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)
    15. Hina Izumi - Chun-li (Street Fighter)
    16. Shingo Izumi - Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
    17. Eiji Hino - Sweeney Todd
    18. Ankh - Jareth (Labyrinth, Masquerade outfit)
    19. Chiyoko Shirashi - Lady Amalthea (The Last Unicorn)
    20. Yumeria Moegi - Margaret Moonlight (No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle)
    21. Yayoi Tokuda- Esmerelda (Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame)
    22. Haruto Sohma - Dante (Devil May Cry)
    23. Koyomi - Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
    24. Shigeru Wajima - Yen Sid (Fantasia)
    25. Quetzie - The Little Prince
    26. Damballa - The Masque of the Red Death
    27. Wadjet - Herself

    Random Facts for the Horseshoes world (note: All are canon to the storyline).

    1. Yayoi was originally going to be used for Horseshoes and Hand-grenades, but I had trouble implementing her in with the group. She was my favorite (female) Zodiarts (with Erin my favorite Horoscope Zodiarts) and I wanted to get her story out. Thus I created SplitxEnd to satisfy my desire to have her in the spotlight.
    2. Junta Abe is actually pretty smart and has some of the highest grades of his class, but he doesn't reveal these smarts to his friends because he likes the time snarking with Taira and practicing their singing.
    3. Jun Shigeno's eating habits are reflected in the prospect in that she eats for the missed meals that her deceased father and little brother will never be able to dine upon.
    4. While Luna runs the Sew Sweet clothing shop in Zaname, she has many orders from outside the city. One special customer of hers is Satonaka. The outfits and accessories in Sew Sweet are all handmade.
    5. Luna was named that way because of a special moon charm necklace that adorned her neck when she was left in the hands of the orphanage. Her real name is Tsukyomi Iwashimizu (although she doesn't know it herself).
    6. Yumeria's father left her and her mother when she was small, and her mother died when she was around five. She was adopted by a man named Ryoma Yamada when she was around seven.
    7. Eiji has met up with Dr. Thomas Oliver for an archaeological dig in Egypt. They somehow had an interesting conversation on boxers while they were there.
    8. Rumi loves gardening and flowers. Her favorite book is The Secret Garden.
    9. The lineage of Aesclepius mostly comes from the male side of the family, but the White Crow of the Veil's vessel can be either male or female. The spirit of the crow, when it appears in human form, is androgynous.
    10. Norio is a fan of American comic books. His favorite hero is Captain Marvel. Nonomura (Lynx Zodiarts) also is a fan, but he won't admit it.
    11. Dark Yuki/Gemini Zodiarts takes the name 'Fumika' because she would've been twins with Yuki. Unfortunately, Fumika died a stillborn. Fumika came back as an imaginary friend for Yuki to cope with Gentaro moving and disappeared when Yuki made her first friend in Kengo.
    12. Ban Chosuke lives alone with his mother and baby sister. He's been held back once due to having to take part-time jobs to pay for tuition.
    13. One of the patrons that goes to the gym Haruka goes in is Rinko Daimon.
    14. Shunpei Nara (will debut in A Blue-Eyed Boy) actually has innate talent as a mage and is self-taught in the ways of magic. The kid book that he usually reads was written by his mother who passed away seven years prior to the story, which tells him instructions on how to control his powers. While his mother's death was sad, he doesn't dwell on it that much. But sometimes, he can be seen on a starry night, saying a magic spell that would make the lights shine a little bit brighter.
    15. Yayoi and JK first bonded over croquettes. It started with JK accidentally kicking the bag of croquettes Yayoi bought for her family onto the ground, and then ended with JK buying three more bags in return. Yayoi's favorite type is cream crab, and JK likes pumpkin.
    16. Jiro's Zodiarts switch was given to him by the Virgo Zodiarts. The reason it malfunctioned was because Jiro was having conflicting feelings at the time over his friendship with Ryusei and trying to be stronger. If he successfully transformed, he would've been the Lupus Zodiarts.
    17. Misa Toriizaki hated that Norio was the Cygnus Zodiarts because he couldn't give him what she desperately wants--freedom, and a chance to have a new life. She hates herself even more because she let herself become what she never wanted to be--a tyrant.
    18. Yukina Takamura met Gentaro sometime after his parents died. He fought some bullies for her and gave her a handkerchief. He told her that as long as she held it, he would come back to her, and be her knight in shining armor. She remembered, and fell in love with him as a result, he didn't.
    19. Souji secretly watches Gypsy Dragon and has bought a replica Sword of Alexandrite at a convention a year prior to the story. Sometimes, when no one is looking, he practices with the weapon.
    20. Yayoi likes dinosaurs, and is a fan of Dr. Oliver's work. She is studying Natural Science to learn more about evolution and change.
    21. The scene where Ophiuchus showed Gentaro how the Kamen Rider Club would split apart is based off of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode in Season 2, where Discord broke Applejack down over the idea of honesty splitting the Mane 6 apart.
    22. Jun and the baseball bat is reminiscent of Higurashi no naku noru ni where Keiichi is shown with Satoshi's baseball bat. The baseball bat has her little brother's name on the knob just like Satoshi's name was on his own.
    23. Satonaka was once a member of the Family Circle, starting at the age of 14. She left five years later because "she was bored".
    24. Rumi Egawa's use of batons were inspired by Rinka and her escrima skills in Tokyo ESP.
    25. Mari and Miura met when Miura complimented Mari's photos in elementary school. Their first date involved going to the zoo and taking photos together.
    26. Luna is a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh! Her favorite character in the anime series is Carly Nagisa. She developed a love for dueling during one of her rental jobs at elementary school. She saved enough money to buy a deck for her own (a Fortune Lady deck). Carly Nagisa was her first cosplay she ever completed by herself. She hopes to one day compete in a tournament dressed up as Dark Signer Carly for lulz.
    27. Even though the Kamen Rider Club blames themselves for not saving Gentaro, there would've been nothing they could've done. Ryusei would've killed Gentaro regardless and Yamada Tatsumori would've just put them to sleep if they got to close. Gentaro's death was fated, plain and simple.

