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So I bet what you all want to know all about me huh?

Well let's see by night I well sleep and dream up new and even more crazzy plots. By day I well I am very boring and have to work (I call it work...but...well there are other ways you could describe it).

In real life I am a sixteen year old girl who has just finshed her GCSEs and is about to start a BETC Early Years National Diploma. I'm really still a child at heart as well as being incurably insane for working and wanting to work with little children, any ways enough said. So that's my life for thenext two years, eat, sleep and drink child care books, which are serriously heavy and will kill you're legs if you sit with them open in your lap to do an assignment with for too long.

I am the product of a christian family who are currently working at a sanitaryum Lee Abbey (a christian comiunity) that we moved into when I was nine. We now consist of me, my mom, my dad, my liitle sister and my nana who moved in with us a year ago (I love her to bits, she's the best). We live in sunny (well actually it rains most of the time and I never get why people call it sunny) England, in a tiny village by the sea called Lynton.

I have to admit to being totaly crazzy. I am compleatly absesive about writting. You don't want to see me when I can write, it's horrible. I need to write.

I mostly write about charmed because it is just the greatest. But in the real world where I some day would like to get published I write, very strage stories about everything and anything and do not believe in writers block because I have to write to survie. Saying that I acatonaly suffer from the damn thing with cernten stories but still always write something.

In my spare time I give parents freedom from their little demons and baby sit which I do a lot of. I believe in good parenting and can not find an excuse for letting your kids run wild.

I love writting Piper Leo fics for Charmed and I am defently a true romantic at heart. Saying that I am an evil master mind and do enjoy doing evil things to their perfect relationship in my curently faverate fic baby baby and the sequel I am planing, that is half written in my bed room on scraps of paper from my old school books is probably going to...no sorry can't give that away.

I am working on my other fics and will try to update them when ever I can but they are making slow but gradule progress and will all get finished one day.

What else can I tell you about me?

I love animals, dolphins partitcully, my room is full of them, but they don't out number my coutless note books. My nana has two cats, Sophie and Charlie. Charlie is defently my nana's baby but Sophie is mine now and hates it when I leave her alone. She constaly sits with me when I write and some times slows the process by sitting on the keyboard to get my full atention. She looks identical to Kit out of charmed and meows at the TV in my bedroom everytime she comes on, it's increadiably cute. I also have a bird, who is good company when I hide from my family.

Oh yhea and I run the sunday school at my local church which is so much fun and constantly envolves munchies.

We have lots of other animals in my house and I am positive Charlie is trying to take over the world using the sky TV, but that's a whole other story, I've written about it once or twice. My father is also either some tropical creature that is yet to be discovered or a relitive of ET. He was christend the evil dad monster by an RE teacher at my last school last year.

Oh and what do I do when I'm not writing?

I read, all the time, other than fics on this sight I love reading original fics and am really loving Dan Brown's novles.

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The Reunion by GeminiPiper reviews
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Profiling Love by GeminiPiper reviews
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this a story that happen way way back in season 1.before piper knows that leo is a white lighter, and the adventures after they figured out.i hope you like it give me your opinion .chapters 5 is on its way.thanks meganharrell for co-writing this with me.m
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Baby Baby reviews
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