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2/ 20/05

Incomplete Fics:

Happy-Go-Lucky: A Rurouni Kenshin fanfic set in a modern-day
highschool (a standard plotline which has been employed by different writers
about ONE THOUSAND times). I'm a huge fan of Battousai fanfics, and I plan to
play-up Kenshin's darker side - balanced with some light comedy, of
course. However, I've gotten stuck trying to write this fic many more
times than with any other story I've written so far. Every once in a while,
inspiration strikes and I type up a storm. But my latest writer's block seems
unmoveable - I'm putting this fic on hiatus until I feel more absorbed with the
storyline. Don't worry if you're a fan of Happy-Go-Lucky...I feel like I
can dreg out another chapter soon.

The Pirate or the Princess : An alternate universe Tenchi Muyo
fanfic. Technically unfinished, but I wrote this several years ago and
received mixed feedback from reviewers. Many seemed to like it, but I got
a few rather harsh flames. I don't really plan on writing the promised
sequel. If anyone reads this story and really, REALLY wants an ending,
let me know in a review. I have a few ideas.


I have a LOT of ideas for fanfics in various anime series...these are
tentative titles:

To Be A Woman: A Big-O fanfic in which Dorothy actually becomes human
and how she deals with the transformation. I have the plot scoped out in
my brain, the only problem is putting it down on paper...that's always the
case, ne?

Driver's Ed: A sequel to Unemployment, a short Tenchi Muyo!
comedy. I was surprised by how many reviews I received for that little
dinger of a fic, and it inspired me to write another in which the girls attempt
to obtain their driver's licenses (for various reasons). I wrote about
half of it before losing interest. Tenchi Muyo! is the series which first
enamoured me of anime, and it will always hold a special place in my heart

Mondai Nai: A Full Metal Panic fanic! I absolutely LOVE
this series...the second season (Fumoffu) more than the first, I think.
So funny, yet still romantic at times, and the voice acting is to die
for! The plot for this fanfic is very tentative, but it will be set a
couple years after the series. Two years ago, a strong terrorist group
appeared and Sousuke was pulled out of Japan to continue his work for
Mithril. Kaname attempts to forget him (che!) and live her life in peace,
but a string of horrific nightmares convinces her to contact Mao about the
military otaku's wellbeing. After discovering that Sousuke's life is in
eminent danger, it's Kaname to the rescue! She must put her Whispered
talents to good use and become a Mithril soldier in order to save him.

A Pure Heart: A Rurouni Kenshin fanfic I started writing when I
first got into the series. To be honest, I have no real intention of
submitting this for public viewing. It's filled to the brim with OOCness,
although I try to provide good reasons for that. Our silly Kaoru gets
another job as the cook aboard a passenger ship in an effort to make money, and
once again, the boat she's traveling on gets attacked by pirates.
But this time, there's no Kenshin to save the day. The pirate leader
witnesses her fighting skills and takes her as his prisoner, forcing her to
become a student to his unusually cruel method of swordsmanship. As
Kenshin, Yahiko, and Sano search for their missing friend, Kaoru slowly loses
her innocence and purity as she is exposed to death and murder on a daily
basis. Over the course of the fic, Kaoru obtains skills that rival
Kenshin's, and I can just imagine all the flames I would have to endure -
'Kaoru could never be that strong, she would never do this, never do that' - I
just don't think it'd be worth it. If you disagree, let me know!
I've written a good deal of this fic already.

Odd Man Out: A Tenchi Muyo! fic based on an alteration of 'The
Daughter of Darkness' movie. What if only Tenchi and Sasami made it out
of the demon's lair, while Ryoko was left behind with a still living
Yuzuha? Tenchi's guilt transforms him into a harsher man, while Yuzuha
finds endless entertainment in torturing Ryoko with false information about the
Masaki household and their continued happiness.

Sweet Oblivion: A Cowboy Beboy continuation fanfic. I got
a fantastic response to Reasons to Kill, my only Bebop fic, although
personally I wasn't quite satisfied with it. I just don't think that I
did the characters justice - I didn't really capture their complex
personalities. I hope to do better with this fic, but it seems
doubtful. I write Bebop fics to realize my fantasy of a Faye/Spike pairing!
Summary: After Spike's death (wink wink), Jet and Faye are left alone to
hunt down bounty heads. While targeting a bounty at an aristocratic party
on Mars, Faye receives the shock of her life when she spots her supposedly
deceased comrade very much alive, and engaged to the celebrated
Julia. Neither Spike nor Julia have any recollection of Faye or
their previous association with the Red Dragon Syndicate. Struggling with
her mixed emotions, Faye decides that Spike would do better to continue with
his ritzy new lifestyle and stay ignorant of his past. But the bounty
huntress soon finds herself embroiled in a tangled plot of deceit and revenge,
forcing her to protect both Spike's life, and her own.

Confession: A rather WAFFY fic set in the Tenchi Universe
timeline. Ryoko makes a video that expresses her true feelings
for Tenchi, but decides to destroy it after she realizes how much she inadvertently revealed
about herself. What she doesn't realize, is that the great Washu
always makes back-ups, and that Mihoshi likes to wander into the lab
and help herself to the mini-scientist's collection...

Comments? Send an email to: larkellen@gmail.com

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