    My Dark King and I

    It's no secret that I love My Dark King. Masterdramon's work was what really got me back into writing stories again. The way he shows different side of the characters, the details of the characters (which reminds me a lot of Ryukishi07). The For want of a nail thing was what gave me a go with Gentaro's turn for evil. There are a lot that I 'borrowed' to help set the tone of the story (lots of characters, the main character turning evil, etc.). However there are a few things that were changed during the initial writing process of the story, and other stuff that inspired the characters.

    1. Gentaro was originally going to have his soul bound to Fourze Magnet states (the picture that inspired the series is the main photo for Horseshoes and Hand Grenades). However, I decided against it because it would've been too bulky for him to move around.
    2. Ophiuchus was named due to the whole 'Horoscope' motif of the Zodiarts. I didn't decide to have whole intergalactic family of snakes until I made the concept of Vasuki and Damballa.
    3. The White Crow of the Veil came about after doing research on Asclepius (the Greek God of Medicine and the mythological being who inspired the constellation of Ophiuchus). The angelic wings were similar to how Jack Atlas obtained Wiracocha Rasca's own. I figured that such a thing as a bird that related to Asclepius's birth was important so i added him in.
    4. Yuki having Dark Yuki separate from her was because out of all the Horoscopes, she had it the worst. It also signals that Yuki has matured and stopped blaming herself for not saving Gentaro, and vows to change.
    5. Ryusei's whole cyborg thing had a few changes thanks to a reviewer who pointed out the Unfortunate Implications of his original characterization. I also liked that he was more stoic and calm as it represents how he just doesn't 'care' that he caused Gentaro's death.
    6. Kengo was said to show that he was in love with Gentaro, but I couldn't really showcase it well. The reason he still strips naked as shown in Tears for Shed chapter 5 is due to the Japanese believe that nakedness means purity. He is being 'purified', so to speak.
    7. The reason I chose Riderman for the other Showa Kamen aside from Amazon Rider was due to his own backstory: raised by the evil organization and was loyal until he realized that he "worshipped the devil" and sacrificed himself. Other than him and Amazon, I won't be planning on bringing the other Showa riders in.
    8. Ohsugi's characterization came from the end of episode 47, where he tries (in vain) to stop Ko Tatsugami from hurting Miu by screaming "Don't touch my students!". His current characterization comes from a question as to what would happen if he started to become competent and was willing to help the Kamen Rider Club more alongside wondering, "Why did it never click to the Kamen Rider Club that the Zodiarts were their teachers?"
    9. The plot of the "Family Circle" is from the Sion Sono film Noriko's Dinner Table, which talks about the main character, Noriko, running away from home to join a rental company. The rental company plays important roles in some of the characters' backstories and what it really entails will come at a later date.
    10. Jiro's characterization is based off of Kiryuu from My Dark King. His 'relationship' with Kengo came about due to figuring out how to make him seem more insane.
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    Ryusei Sakuta was only told to infiltrate the Kamen Rider Club, keep his identity as Kamen Rider Meteor a secret and find the Aries Zodiarts. Unfortunately, he has caught the eye of Gentaro Kisaragi and is invited to the strange Ouroboros Organization. After figuring out what's truly going on, Ryusei needs to escape before he becomes one of the organization's victims.
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